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natural gas industryTara Smith Anderson
Director of External Mobilization, American Petroleum Institute (API)


As we go to the polls to vote this year, let’s remember the importance of American energy and back the candidates who support the oil and gas industry.

This year could be a turning point for America’s energy industry.

Will our nation elect leaders who support American energy development—or leaders who want to hinder oil and natural gas through overreaching regulations, drilling bans, and higher taxes?

American Energy

The good news is that a recent poll—discussed in a great Energy Tomorrow blog, “Hearing the Voters on Energy”—showed that a majority of voters from both political parties support:

  • A national energy policy that ensures a secure supply of abundant, affordable, and available energy for the American people in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Increased production of oil and natural gas resources located here in the U.S.
  • Increased energy infrastructure.

Unfortunately, many voters will not head to the polls with energy top of mind. This is where our industry—including Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation employees—can make a difference. If every member of the energy sector votes for pro-energy candidates, we can make an impact on the elections and on energy policies.

If you haven’t gotten involved in this year’s elections or learned about candidates’ positions on energy development, I urge you to visit Energy Nation’s Energy2016 voter education portal now.

Voting in every election is the most direct way that you can impact public policies in your city, county, state, and the nation. But of course national elections occur only every two years—and policy decisions impacting our industry are made all year long. For this reason, I also urge you to register for and become a regular participant in Energy Nation, our industry’s workforce advocacy program.

Energy Nation makes it easy for you to stay informed about policy challenges facing our industry. As important, Energy Nation makes it easy for you to raise your voice and help win positive public policies that advance American energy.

Progress on two critical issues can make a big difference for Cabot and our industry:

  • Energy Infrastructure—Simply put, approval of energy infrastructure projects, primarily pipelines, is essential to moving natural gas from wells to customers. This is especially important for Marcellus Shale producers like Cabot.
  • LNG Exports—Cabot and our industry will benefit if federal regulators move more quickly to approve applications to export liquefied natural gas.

On both issues, Energy Nation members will be raising their voices, pushing not only for project approvals, but for a whole new approach that cuts red tape. I hope every subscriber of this blog will become a member of the Energy Nation community.

Originally published on Well Said Cabot.

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