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The Marcellus Shale Coalition has released its annual video recapping 2015 with a focus on the Faces of Shale and what shale gas has meant to each of them.  

The video begins with voiceovers by those who have seen the benefit of the shale industry in terms of employment and opportunities. It also includes news footage from across Pennsylvania discussing the financial and environmental benefits of the increased use of natural gas to the Commonwealth and what it has meant for a resurgence of the manufacturing industry.

Here’s this year’s video and it’s well worth watching:

The shale revolution has, of course, been all about moving America forward. Here are some of the quotes from the voices of these “faces of shale,” the voices of real Americans who see the reality of what shale gas has meant for them, their families and their communities:

“I wouldn’t have a job if there wasn’t a big demand for oil and gas industry work.”

“I was unemployed for 15 years raising my son and gotten very lucky and found this energy work.”

“It gave us a shot in the arm to survive through the slower times.”

“I was able to keep working but it was it was tight and being able to get in the oil and gas industry has meant a lot to me and my family.”

“The ability to professional grow exponentially with the fast-paced nature of the industry and the amount of work that was taking place.”

“I went from being an entry-level engineer to currently being a senior vice president. Taking care of our oil and gas division helped promote me to that position.”

“The gas industry has allowed me to spend more time at home.”

“Not only are we creating high-paying jobs, but we’re also spending money within the community.”

Faces of Shale

The Faces of Shale speaks for themselves. See and hear what they have to say. This is what it’s all about.

Editor’s Note: This video not only relates the voices and faces of shale but also shares some of the good news that goes unreported so often regarding the environmental benefits. Check out the story at 7:23 where this is noted:

Twenty-three tractor-trailers will run on this natural gas. Experts say this filling station alone will reduce more than a million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Companies like Wegmans, Lowes, Penske Trucking and NFI distribution all added new natural gas trucks to their fleets here in Schuylkill County. The companies involved told Newswatch 16, they hope the 23 tractor-trailer like this one are just the beginning.

Natural gas is revitalizing rural Pennsylvania and cleaning all of Pennsylvania’s air.

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