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Welcome Along Our New Advertiser: Integrity Engineering, PLLC

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Welcome Integrity Engineering, PLLC a New York professional engineering and consulting firm providing comprehensive services to the natural gas industry.

You’ll notice a new banner atop our posts as we welcome Integrity Engineering, PLCC as an advertiser. The firm proudly serves the “natural gas Industry from the well head to the burner tip,” as their website declares. Its focus “includes transmission and midstream pipeline systems, meter and regulator facilities, interconnect facilities, and compressor stations.” It also provides “complete engineering and design services for new franchise distribution systems and power plant conversions.”

What’s especially interesting is that it operates from two New York State locations; its main offices in Elmira Heights (Chemung County) and also Livonia in Livingston County. Who’d have imagined that?

Integrity Engineering

Well, for those familiar with the history and geography, it’s not all that surprising. New York State, after all, was the birthplace of the natural gas industry, which is hugely ironic, of course, given its current attitude toward hydraulic fracturing (done there on smaller wells for decades).  Livonia is in the heart of a Western New York region with thousands of traditional gas wells. Elmira Heights is across the border from Bradford and Tioga Counties, Pennsylvania, where both Marcellus and Utica Shale are being developed.

Integrity Engineering works in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and New York having a registered Professional Engineer in all those states. It currently has projects with a major transmission company, a municipal utility, a gathering company, and an independent power producer in New York, but the majority of our work has historically been in Pennsylvania, with the majority of work in 2018 expected to be in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

This history and proximity to the gas fields has resulted in Integrity Engineering, PLLC being involved in all sorts of gas industry projects, including the following:

  • Design of a 5 mile gas transmission pipeline and related metering and regulator stations
  • Design of a municipal gas transmission and distribution system
  • Design of utility pipeline replacement projects
  • Analysis of pipeline failure and recommended repair plans
  • Preparation of P&ID drawings for gas storage facility
  • Regulatory interface for gas compressor station project
  • Development of O&M manual and construction standards
  • Construction management of gas transmission pipeline

The firm also does feasibility studies for pipelines, power plant conversions and other natural gas facilities. It provides pipeline design services for transmission, midstream and distribution  lines. It offers facility engineering and design services, including “design, installation, and operation of natural gas interconnecting, compression, meter and regulator, and storage facilities.” It has, too, provided “engineering, design, project and construction management, and inspection services” on power plant conversion projects for clients in New York State (where costs are saved, output is increased and emissions are lowered).

Integrity Engineering

Check out the rest of the Integrity Engineering, PLCC website. It’s very well done and a great example of the ancillary effects of natural gas development on the economy. We’re proud to have the company as an advertiser and hope to give you some in-depth reporting on one of their recent projects in the not too distant future. We welcome them along!


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