Thanks to Marcellus Shale, I Now Want to Move to Susquehanna County!

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A natural gas drilling rig picture appeared in my Facebook news feed today and now I am ready to move to Susquehanna County!

I usually start my day with a quick look at what is new on Facebook. Today took me by surprise. In my Facebook news feed was a picture of a natural gas drilling rig.  Who posted it and why?

Susquehanna County

As I read on, it was a “for sale” ad for a house in Susquehanna County.  It is a big beautiful home with an even bigger outbuilding plus an in-ground pool. It was, obviously, well maintained and had many upgrades done to it.

The homeowner went on to describe the 30 plus acres this home sits on. It has a pond on this property as well. The homeowner is also including all of the gas rights with the sale of this home.

Along with the gas rights comes the lease with Southwestern Energy, one of the many companies drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale region. The homeowner explained the royalties collected from Southwestern Energy in 2018 alone were well over $160,000. My first thought was, “wow that is more than most people make in a year working!”

The asking price for this property is almost $900,000, nearly $30,000 an acre. Seems like a great deal, especially when the property is producing a large income all by itself.  The pictures tell you the homeowners took pride in their home and property and put money into the property most likely, from the royalties of their gas lease.

I took a quick look at some other homes and properties in Susquehanna County and found a few more all listed above $400,000.  Susquehanna County is a beautiful area and thanks to the Marcellus Shale and natural gas drilling, its residents are much better off.  I am ready to move to Susquehanna County myself!

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2 thoughts on “Thanks to Marcellus Shale, I Now Want to Move to Susquehanna County!

  1. THIS, Ms. Mellin, this is one of the big ‘downstream’ effects made possible when successful, massive hydrocarbon development takes place in an area.

    Decades ago, I witnessed this first hand in countries as far flung as the Philippines, Thailand, Scotland and Brazil when I was involved in early stage, successful hydrocarbon exploration.

    This was my motivating impetus in cajoling numerous younger relatives and acquaintances to consider relocating to western North Dakota in the early Bakken years. (Personal income in the Williston area is currently in the $100k/year range. Booming, booming region with thousands of job openings).

    Your Appalachian Basin neighbors could ALL greatly benefit with world class schools (Google Williston and Watford City brand new high schools), expanded government services, reduced taxes as well as highly compensated government employees if your political structure were to recognize and embrace this incredible bounty that lies beneath your feet.

  2. so, what is the address of this “lovely” property?

    and why don’t you move to Susquehanna County
    and especially right next to a rig, gas wells, compressor station, power plant, impoundment, water treatment plant….


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