If You Value Your Children’s Future, You’ll Support Hydraulic Fracturing

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This is one of the most meaningful and most important posts we’ve ever run on the subject of hydraulic fracturing, natural gas development and our security.

Yesterday may have been the most instructive day ever to understand the current international situation involving natural gas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his State of the Nation address, bragged about “invincible” missiles that could carry nuclear warheads.  He showed videos of missiles raining down on Florida.  As he did so, much of Europe was battered by two weather storms called “Storm Emma” and the “Beast from the East.”  Today, is the coldest spring day in UK recorded history (I guess they consider March 1 spring over there).  Unfortunately they may have no heat.  Britain’s National Grid warned yesterday that it did not have enough natural gas to supply the country.

Source: MET Office via The Telegraph

Britain has a lot of shale gas potential but it has not developed it, running into the same environmental objections that bedevil most of Europe.  We might have been able to help make up the shortfall, but our export capacity remains limited.  Now Britain freezes.   How many people will die in the UK because of their energy policies?

There are other reasons for Britain’s current situation, including the foolish shutting down last year of a natural gas storage facility at Rough, but the result is that Britain may turn in desperation to the same person that New England relies upon in times like these, Vladimir Putin.

Putin has been very busy.  Also yesterday, the Science, Space and Technology Committee of the US House of Representatives released a report detailing how Russia used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to exacerbate tensions over American energy policy and climate change.  For example, Russians created a group called “Native Americans United” which put out an ad showing a young girl looking out over the prairie with the caption “Love Water Not Oil, Protect Our Mother, Stand with Standing Rock.”  This tension obviously benefitted Vladimir Putin.

Hydraulic Fracturing

In this country, gas prices remain so low that many of the suppliers are hurting badly.  As one of the producers told me yesterday, after fixed costs just about every place production is sold is negative.  In the very short term that’s good for the consumer.  In the long term that’s not.  Were more export terminals operating, the price could rise to a sustainable level, more gas could be sent overseas to break the energy vice grip of countries like Russia and the chances of gaining effective leverage over Russia and other rogue states would increase.

Since the Cold War we’ve had a debate over which is more important, soft power or hard power.  Here’s a tip for the “soft power’ proponents:  Soft power works best when you have it.  Internationally, our current energy policy seems to be unilateral disarmament.  Again, that raises the possibility that the only way we can project force internationally and protect our allies and our vital interests is through hard power.  In English that means your sons and daughters and mine being sent overseas to fight.

When an “environmentalist” asks why you support hydraulic fracturing, you can answer very simply.  “I love my children.”

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3 thoughts on “If You Value Your Children’s Future, You’ll Support Hydraulic Fracturing

  1. why I don’t support hydraulic fracturing:
    “I love my children, my grandchildren and everyone’s else’s children and all the animals and all life”

    And since you love your children, put your children next to the gas sites, gas compressor stations and high-pressure gas pipelines in my county and other fracked counties…,
    since our children have to be next to such.

    My children and grandchildren fled my county to across the border into NY and living more safely there.

    And the ad you showed on Facebook and Istagram has small numbers of likes to make no difference in influencing anyone….like the Facebook one only has 22 likes…that’s basically nothing…

    good try, Daniel.

    Trying to scare folks about freezing UK residents…
    give us proof of that and the percentages and numbers and as if, the only source of energy for them is gas,
    which it’s not !

  2. People are slowly ‘waking up’, Mr. Markind.

    The days of ignoring reality, while being unable to avoid the consequences of ignoring reality are upon us.

    As the sympathizers of Ms. Scroggins continue to witness the serious effects of fossil fuel rejection, they retreat to deflection, denial, and outright falsehoods … as so clearly demonstrated by the above comment.

    New England private industry will flee the area in increasing droves for more accommodating environs.

    Meanwhile, world class educational and recreational facilities continue to be built in Texas at breakneck pace for their residents, especially the children.

    Google and view the dazzling new high schools just constructed in tiny Williston and Watford City, North Dakota.

    Computer classes, art, athletics are all provided in abundance due to the wisdom of their parents, grandparents who purposefully embrace the capture of the abundance beneath their feet.

    Useful idiots are, and will always be, just that … willing tools used to implement the nefarious designs of others.

  3. please see my published article, although a few years old, the discussion point still pertain i.e. USA Energy Independence and lower cost of electricity and gasoline plus incentive for domestic and foreign [e.g. China investment]
    Goodwin, R.W.; “How Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Helps USA Economy”: Energy Central, February 20, 1015


    This article discusses how horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are directly related to Previous Economic Benefits , Falling Gasoline prices – helping consumers while inducing an industry-wide temporary slow-down with a moderate rebound and hurting those Oil Dependent Countries that support terrorists.

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