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Does Mayor DeBlasio Have A Brain Or Is He Just a Fracking Scarecrow?

Fracking - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stepped into the fracking debate with some idiotic remarks  that make you wonder whether the guy has a brain or is just a another scarecrow.

It’s hard to expect too much from a guy who’s never had a job that didn’t involve living off taxpayers or working for the Sandinistas, took his honeymoon in Cuba and legally changed his name twice, but you’d hope the guy could do more than repeat slogans. Warren Wilhelm, Jr. (a/k/a Bill de Blasio), unfortunately, is as shallow as they come and based on his latest statement regarding fracking, one wonders if he even has a brain or is simply some talking robot or scarecrow.

The New York Post reports the new Mayor of New York City said this other day regarding fracking:

“The one thing I am firm about is that I don’t see any place for fracking,” he told reporters.

“The science simply isn’t reliable enough. The technology isn’t reliable enough. And, there’s too much danger to our water supply, to our environment in general.”

De Blasio said there should be a statewide moratorium on fracking “until the day comes that we can actually prove it’s safe and I don’t think that day is coming any time soon.”

We could spend many paragraphs countering the Mayor’s nonsense but suffice it to say two successive EPA chiefs under President Obama haven’t agreed with him, nor have any others in a real position to know. He’s full of it and simply doesn’t know anything beyond the politically correct slogans he utters. That isn’t the worst of it though, because, apparently, de Blasio has not read his own City’s Air Quality Plan, which says:

Fracking - de Blasio - NYC Air Quality Plan

The same Air Quality Plan includes this helpful chart, illustrating that no heating fuel works better than natural gas in delivering warmth with few PM 2.5 emissions:

Fracking - de Blasio

New York’s last Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, despite being a nanny-state sort of guy, did at least have a brain. He knew the importance of natural gas (which, for those of you with the new last name of de Blasio, comes from fracking) in cleaning the City’s air. Here are a few excerpts from one of Bloomberg’s press releases a few months ago:

Since 2008, the levels of sulfur dioxide (SOx) in the air have dropped by 69 percent and since 2007 the level of soot pollution (PM2.5) has dropped by 23 percent. The largest contributor to the reductions is the PlaNYC’s Clean Heat program, which phased out use of the most heavily polluting heating oils in New York City.

The cleaner air enjoyed by New Yorkers today is preventing 800 deaths 2,000 emergency room visits and hospitalizations from lung and cardiovascular diseases annually, compared to 2008.

“By bringing together the real estate community, natural gas utilities, heating oil suppliers, contractors, non-profits and community groups and major lenders, the Clean Heat program has coordinated the entire marketplace to help solve one of New York City’s longest standing air quality problems.” said Director of the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability Sergej Mahnovski. “This same approach can help us to increase energy efficiency in buildings and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Air pollution poses a major threat to the health of all New Yorkers, but especially young children, seniors and those with chronic heart and lung disease,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley. “Switching to cleaner heating fuels is contributing to dramatic improvements in the air quality of New York City and will help all of us stay healthier.”

Three changes contributed to the winter season air quality improvements over the past several years. Only three years ago, nearly 10,000 buildings in New York City burned Numbers 4 and 6 heating oil, which emit significant amounts of PM2.5, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nickel and other dangerous pollutants. Through the efforts of the NYC Clean Heat Program, over 2,700 buildings have converted to cleaner fuels since 2011 and an additional 2,500 buildings are actively pursuing conversions. Second, additional emission reductions have come from State rules that limited the sulfur content of #2 heating oil to 15 parts per million (a 99 percent reduction) and City rules restricting the sulfur content of #4 oil to 1,500 parts per million (a 50% reduction). Third, the expansion of the regional natural gas supply and local gas distribution infrastructure operated by Con Edison and National Grid has encouraged buildings to save money and reduce emissions by converting to natural gas. As a result, citywide concentrations of SO2 have declined by 69 percent and nickel by 35 percent.

In 2005-2007, it’s estimated that PM2.5 levels in New York City contributed to over 3,100 deaths, over 2,000 hospitalizations for cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and 6,000 emergency department visits for asthma annually. Today, because of the significant improvements in air quality, the health department estimates that 800 lives will be saved each year and approximately 1,600 emergency department visits for asthma and 460 hospitalizations for respiratory and cardiovascular issues will be prevented every year. The City expects further improvements in air quality and the future health of all New Yorkers as buildings continue to convert to cleaner fuels over the next several years.

Another air quality report issued by the City’s Departments of Health and Environmental Protection indicates the biggest source of the big gains:

Conversion rates to natural gas were particularly strong as buildings sought to take advantage of the lower costs of gas relative to fuel oil, which began in 2008 as a result of significant expansion of regional gas supply.

Fracking Scarecrow de BlasioThat was all made possible by fracking, of course. The Marcellus Shale gas extracted using the hydraulic fracturing or fracking process primarily feeds the New York City market and is what has made all these air quality improvements achievable. It’s estimated that northeastern US fields will supply 90 percent of New York gas in 2030, according to this report.

It’s not hard at all, in the end, to see the benefits of natural gas and fracking to residents of New York City if you have a brain, is it? Sadly, the scarecrow never really got one it seems.

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23 thoughts on “Does Mayor DeBlasio Have A Brain Or Is He Just a Fracking Scarecrow?

  1. Boy Tom you seem to be on top of everything .I wish you could apply that effort to study more about the actual drilling process and all the variables that are possible ….

      • @ Vic any time you really want the science involved I will gladly teach you .What makes you think you can drill a hole in the subsurface and never have a problem .Not all the time but variables are the only constant .Oh except the BS I hear from pro gassers and the industry that is .Initial bore holes are uncased too .

        • Bill
          If i were to learn anything from you it would be the phrase(s) I can’t or We can’t!. You want perfection from companies allready running at six sigma standards. You saying I can’t is defeatus from the start…you saying we can’t is a lack of faith in humanity and our engineering and technological abilities, a backword approach to progress and that’s why you and your type are called anti-progressives… Suppose science took your approach…. they wouldn’t call it science now would they. I would like to add my name to the list of the harmed Bill. I’ve been made ill by your BS.

  2. Boy Tom you seem to be on top of everything .I wish you could apply some of that effort to learning more about the variables involved in the HVHF process .When an initial bore is drilled the dynamic disturbances caused by the drilling can have many issues (variables) .Only someone with little knowledge of physics would think this is not so .Initial bore holes are unprotected and drill mud PSI is very high @ 3000 feet it is over 2000 psi .using drill mud with a density of 13.5 LBS /gallon and I believe densities can be much greater and at lower depths psi increases even more .Biogenic methane pockets are everywhere too .Just shows me industry PR is just a bunch of hype to get what they want , the gas .

    • Bill I thought you understood and knew everything about the industry… you wrote

      “Just shows me industry PR is just a bunch of hype to get what they want , the gas ”

      Shows you really don’t know anything about the industry…. they don’t want the gas…. it’s over 1 billion people world wide that want it….222 million right here in the United States, the Gas Industry just profits from supply and demand.

      • @ Vic keep your head games for the others OK .Rationalizing a heavy industrialized process done right next to people’s homes in non industrial zones ,that has unlimited variables won’t cut it here .Sorry to disappoint your degree of aquired knowledge .

        • This isn’t knowledge you’re espousing, Bill; it’s opinion based on a distorted view of the world that fails to match your neighbors? Is someone paying you?

          • No Tom you are wrong it is all knowledge obtained from experience and working with people I have seen have problems .Any science comes from my background and contacts .All processes have variables .A “One Size Fits all “approach is just ignorant .Any engineer or scientist knows this .Oh i also have kept lots of data from the last 4+yrs too.Yes plenty more to learn .Research and development was my line of work ,Different industry same applications .

          • How much are you being paid, Tom? And by whom?

            As a whore you have no moral high ground here to be asking if anyone else is being paid.

          • I have always been completely forthright about working with the industry and what I say and do now is no different than before I did so. There are a lot of people pretending to be citizen activists who are being paid by special interests and don’t disclose it. That’s the issue, not the payment per se.

    • Initial drilling is ‘unprotected’ in the sense that you cannot create a cased and cemented hole out of nothing, but the first 70-200 feet are not done with a drill rig and mud; the equipment is a large-diameter auger. After the conductor casing is set and cemented the actual drill rig is brought in. At least some, if not all, drillers use only air for the initial drilling until the intermediate casing is complete. As to pressures, 3000lb is not all that great – normal concrete has a compressive strength of 3000 to 6000 psi: http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/concrete-properties-d_1223.html. A scuba tank is pressurized on the order of 3000 psi. If you are going to toss around numbers, a bit of context would be useful – or are you deliberately ignoring whatever doesn’t promote FUD?

      • @ Behind the FUD…. after the conductor ( at 200 ft what protects the initial bore from hitting a possible biogenic methane pocket or barium,arsenic ,or other mineral deposits and causing them to migrate up into aquifers .Aquifers are not just one flow but can be several .If you are at 600 0r 800 what stops the flow upward to aquifers below the conductor.I believe you are just full of some of that gas you are promoting .As far as PSI is concerned my reference was mud density @ 13.5 lbs/gal .From what i was told mud density can be much more thus increasing PSI .The further down the more PSI : formula is LBS/ gallon X .052 X vertical depth = PSI @ depth .high psi can drive fluids long distances .Got plenty of experience with this .

    • First of all I have no idea of the connection you are trying to make up .What does this have to do with drilling a well and fracing .I’m puzzled .Please enlghten me !

  3. @ Bill,Glad i can always open this blog up and find someone on here with superior intelligence as you !Good grief can you please try ( at the very least) to come up with something new ?That possibly was not repeated by you 500 times ? I for one come on here to learn more,as i do ! So i am asking you ? With all the imfamous wisdom, seemingly stored in your brain?Could you back up your “stories”with facts,real facts? Instead of he said she said stories ———–

    • @ Ken …thanks for the praise (it’s not really neccessary ) the repetition is for people like you that think they know but really don’t .Initial bore holes are unprotected ( I think I said this before .Aquifers are not just one flow (like industry drawing make it seem ) what stops biogenic gas from going into aquifers below the conductor ( I am open to knowledge here ) …Nothing ! supported by a contact that is much more educated on the specifics than myself .Also numbers don’t lie PSI is high in lower level drill muds ( formula : LBS/Gallon X .052X vertical depth = PSI .real simple !Logical that variables exist and plenty of unknowns too .So it’s not just a “One size fits all “application all the time like the industry tries to make it .They know this .

  4. Pingback: Marcellus & Utica Shale Story Links: Mon, Jan 27, 2014 | Marcellus Drilling News

  5. Back @ Bill,Quite frankly, I dont think anyone on here thinks your “moron” ! But your eyes are focused in one direction —–You never lock at the big picture ever ! Your more or less like a bulldog,stomping his feet up and down ,barking yet no teeth to bite with. Again tell your stories with actual proof ” real facts”,instead of well this might and this could happen if if if —–you ramble on about aquifers “bill focus here ” all septic systems,cess pools sit within 10 foot (on top of) of all our aquifers! Do you honestly think that all the waste fluids magically evaporate into the sky ?Think again ! A good many soil pipes go directly to a makeshift holding tank and from there directly into our ground water,streams, and river systems _____this i know for a FACT.Gather up all your expertise and fight this cause. point being ;there is good and bad in every thing that we do to advance ourself in life .Its a trade off ,bill this is how we as a human race move forward .AS you know we are no longer cave dwellers — have to wonder ?Who is paying you?

    • @ Ken B….I have plenty of facts .I was just down to Bradford county commissioners with a family that have moved out of their home almost 1 year ago because they live approx. 600 ft from a pad and now have methane in their water and fumes that drove them out of the house. PA DEP has done 4 water tests .High spikes in methane right after a drill pad violation are documented .Air tests by certified labs 5 in all show trace chemicals in the air and 1 was done in the home shows benzene ,and related chemicals too .The problem is it takes 1 + year or more to get someone to give a determination .This can happen to anyone .The people lived there for 40+ years never had a water problem or fumes.Drilling caused the distruption .People that don’t deal with this don’t have a clue to what goes on .This is just one of the incidents I have seen and been involved with here.There have been many more ..OH …no one pays me I do it to help the people in my area since I am on the local planning comission and I know it can happen to anyone anytime !!We also have wells here that leak methane daily .They all know nobody does a damn thing ….Please don’t tell me how wonderful drilling has made it when I see actual people who have never had problems having them now .

        • The company has vented the well ,The DEP knows they caused the methane but no determination as of yet .It is almost a year .trying to get a decision is a very long drawn out procedure .anyone having a problem would go through the same thing .I have been involved from the start ,They rent a place in Johnson City ,NY now for $1000 a month .I have seen them break into tears about this .Have talked with DEP coucil and just recent Bradford County comissioners .Still in progress .It is a real shame that these people had to experience this and they are not the only one’s .Real people and real problems .If drilling companies would step in and help rather than deny issues caused when drilling starts possibly people would not be so against them ,but this is not the case .I got plenty of other stories too on standard practice by drillers here .

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