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The Not So Nice and Thoroughly Disingenuous Fractivists of Philly

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Fractivists are battling a natural gas power plant in Southeastern Pennsylvania in a place called Nicetown, pulling all the usual not-so-nice stunts.

Last November a group of environmental thugs pledged to “swarm” and shut down a SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) meeting where a vote would be taken to build a Marcellus gas-powered electric plant that would provide electricity to SEPTA’s northern Regional Rail lines, a win/win for all Pennsylvanians. The reason they wanted to shut down the meeting was to stop the vote because the clean-burning plant being proposed would burn a “fossil fuel.” They got sidetracked.

fractivistsWhen the fractivists weren’t looking, Philadelphia Air Management Services (AMS) went ahead and issued the permit that allows SEPTA to move forward with the proposed natgas power plant, which will get built in a place called Nicetown (see Antis “Shocked” Philly Approved Marcellus Power Plant for SEPTA). Nice.

The AMS vote “came as a surprise” to the antis. It was their “last hope” to stop the plant. So what happens now? Seems they haven’t lost hope. They’re litigating and demanding SEPTA’s approval be overturned by other regulatory bodies.

On June 12, members of 350 Philadelphia, Neighbors Against the Gas Plants, and The Centre for Returning Citizens in Philly (TCRC) will attend the City of Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspection Review Board hearing. They will demand the Board overturn SEPTA’s approval. The groups are hoping to kill the project permanently by packing the meeting, with children, according to the Welund Report:

On 12 June 2018, 350 Philadelphia, Neighbors Against the Gas Plants, and The Centre for Returning Citizens in Philly (TCRC) will attend a hearing in Philadelphia to demand the repeal of an air permit for SEPTA’s (the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) proposed gas plant in Nicetown.

The groups stated that the City of Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspection Review Board hearing is the “second part” of the regulatory process that began in April 2018. They will demand the cancellation of a permit awarded to the gas plant and will “press for a full examination of health and environmental impacts that have been ignored or underestimated, as well as complete assessment of alternatives.”

The gas plant was condemned for adding “dangerous pollution to a neighborhood that is already overburdened. The 19140 ZIP code was recently found to have a 31% childhood asthma rate. And the plant would release climate-damaging greenhouse pollution for 20 years, setting back the transition to renewable energy that we urgently need.”

The groups will demand that the City of Philadelphia “protect people’s health and a livable climate by rescinding the permit for the plant.” 350 Philadelphia linked opposition to the gas plant to its Fossil Free SEPTA campaign that began in March 2016.

Gas plant opponents will gather at 1515 Arch Street at 12.00 noon.*

There may be some legitimate reasons to oppose a project like this. Air emissions, etc. But that’s not what drives the people behind the effort to kill this plant. What drives them is an irrational hatred of fossil fuels. Here’s a screen shot of the 350 Philadelphia website highlighting their opposition to the SEPTA project:


Click for larger more readable version

As you can see in the image above, they are only obsessed with man-made global warming and the need to limit carbon dioxide emissions, which natural gas has helped to accomplish. Nutballs. They call their effort to defeat the power plant the “Fossil Free SEPTA Campaign.”

Below is a screen shot of the meeting notice posted on the Neighbors Against the Gas Plants website. Notice how it encourages those coming to the hearing to bring the kids along too:


“Shifting the city to 100% renewable energy” is a fantasy. A crack with reality. It’s not going to happen anytime in the next 50-100 years! And yet they demand it. How does one deal with people who refuse to accept reality?

Editor’s Note: According to its website “350PHL is a volunteer-led, campaign-focused initiative connecting and organizing a strong grassroots coalition to address climate change and build a just and secure future beyond fossil fuels. 350PHL is a local Philly affiliate of 350.org, which was founded by Bill McKibben in 2007.” Yes, that 350.org, the one created with through Fractivist Rasputin Jay Halfon’s Sustainable Markets Foundation, led by Rockefeller bat boy Bill McKibben and financed by a network of fractivist enablers that include the Park Foundation and the Rockefeller family. Whenever you dig deep into who’s really behind fractivists such as the not-so-nice thugs speaking for Nicetown, you find the same wealthy special interests who are especially adept at orchestrating them as they invest in “clean energy” scams.  

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3 thoughts on “The Not So Nice and Thoroughly Disingenuous Fractivists of Philly

  1. These are not environmentally concerned individuals, these are people who would rather live in the conditions immediately after the fall of Rome. Times riddled with superstition, poor sanitation, disease, mass starvation and extreme heat and cold.

  2. Mark Levin has applied the term “degrowthers” to the drivers of this group, who delude themselves into thinking it would be nice for the world to roll back the clock to about 1800 before the Industrial Age somehow “ruined everything”, to some pastoral, bucolic lifestyle “in tune with the earth”. They neglect serious consideration of life expectancy, and the fact that it took >95% of the people to grow the food to survive another year, and do the other grunt-work, like laundry. Plus, you got to breath the trampled-on horse manure dust, wood-fire smoke and general BO that the populace exuded. Yeah, remember, “the good old days!”

  3. Most of the anti-gassers actually think they can maintain and improve current lifestyles with 37% less power than we use now. The why is a given, but when you ask the when it will be built, where, how much will it cost, they suddenly get a little (or a lot) vague.

    Now consider all the BTU’s in diesel and gasoline and convert that into MWh because we’ll are be using electric transport. Ask them where all the storage (batteries mostly) that will turn variable renewables into dispatched when needed power or how millions of tons of lithium will be recycled.

    You could try math questions: How many 1 kWh solar panels does it take to replace the output of the Eddystone 800 MWh gas fired plant just south of Philadelphia on December 21st, when there are only 8 hours of daylight? What is the minimum area needed for all those panels and where in SE PA would you put them?

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