Keep It in the Ground? Well, Then, This Is What to Expect.

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Keep it in the ground say fractivists and other environmental extremists, but we’ve just gotten a glimpse of that future and it’s anything but pretty.

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if Extinction Rebellion and the other “Keep It in the Ground” extremists got their way, check out what happened in Northern California last week when Pacific Gas and Electric cut power to more than 800,000 customers “leaving more than two million people without lights, air conditioning, computers and refrigerators.”

“Classes were canceled. Frozen foods melted. Hospitals switched to emergency generators. Blooms withered in florists’ coolers. Unused food was jettisoned at shuttered restaurants. Lines formed at gas stations. Cellphones faded out,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

And that was just the first day.

PG&E began cutting power shortly after midnight on Wednesday, October 9, as a precaution against wildfires during expected high-wind conditions, ultimately cutting service in 34 counties throughout Northern California, upending people’s lives for nearly three days.

But for the ill and disabled who need electricity for their medical devices, PG&E’s decision was more than just a major disruption; it was a matter of life and death. One 67-year-old resident of El Dorado County who relied on oxygen equipment due to severe COPD actually died just minutes after the power was cut off.

People became so enraged at this unprecedented blackout “that a cautious PG&E erected barriers around its San Francisco headquarters Wednesday.” Police in Oroville “increased their patrols around PG&E properties after an angry customer egged an office and left a threatening note.” And the California Highway Patrol was investigating reports that someone shot at a PG&E truck Tuesday night, before the blackout went into effect.

“This cannot be something that can be acceptable nor long-term,” State Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) said. “This is Third World, and we are not.”

Unless, that is, the Keep It in the Ground extremists get their way.

Extinction Rebellion is currently shutting down traffic in dozens of major cities around the world as part of their weeks-long “October Revolution” in a lawless bid to force governments to accede to their demands, including “reducing greenhouse gas emission to net zero by 2025,” which even some XR activists admit is literally impossible.

The fact is only 17.1% of our nation’s electricity is generated by renewables. And that percentage is not likely to increase appreciably in the near future. According to the global energy research and consultancy Wood Mackenzie, “A power grid run completely on renewable energy would greatly increase the risk of blackouts.”

But reality hasn’t slowed the activists down.

“This is not the time to be realistic, this is the time for humanity to completely change course,” said Dr Gail Bradbrook, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion.

Unfortunately, the course they want to follow looks a lot like Northern California did last week.

Editor’s Note: Ordinary people are most definitely becoming more and more enraged by the self-indulgent, spoiled antic, virtue signaling of elitist Keep It in the Ground and Extinction Rebellion types. First, there were the Yellow Vests. Then, there was the Dutch farmer mass protests. And, take a look at how UK subway travelers just treated Extinction Rebellion folks who tried to interfere with train service:

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2 thoughts on “Keep It in the Ground? Well, Then, This Is What to Expect.

  1. Well I suggested that perhaps California create a new Bigger Green Energy statute. The statute would call for the permanent dismantlement of energy infrastructure damaged by any disaster!!

    This would be more consistent with the core values of Californians…who are always telling others how to live. This policy would truly support their dream of futures for their lazy and/or unborn children.

  2. Just one more example of how this blog and its sycophants don’t know much about “keep it in the ground” folks. Not all of us are idiots like the ones that, I see in the video, are only still alive because the trains that they’re jumping on the roof of apparently aren’t powered by hydroelectric dams like the Safe-Harbor-to-Harrisburg-and-Philly ones are. When I presented MY keep-it-in-the-ground attitude to the LANDMAN, it GOT ME MORE MONEY than anybody else on this hill!

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