Mariner East Targeted for Political Abuse Over Providing Security!

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Mariner East is the victim of unparalleled demagoguery on the part of Southeast Pennsylvania politicians who are willing even to attack pipeline security.

The Delaware County Daily Times recently reported on charges filed by Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan against several individuals regarding the manner in which security was provided for Mariner East pipeline construction sites. Jim Willis covered the issue in depth with an article we republished here. I also responded directly to the Delaware County Daily Times with the following:

mariner east

While the Dec. 4 article included several lengthy quotes from Hogan, it failed to consider the tangible benefits of having well-trained security present at work sites. Likewise, the notion that constables, process servers who often provide security support for all sorts of private events, shouldn’t be used is simply ridiculous. That politicizes something keeping workers and neighbors safe.

Pipeline construction sites, like any major construction site, can be dangerous if not secured. By hiring private security to support local law enforcement, Energy Transfer, the pipeline’s developer, not only took extra precautions to protect the public and those around the sites, but also took steps to ensure that the pipeline’s construction doesn’t burden Pennsylvania taxpayers or local law enforcement.

Whether it’s Mariner East or any other pipeline project, private security can make a difference. If safety really is top of mind for opponents and local officials, then they should appreciate Energy Transfer’s investment and willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to pipeline safety.

How much longer is this obvious political nonsense going to continue? Tom Hogan, like our Attorney General Josh Shapiro, although they come from different parties, are despicable demagogues when it comes to Mariner east because they sense the issue appeals to NIMBY voters from an area of the Commonwealth traditionally thought to be a political barometer; the southeastern Pennsylvania suburbs. Going after Mariner East for hiring off-duty constables may be the low point in their behavior, a case of pure political harassment.

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