Joe Biden Lies About His Stance on Fracking, Or Did He Just Forget?

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Joe Biden got carried away arguing with Bernie. He said he’d ban new fracking. Now, his words have come back to hurt him. So, he blames Trump.

Joe Biden is not well, that much was obvious yesterday as he made a brief appearance in Pittsburgh to falsely claim he never said he would ban fracking, and to falsely claim President Trump is to blame for ongoing riots and crimes in Democrat-blue cities across the country (like Portland).

Joe Biden

Not since there have been reporters reporting on political campaigns has there ever been a nominee from a major political party who has refused to take a single question from a reporter following a major speech. Not since there have been presidential speeches and rallies has there ever been an event with nobody there, with no one from the public allowed to attend.

Yesterday, there were maybe a half dozen reporters in attendance at Biden’s speech in Pittsburgh, and that’s it. The pictures from this coverage tell all and they’re stunning. Absolutely nobody there at yesterday’s Biden “rally.”

Joe appears to have dementia or some other mental impairment, and the great coverup is underway by Democrats and mainstream media (one and the same) to prevent the public from seeing what poor shape old looney Joe is in. Yesterday, Joe simply read a speech from the teleprompter and left, refusing to talk to anyone. The man is not well.

From Fox News (emphasis added):

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Monday he does not intend to ban fracking if he wins the November election, countering repeated claims from President Trump that his opponent would destroy Pennsylvania’s fracking and fossil fuel industries.

“I am not banning fracking,” the former vice president said during a speech from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. “Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.”

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is a technique of extracting natural gas from the shale rock. It involves a drilling process that injects water, sand and chemicals into the ground, fracturing rocks and releasing the natural gas. The method is controversial and is often criticized by climate activists and Democrats

During a March primary debate, Biden — when Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke of his own proposal to eliminate fracking entirely — said “so am I,” later declaring “no more — no new — fracking.” But Biden’s campaign said he misspoke and that his position was unchanged: he supports banning new oil gas and permits, including fracking, on federal land.

Joe outright lied yesterday–whether he realizes it or not (he may not actually remember what he previously said). Here is Joe Biden, in his own words, talking about fracking and fossil fuels:

No one was allowed to attend the event–it was a press-only event. Even so, about a hundred leftist looney Democrats showed up to stand outside, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Joe Biden explicitly denied what he said during the primaries:

Biden also focused his remarks on improving the nation’s economy, in part, through what he called a clean energy strategy.

“I am not banning fracking … no matter how times Donald Trump lies about that,” Biden said, referring to political ads aired in Pennsylvania suggesting he would eliminate the fracking process of extracting natural gas from the ground because of environmental concerns. “It’s the future.”

Editor’s Note: So, who exactly is the real Joe Biden?

The one who told us this?

“No more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill! Period. Ends. Taking millions of automobiles off the road. No new fracking.”

Or, the one where he later says “It’s the future” and claims President Trump is lying?

The answer is to be found in the weasel wording of the Tribune-Review, where it says the Trump political ads are “suggesting he [Joe Biden] would eliminate the fracking process.” No, the Trump ad isn’t suggesting anything; it simply airs Joe Biden’s precise words; words his staff immediately sought to revoke on his behalf and that he now wants to deny he ever said. If Biden’s words now were true he would admit he made an error then and explain what he was really trying to say, but he doesn’t do so. Rather, he chooses to accuse Trump of being the liar, knowing sympathetic media types will cover for him. And, that’s how we know Joe Biden is the real liar.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden Lies About His Stance on Fracking, Or Did He Just Forget?

  1. Let’s give Joe the benefit of a doubt and say he meant “no NEW fracking” but existing operations can be maintained.
    Unfortunately, if you were to ask anyone who plans to vote for Joe, they would take the Bernie stance and have it banned altogether.
    Either way, the Dems are lying, and lying to their own supporters as well.

    On another note, Trump has accused the use of wind turbines as causing cancer. While he may be correct that being consistently exposed to a plethora of enormous producers of electromagnetic radiation, he needs to clarify that to the people. Unchecked and highly intense EMR is a concern to all, especially to the environmentalists who supposedly back Bernie, Joe, and Kamala.
    Also, Trump should be promoting his plan for needed infrastructure upgrades that benefit ALL. Be it electricity and gas, transportation, potable water, Wastewater (especially to low income communities who were ignored by Obama/Biden..ex. Flint, Mi.) This is a bipartisan and non controversial issue that the Biden/Harris camp has ignored. DJT as a builder needs to put this towards the top of the list, soon!

  2. I think JB is doing what every candidate for office does and that is to tell his base what they want to hear. Even honest Abe did that with slavery. I do not know what is in his heart, but I think he follows what Pres. Obama said: WE NEED IT ALL!!l So if he gets in office, fracking will stay put, but even more regulated.. . My opiinion.


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