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“We Are Seneca Lake” Caught in Humor Trap

We are seneca lakeDavid Crea
Process, Energy & Reliability Engineer, Watkins Glen, NY
(David Crea is employed by US Salt but speaks here for himself only)


The “We Are Seneca Lake” gang got caught up in some unintended humor the other day as local media attached the wrong headline to their group photo.

We had an instance of a lucky ‘catch’ in a screenshot on the morning of Friday May 6th.  As it happened, the ‘We Are Seneca Lake’ protesters had decided to get 15 of themselves arrested at the Crestwood Gate the day before. 

And again, as it happened, the Schuyler County Sheriff and State Police had made a major raid on a meth lab operation in Beaver Dams the night before the protesters got arrested.  In fact, at the time of the protest, the county was reputedly swarming with officers still working to apprehend some of the 14 members of the meth ring, and had to interrupt that effort to apprehend and haul away another 15 people blocking a truck from entering Crestwood’s gate. The combination of these events, oddly enough, served up some unintended humor at the expense of “We Are Seneca Lake.” 

The news of both of the groups arrested was making its way into the news outlets for Friday consumption.  We can speculate that, when assembling the stories for the Finger Lakes Daily News, WFLR, and WFLR’s Facebook page, someone’s coffee hadn’t kicked in yet early Friday morning.  The two ‘arrest’ stories got blended together for a short while! 

The error was spotted within two minutes by at least one person (who is ‘anonymous’ unless she decides to take credit in a comment) besides the person doing the posting.  Luckily, she was a quick-thinking pro-gas person who took a screen shot (Ctrl+PrtScn), pasted it into Paint and saved it, and sent it to her husband at work.  He shared it to “just a few people” and from there it spread quickly far and wide!

So, for all you dedicated readers out there, here it is to enjoy:

We Are Seneca Lake

Screen shot of story mixing We Are Seneca Lake arrestees with a story about meth lab arrestees.

This is not the only time when I have been blessed with a humorous find like that.  And again it involves coffee, or possibly the lack thereof.

Back in the early days of the Crestwood LPG-Storage proposal (now running 7 years), the Park Foundation-funded group calling itself ‘Gas Free Seneca’ was just beginning to try to stir up dissent in Watkins Glen, and pit neighbor against neighbor.  They pushed out a lot of the ‘No LPG Storage’ yard signs to sympathizers they were able to sway. 

Jack, one of the faithful ‘regulars’ at Savard’s Coffee Bar with me, came in to regale me that he had a neighbor with something I just had to see to believe.  I went up to the location described, and found the amazing and humorous situation captured with the photo below:

We Are Seneca lake

“No LPG Facility” yard sign in front of a house with not one, but two large propane tanks!

Jack was right, I wouldn’t have believed it if not seen it!  This is a perfect example of NIMBYism, where you’re perfectly glad to use carbon in the many ways it is so useful, so long as it is made and stored “somewhere else” and “Not In My Back Yard!” It’s a classic.

I spread this lucky catch out a few directions to my collaborators, and I am now told that it has been used in many presentations to show the contrast between practice (personally using propane), and yet not wanting to accept the wells and infrastructure that brings the carbon-based benefits of propane.

Do the readers have other examples they can contribute?  Please post them and help keep this blog’s readers looking forward to more fine examples.

Mr. Crea is a US Salt technical professional employee who is involved with their brinefield, wells management, and environmental work, but writes this as an interested citizen-observer, not as a spokesman for Crestwood or US Salt.

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2 thoughts on ““We Are Seneca Lake” Caught in Humor Trap

  1. If ever there is a time to patriot our children at the dinner table it is NOW!!!. We must educate them against these liars and hypocrites using them as our teaching tools. Teachers wont do it in our schools, not yet anyway.

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