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The Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) release of its latest Workforce Survey reveals some extraordinarily good news – 83% of new hires came from the region.

Last week the MSC released its second Annual Workforce Survey which compiles data from companies all across the industry throughout the year. It takes about a year to analyze that data and organize it into the annual report. This survey represents the findings from 2013 data.

Marcellus Shale Jobs – The Hiring Trends

The MSC put out a press release to announce the results, where they pulled some of the most interesting highlights from the survey for quick review. Here are a few of them.

•   26.5% of new hires work in engineering and construction

•   22.9% of new hires work in equipment operations

•   15.2% in operations and maintenance

•   82.5% of new hires came from the Marcellus Shale Region of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York and Maryland

Below is the graph of the complete breakdown of “New Hires” in 2013.

marcellus shale jobs - categories

These graphs are all based on hiring trends from 2013, but the survey also included the projected hiring of 2,000 new employees by Marcellus Shale companies throughout 2014. So far, the majority of the 2014 Marcellus Shale jobs (new hire) have fallen into three sub-sectors, engineering and construction; midstream and pipeline; and operations and maintenance. The big change in hiring for 2014 is the growth in hiring within the pipeline industry, as more and more projects start up in Pennsylvania.

Marcellus Shale Jobs – Education and Recruiting

Companies and organizations within the natural gas industry have all started to make a more concerted push for more oil and gas workforce education and employee recruiting as ways to further buildup a Pennsylvania-based workforce. Companies within the industry want to hire from within the state and are making an effort to ensure the applicant pool is ready, willing and close to home. The 2013 data illustrated much success in that regard, as it demomstrated an increase in local hires within the Marcellus Shale and the Utica Shale, especially in Pennsylvania.  

A good portion of the MSC’s survey focuses on recruiting and education. They even include a section illustrating which Marcellus Shale jobs companies have difficulties filling. The opportunities exist across the full spectrum of jobs, but the biggest among them are in the managerial and professional categories, meaning college graduates looking for jobs in overcrowded government or looking to become starving lawyers might want to refocus their attention.

Marcellius Shale Jobs 3

Marcellus Shale Jobs 2

The companies surveyed were also asked a series of questions in regards to the types of education needed. The general consensus shown in the following graph seems to be a need for more 4-year degree programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Forget that degree in anthropology, liberal arts or physical fitness and sign up for something that will equip you for personally and financially rewarding Marcellus Shale jobs (where the average salary is $90,083, more $40,000 above average for Pennsylvania.)

The types of degree programs needed to accommodate the growing industry according to companies.

The survey points to continued growth in Marcellus Shale jobs and verifies the many positive impacts shale development can have for communities and individuals. This type of annual report also points to places were improvements can be made across the industry to better serve our communities with continued opportunity and growth. Read the whole thing here.

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