Who’s the Real David in the Fracking Wars?

Cuomo TeamInge Grafe-Kieklak
Sullivan County, New York, Landowner


Who’s the real “David?” Inge Grafe-Kieklak wrote about this five years in a prescient essay that relates directly to what’s happened in New York since.

I am a member of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York; I want to sound an alarm. Sixty-five years ago, America defeated a European dictatorship that used the same techniques now employed by so-called environmentalists on the issue of drilling in the Marcellus Shale; propaganda films, fear, lies and half-truths.

Fear is very strong emotion and as soon as you fall under its spell, reasoning is impaired. It sells papers, TV and radio, while often deadening the other senses to sound judgment.

Facts, on the other hand, are a boring commodity; they do not sell very well. What do film producers and actors do? They entertain and sometimes scare you. What do they know about hydro-fracturing, geology and engineering? This is free publicity for them.


Start looking very critically at our leaders. Do not simply take them at their word. Look at the issues from all sides and think for yourselves; then make up your minds.

Also, look where the money comes from for the environmentalist opposition. Let us look at what those who oppose drilling have so far accomplished. They have divided communities, pitted neighbor against neighbor and divided families and friends all because of their agenda, which anti-change and/or “not in my backyard.”

They are not for the farmers or the environment, but only selfishly against change. But change is the only constant in life. The opposition is not about facts, but only selfishly and politically motivated. You hear all the time about “David and Goliath.” I know for a fact we are the real grassroots movement and as such, we are the “David,” but not as loud as the opposition and we offer only those boring facts, which take time to “get their shoes on.”

Get out of this dark and dreary cave and see the light. Start thinking for yourselves and stop following the environmental gurus.

Editor’s Note: Considering everything that’s happened since Inge wrote this five years ago, her words have proven remarkably prophetic, as New York’s governor used a pile of junk science peer-reviewed by other quacks as cover for a political decision designed to appease still other quacks. Worse, it was implemented by a pair of political hacks, under the undue influence of some of the wealthiest of the 1%, some greedy trial lawyers and other special interests with the customary indifference of all to the plight of the Southern Tier, while two of three top state officials have now been arrested for corruption. Inge is looking pretty sharp in retrospect.

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10 thoughts on “Who’s the Real David in the Fracking Wars?

    • I am sure he is out in his gas powered car, Filming some worthless protest on how FF are bad. Then is going to go on Facebook and beg for gas money….. Such a predictable little troll! But he has been threatening to sue me since November of 2013, maybe hes meeting with Ron Benjamin. But i’m sure that troll “Little Willy” will be here shortly.

      • what makes you thing you are an important source.However what you mention has been pursued ,but against more important players.

  1. She said it succinctly and elegantly. I very much appreciate her intelligent observations, especially about critical analysis. There is such a surfeit of young people that were never taught how to think for themselves,(the blue jean screen crowd), I can only suspect that is why the fracuoppiers and their elite patrons have made traction. As she said – it is the fear of the unknown. What is surprising, is how much of the unknown is really out there.

  2. Inge’s rights do not exceed the rights of those that do not want the nuisances from gas drilling operations near them.If she could contain all nuisances created on her property alone ( which she cannot due to the total process and needs ) I feel she should be allowed to do whatever she wishes (and others too ) ….until then it is a legal issue and will be handled as such for all that want to pursue what they think they need .

    • Lets make a deal Bill… show me just one anti gas activist that doesn’t use gas or its many products and I will come over to your side… cricket cricket

      • Usage has nothing to do with my position.It’s the process of extraction that I see as the problem .Try to grasp this .I.m not against energy development just how it achieved .

        • All forms of energy development, and ll soicietal endeavors for that matter, have consequences. It is very hypocritical of you and your kind to be against gas because it offends you but support other forms that don’t impact you as directly. You weren’t against NG development and gladly used it before it became a NIMBY issue for you. And now you continue to use it while offering no other viable alternatives. So yes, your hypocritical use is an issue given your position.

    • Wrong agin Bill! When soiciety decides that the benefits of developing NG outweigh the “nuisances” claimied by a few vocal minority NIMBYs like yourself then her rights do outweigh others. The fact that the “nuisances” you claim are not objective, quantifiable, nor proven by empirical study to be real or legally actionable provides further grounds that her rights trump yours.

      Even if a “nuisance” was to be proven, it would not be grounds for stopping the source of the nuisance, but rather grounds for modifying the act that creates the nuisance so as to mitigate the nuisance qualities. A perfect analogous example is airline operations. Jet aircraft operations were deemed a nuisance in many areas. However jet aircraft were operations were not eliminated, only modified (times of oepration, flight profiles, etc.) to mitigate the worst of the nuisances. Of course that never satisfied the NIMBYs who bought homes near airports and then complained about the noise and wanted jets banned.

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