Health Impacts of Shale – “Not A Single Case”

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Dr. Theodore Them will be on WBNF tonight to discuss his rebuttal of Howard Zucker’s infamous health report – the one used to gut the Southern Tier’s future.

Many NaturalGasNOW readers know Vic Furman and I do a radio show on WBNF Radion 1290 in Binghamton from time to time on behalf of the Joint Landowners Coaltion of New York. Dr. Theodore F. Them has been on our radio show in the past to discuss the New York State Health Department’s report on hydraulic fracturing – the one Andrew Cuomo used as a crutch to make his infamous decision gutting the Southern Tier’s economic future “at this time.” The show can be heard here.

Here, too, is a must-watch video of Dr. Them speaking on the subject:

Dr. Them has now assembled a specific rebuttal to Dr. Zucker’s “review” which he will outline on our show tonight. Here are the details:

What: JLC United Good News Table Talk RADIO SHOW

Where: WNBF radio 1290 on the AM dial or listen on your computer at

When: April 12, 2015 from 7 – 8 PM

Featured Guest:Dr. Theodore F. Them MD, MS, PhD , MPH, FACOEM. Dr. Them is Chief of Sayre, Pa Guthrie Medical Group’s Occupational Medicine Dept. who practices medicine in the most heavily drilled county in Pa: Bradford and states he has seen ZERO cases of adverse health effects from drilling. He is also the author of a book titled “Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale, Water and Health, Facts vs. Fiction.”

Discussion Topic: NY State Dept of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker’s December 17, 2014 health “review” on high volume hydraulic fracturing, which was the foundation of Governor Cuomo’s drilling ban, will be analyzed and critiqued by Dr. Them, the results of which you must not miss hearing!

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23 thoughts on “Health Impacts of Shale – “Not A Single Case”

  1. Isn’t it odd that the regular group of anti commenters that follow this blog had nothing to say about this article?

    • The light of glaring truth makes the scurry like cockroaches to the darkness of their factually bankrupt opinions. not to worry though, a few bold ones will surface to flaunt their emtionally charged rhetoric and fear mongering thinking that it will somehow dispel the truth.

        • Don’t have to Fear Mugger just tell what I have seen !Your words are so eloquent yet lack substance .My posts come from 5 yrs of dealing with gas drillers .Get over your dreaming and start to take notice ,Maybe !

  2. Dr.Them has leased his land so his oppion is certainly bias just like all public servants that hold office and have leased.NO further comment on nothing but complete PR !!

    • For once Bill you are correct. Dr. Them has leased his land and his opnion certainly may be biased.

      However his facts are not opinion and they are not biased.

      That points out a fatal shortcoming of the anti arguments and is a concept that you antis have never come to learn. We can all have our own opinions no matter how wild, like yours, they may be. But there is only one set of facts.

      And the facts are that NG production and HVHF is a safe, productive, proactical and efficient means to produce the energy this nation needs in the quantities needed.

      That you have not leased your land (if you had any that is) makes your opionions just as biased, so stop talking about opnions and start talking about the facts, as Dr. Them has.

      Oh that’s right, YOU don’t have any facts!

      • there are plenty of cases of people being affected by gas drilling just that DEP and co’s make believe they don’t exist .Also a heavy industrial operation will NEVER be “Safe ” done next to people’s homes .Only fools or profiteers think so !!I have land and what you think you will get (that’s if you get any is not what you think.Yes some make out most non land owners or small land owners don’t ,yet all suffer from the related nuisances ( and the smart one’s will consult a lawyer !Facts the facts are Issues come from the process done in areas and Dr.Them or anyone else who tries to disregard what actually can or happens to some is ignorant or just BSing to themselves to make it seem OK !

      • What I do has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion from my experiences that I post. Don’t play games with me I don’t like games .If the process was not harmful or had certain restrictions on operating hours and co’s would take care of people who have issues (instead of Passing the Buck which they do Now ) I would feel different about it .Until then ( NEVER from what I have seen ) I will tell everyone I can about what I have dealt with !Also I heat with would and my power comes from wind supplied through my utility .Costs the same ( or less sometimes than ) conventional supply . …..check it out

  3. for an educated man Dr.Them doesn’t seem to know much of actual local issues that have occurred .I will gladly accommodate him with data on adverse conditions of people living near gas wells.PA DEP is certainly not a source for this especially when it was under T.Corbett .

    • Bill your anectdotal “list of the Harmed” has been debunked and has no merit. I too could claim any number of imagined health and environmental consequences relevant to myself and my area. And you would add them to your list! Even though I’m ten miles from the nearest well!

      If these people have legititmate concerns and issues they should go see the good doctor at his hospital for objective evaluation by a professional and avoid fear mongering cheerleading from the likes of yourself looking for a ray of relevancy.

      Personally I’ll take the workd of the DEP and the Dr. over your useful idiot ramblings any day.

      • The DEP is useless ( comes from dealing with them on numerous issues.NOT as simple as you think for people to get help or prove the source of their problems.Seen this many times over .Almost impossible ( and expensive ) to achieve ) As far as the “List of the Harmed ” you tell me it has been debunked ( which is total BS since I know quite a few people on it ) ….show me your proof of this .I’m open to all info .I have done testing near well sites(water and air ) all certified and have all records of plenty of issues that were just ignored by all officials and co’s .It is Almost impossible to get help if or when you have problems related to drilling operations .You can believe this or not ! Me I do testing and keep records .

  4. One more thing HVHF is nothing like the older fracing methods used that industry (and this speaker use as reference ) .Affects and nuisances from HVHF are multiple times greater.Pro frackers need a new line !!

    • Wrong once again Bilbo. By bringing the surface operations of numberous vertical wells to one location for HVHF methods the efficiencies that can be gained, the decrease in surface disruptions, and the ability to more clearly focus on mitigating risks in one location actaully make HVHF safer, more efficient, and less environmentally disruptive (if disruptive at all) than any preceding technology. And they’re making them more so each time they open a new well.

      Again, to paraphrase my previous post above, just because you express your opinions that you wish were true doesn’t make them square with the facts Willy. You need a new raison d’etre Bill, because anti-gas is a sinking ship or irrelevance for you my boy.

      • BS …I have heard this to often.Makes it seems like they are doing a good thing.Wrong heavy industrial operations next to people’s homes will never be “Safe” only fools believe this .I don’t have to wish anything true I keep records and video of previous operations and complaints to DEP and co’s .Records don’t lie .Just hard to get results without lawyers involved .

  5. BILL
    You know nothing and the more you write the more it shows. Dr. Them and his health study on HVHF is what it is and that is truth and science over fear mongering and lies and that scares you sh.tless.

    • Well when I meet this guy I’ll tell him he’s full of it to his face .Your words are where nothing is proper .Can he undo testing from certified labs ? Let me tell you something I have learned .People are at a disadvantage when dealing with NG co’s ( or any large industry ) .If you have problems from their activity it can cost thousands and No results is certain . When you can compare your results with what I have learned only then will I even consider you a reliable source ,until then I see you as just wind !

  6. Dr. Them sees fit to mention nearly a thousand reports of fracking impacts yet uses a single anecdotal report of the leaking oil from industry truck to prove his point that not a single health related impact exists. In the name of legitimacy, why didn’t the good Doctor give his audience the worst case report of the nearly 1000?

    By making the presentation he did here, he pretty much proves to be less than unbiased and, in fact, shows himself to be is a shill for the industry.

    Now, what about this latest news:

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