What the Covington Story Tells Us About Fractivists

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The Covington story is one of fake news, journalistic malpractice and incredible hate on the part of exploiters. It also reveals the tactics of fractivism.

The Covington story has captured public imagination. It exposes everything many of us have long observed; that much of the news is manufactured to advance causes in which activists and empathetic journalists join forces. The entire premise of the original story has turned out to be dreadfully wrong in every respect. Nathan Phillips wasn’t harassed. The Covington students did none of the things he said. They were, in fact, using school cheers to drown out the voices of vicious racists attacking both him and them. But, Phillips chose to exploit the students because he knew how a pathetic media would respond. He knew how to play his cards.

Yes, Nathan Phillips really knows how to play his cards, in fact. He used the name Nathan Stanard to enter the military. He is Native American and was a Marine during the early 1970s. He served stateside as an electrician and refrigerator guy, went AWOL multiple times and left the service the same way he went in, as a private. But, he could and did claim he served in “Vietnam War times.”

Stanard/Phillips has long understood his Native American heritage is an asset to be exploited when dealing with the press. All he needs to do is to throw it out there, mention his service during “Vietnam War times” and, presto, the press will, with mindlessly coordinated knee-jerk reaction, label him as a saintly Native American elder and Vietnam War veteran, which he is not. His story is a lie crafted by the media with subtle hints he craftily provided.

Others are delving into the various lies being spread by Stanard/Phillips and those among his hate-filled followers. It is all coming out. What’s most interesting to me, though, is the Stanard/Phillips history of exploiting his Native American heritage to attack pipelines.

It turns out Stanard/Phillips is a serial protester. The Billings Gazette, in fact, carried a story last July about North Dakota suing the Army Corps of Engineers:

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem filed a claim Friday that seeks $38 million from the federal government to reimburse the state for costs related to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

North Dakota claims law enforcement and other protest-related costs resulted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ failure to enforce the law.

“The corps is responsible for maintaining order and safety on lands that it manages,” Stenehjem said in an interview Friday.

The state alleges the protests that began in August 2016 and continued for nearly eight months were aggravated by the “negligent and unlawful conduct by the corps.”

Front and center in the story is a borrowed picture from the Bismarck Tribune depicting what the suit is about. Look at who’s featured as the Native American DAPL protester in this closeup portion:

Covington Story

Original photo by MIKE MCCLEARY, Bismarck Tribune

There’s more in this Vogue story, including several fawning pictures of Stanard/Phillips where he is identified as a member of the Omaha Nation, not the Standing Rock Sioux. Vogue just ran another fawning piece indicating he’s also involved in fighting oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as well as the Keystone Pipeline. Naturally, Vogue described Stanard /Phillips’s “grace, strength, and resilience” in the face of supposed “mocking” by the students, which didn’t occur.

The magazine also accepted his false version of the Covington story whereby he intervened to stop a conflict between the students and the Black Hebrew Israelites. The truth, revealed in video, is that the latter were targeting him and the students. He chose to confront the students because he knew who wouldn’t do anything but stand there and he knew who the media would want to paint as the villains.

Stanard/Phillips understood, from his acting and his serial fractivist/pipeline opposition work, how to manipulate events using a compliant press. That’s why he and his group also tried to disrupt a Mass at the Basilica that same today. He understood who makes a good villain and who makes a good victim in media eyes. He knew how to project the hatred for Catholics, for conservatives, for pro-lifers, for Christians, for religious believers of any kind onto the hated but innocent.

Nathan Stanard/Phillips is no hero. He’s a complete phony, just like his fractivist companions in fighting pipelines.

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