Cabot Grows Partnerships With Local Career Centers

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Cabot Oil & Gas has gone out of its way to grows partnerships with local career centers seeking to make the natural gas industry one of the most sustainable.

It’s no secret how important career centers and vocational institutions are to a local region. They are vital to ensuring the development of a local workforce for both new and existing industries. For years, local area gas companies have recognized this importance and made it a mission to partner with local career centers to ensure the future of a local well-paid workforce and safe operations. Companies have made it clear that education is something that is embraced. Among the leaders in this department has been Cabot Oil & Gas, who has been hard at work developing this future for both the industry and Pennsylvania.

Cabot’s commitment to education isn’t new; the company has longstanding relationships with both Lackawanna College, namely its School of Petroleum and Natural Gas, as well as the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center, helping the former with a $2.5 million donation and the latter with scholarship funds.

Recently, however, this educational dedication has branched to other parts of Pennsylvania, which serves to be hugely beneficial to a larger area of the state’s workforce as pipeline infrastructure is developed, as part of the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.

Last month, for example, Cabot donated $10,000 of scholarship money to the Northumberland County Career and Technology Center (NCTCC) – see picture below of some of the student beneficiaries.

Local Career Centers

“The purpose of the grant is to benefit the students who are interested in a career and technical education who may otherwise be restricted financially,” Cabot External Affairs Coordinator Bill desRosiers said, according to the Newsitem story. “Cabot has been partnering with career and technology centers in Susquehanna and Luzerne counties for a few years now, and this past year we were able to grow through the EITC program.”

These career centers have readily been able to make good use of the funds, namely for the equipment needed to give the best hands-on experience as possible.

“We are hoping to use it to support the necessities as well as course requirements, including purchasing any tools, equipment, uniforms, welding jackets, scrubs or anything a student may need,” NCTCC Administrative Director James Monaghan said. “It will directly benefit the students.”

Additionally, Cabot has made $10,000 contributions to the West Side (WSCTC) and Schuylkill County Career and Technology Centers (STC).

“We are very appreciative that Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation has decided to make a generous contribution to the students of Schuylkill County,” STC Assistant Principal Jeff Sweda said. “Support by business and industry is essential to allow the Schuylkill Technology Center to provide the kind of realistic training that students require to join the workforce in Schuylkill County and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. It is companies like Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation who truly see the importance of career & technical education and the value these students will be contributing to our society.”

WSCTC Principal Richard Rava said that Cabot’s commitment to the career center has only grown over the last years.

“First by joining our advisory board, then by offering, through Junior Achievement, career exploration opportunities with Careers in Energy,” he said. “And, just last year, Cabot also brought in the Challenge Program to motivate our students to excel in STEM, Academics, and attendance.”

Still other beneficiaries to round out Cabot’s $10,000 scholarship contributions were the Columbia-Montour AVTS and the Wallenpaupack Area High School.

These donations and those from other natural gas companies around the Marcellus region cements the industry’s commitment to developing education for the future workforce of Pennsylvania, a state that has become an international energy leader by educating itself and embracing the development of natural gas.

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  1. Sucking up to industry ! How great for them !How bad for residents that realize a heavy industrial operation being done next to their homes is “Industrial and will never be Safe …..I’m sure these words disagree with your agenda !!

      • You mean like how far your buddy Cabot’s and its sheeple’s negative reactions to my happily-fracing-dollars-funded antics in the skies above and on the road in front of, its erstwhile picnic, got it in bringing HVHF to New York?

    • Bill your repeated babble has nothing to do with Cabot giving money to education centers. Can you prove this article is wrong or do you just like making yourself look foolish ??

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