PG&E California Blackouts – Do They Portend Our Energy Future?

Daniel B. Markind, Esq.
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PG&E California blackouts, intentional, tell us so much about what is wrong with that state’s energy policies and those planned for us by anti-gas folks.

Pacific Gas and Electric provided its customers in northern California with a glimpse of the future last week. Due to extremely dry conditions coupled with the prospect of strong winds, and cognizant of last year’s massive forest fires partially sparked by PG&E power lines, the utility instituted rolling power blackouts over large areas of its territory.

Starting Wednesday, October 9, Californians in 34 counties had their power suspended by PG&E, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in January in the face of huge potential liability over the 2018 fires. Approximately 800,000 people were, or still are without power. Some blackouts lasted for days.

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PG&E Building in San Francisco

Editor’s Note: Dan nails the problem G&E faces in the wacky world of California energy politics, where sanity is incarcerated in a prison of green political correctness and virtue signaling takes priority over the ability to dispatch energy as needed. It may be the most beautiful state in the union but it is undeniably the most dysfunctional one (with New York running a close second).

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2 thoughts on “PG&E California Blackouts – Do They Portend Our Energy Future?

  1. The wonderful irony of this cautionary tale is that many many Californians, to regain reliability for their electric power source, went out and bought fossil fueled portable electricity generators, some of which are diesel and pollute far worse than natural gas.

    “The first law broken by ideologues is the Law of Unintended Consequences.”

  2. People will die. They will suffer as their safe places become ovens that become to uncomfortable to live. Transportation such as subways and trains will fail leaving millions stranded. There will be mass panic, looting, and murder as food rots in the sun.
    Fossil fuels is what modernized the comforts of the world and without them the world we have now will revert to the 1700s and there will be death and famine

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