Where Is Concerned Health Professionals of New York on This?

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Concerned Health Professionals of New York is a bunch of phonies who couldn’t care less about the health of Upstate New Yorkers when it comes to wind.

I reviewed Uni Blake’s takedown of the Concerned Health Professionals of New York’s Sixth edition of the “Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking” on Friday. The whole thing is a complete joke, to say the least. Concerned Health Professionals of New York is, in fact, a pitiful exercise in relevance seeking by has-beens, pseudo-scientists and politicized professionals.

If Concerned Health Professionals of New York was anything else, its members would be on the scene in Villenova, New York demanding an investigation of the health impacts of the Ball Hill Wind Energy Project in Chautauqua County, a supposed “wind farm” that should be called the Ball Hill Industrial Wind Facility if there were any truth in labeling.

Listen to this fellow to see what i mean:

I have no idea whether this protestant is credible, but what he says demonstrates industrial wind is anything but green in the eyes of prospective neighbors. It’s downright dirty and dangerous in his estimation. He’s much like the lady who showed up at another meeting I attended at the other end of Upstate New York; who showed up with a gas mask to protest the emissions from an industrial solar facility.

No, these things are not easy sells. Andrew Cuomo is, nonetheless, shoving them down the throats of Upstate New Yorkers. And, he doesn’t give a damn what locals think. They don’t vote for him, after all. What better place to put energy facilities everyone downstate wants but no one wants near themselves? New York has created an effective way of working around home rule when it comes to anything the governor deems green, just as Cuomo did when he took away home rule on fracking right after the state’s top court declared it sacrosanct.

So goes the Empire State where Upstate residents are treated as serfs and tawdry counterfeit groups such as Concerned Health Professionals of New York are taken seriously.

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