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natural gas industryBrittany Thomas
Coordinator, External Affairs
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George Stark, of Cabot Oil and Gas, sat down with PMA Perspective and discussed their commitment to workforce development and teaching energy literacy.

Last month we featured an episode of PMA Perspective which focused on the importance of workforce education through programs like Junior Achievement of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Opportunities in Energy and the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

The folks at the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association (PMA) also took time to sit down with George Stark, Cabot’s Director of External Affairs.

workforce development

In the 16 minute segment, George and host David Taylor, President of PMA, discuss the pipeline-quality natural gas produced in Susquehanna County (for more on dry gas, click here) as well as workforce development. Beyond workforce training, George also explains the importance of teaching energy literacy in order for students to realize more goes into their daily energy use and products than flipping a light switch on a wall.

The opportunities and education around the industry are being felt across the region thanks to the workforce development efforts by many companies in the industry. In Susquehanna County, for example, has seen a 57% increase in average weekly wages since the recession.

Other highlights of the segment include a discussion around the need for additional natural gas infrastructure for use by industrial, residential and commercial users as well as the true impact of a severance tax.

“A punitive tax on this industry, especially at this time, is the most counterproductive thing possible.” David Taylor regarding the proposed severance tax in Pennsylvania.

Click below to see the full segment.

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