Mariner East Pipeline Construction Yields Real Progress

Mariner East OpponentsKurt Knaus

Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance

[Mariner East is moving ahead to complete construction with another 13 miles under the belt over the last several weeks. It’s a beautiful thing for sure!]

Deemed an essential business and a vital energy asset for the commonwealth, construction on Mariner East resumed in March, putting skilled laborers back on the job to complete horizontal directional drills and other related projects critical to the safe, responsible development of the pipeline network.

Marineer East

That work has paid off, and with little disruption to the community during this pandemic.

A 13-mile stretch of the 16-inch Mariner East 2 line in southeastern Pennsylvania between West Whiteland Township in Chester County and Middletown Township in Delaware County is ready for commissioning and should be put into service in the coming days.

These are unprecedented times, for sure, but the men and women who labored on this project are proud of their work — and they should be. Opponents criticized the restart of construction and challenged the laborers who were eager to safely return to work.

So, the pending commissioning of this 13-mile stretch is a testament to our skilled laborers and validation that safety is part of their culture — no matter what condition the state is in — because the focus isn’t just about always doing the job right, it’s about making sure workers get home safely when their shifts end each day.

Because of their work, another section of Mariner East 2 will soon be open for business.

The completion of this 13-mile stretch of Mariner East validates the decision of state officials who relied on science and the advice of health experts to allow construction to resume, and it validates the culture inherent among skilled laborers to do their job safely and responsibly.

Despite countless attempts by pipeline opponents to create delays, completion of this legally permitted project is the top focus of the workers and the pipeline developer. The ultimate commissioning of this section of pipeline puts us one step closer to the completion and safe operation of Mariner East.

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