Victor Furman Launches “Not for Me, But For You” Campaign for Assembly

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


Victor Furman is running for the New York State Assembly. His “Not for Me, But For You” campaign promises real representation for the Southern Tier.

I am proud and excited to announce to my friends on NaturalGasNOW that I have tossed my hat in the political ring with a race for Assemblyman representing New York State’s 122nd Legislative District.

victor furman

As all of you know, I have never backed down from the debate of bringing natural gas harvesting to New York. I call it harvesting because most gas drilling is done on farmland not on Court Street.

As many of you know, Governor Cuomo has stated he will sign an Executive Order that will make hydraulic fracturing illegal in New York, with the exception that you can frack using the maximum limit of 300,000 gallons a frack. This decision is purely political wit scientific basis.

Many of you supported me in my effort to bring Cuomo to court and I appreciate that. Many more couldn’t because—let’s face it—money doesn’t grow on trees and in the state that gives your tax dollars away to 750,000 illegal aliens at a cost of $847 per family per year. Now, I am asking for your support agin but this time it won’t cost you a dime. Please click to sign the following Petition asking Cuomo not to delegalize hydraulic fracturing.


I am running for Assembly because I simply want a platform that will  allow me to educate lawmakers and the public as I did in Long Island last summer on the facts of safe drilling and its impeccable safety record. Please share the above petition. Let’s get 100 x 1000 signatures. Thank you for your support!


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15 thoughts on “Victor Furman Launches “Not for Me, But For You” Campaign for Assembly

  1. Good luck with your run. We sure need a voice like yours in NY legislation. I tried to sign your petition but you need facebook and I don’t have it.

  2. And what may I ask is the link between illegal aliens and fracking? Franky, that statement discredits your/our cause. Please consider keeping fracking on a factual, scientific, and economic basis. Perhaps we should consider the actual diversity of fracking and pipelines crews where the challenge is to manage them in a bi-lingual environment. Energy is a physical necessity to society like water and food. Let us boycott avocadoes while exporting methane. Calling our potential export customers names indirectly is not a formula for success. We also might consider that Americans have no striking capital and major foreign investments make fracking possible. And if and when they drill wells in NY, I guarantee that both the gas commodity and profits will leave our country. It is a global stage. My vote will not be gained on a narrow platform where the platform may not be understood by the candidate.

    • Using the term “illegal alien” is not name-calling. It’s part of a long history of legislation and is, therefore, a term of law.

      • Then how come RCMP never called me that name, nor even took any action, when I was a WHITE one, for over a month and with them knowing where I was too almost the whole time, with an EXPIRED visa?

        Oops; I think I just answered my own question.

  3. Hi Vic,

    I know several people that want to sign your petition, but they do not have a Facebook account. I don’t have one either. Can you provided another way to sign it, please?



    • It will be on my political web page with different wording but same target. My web page should be up by March 1st it’s being built and placed on all search engines and will be headlined as
      Friends of Victor Furman

  4. Vic:
    I am no campaign manager, but when I wrote about upstate and downstate, Mr. Shepstone’s blog received around 11,000 likes. It occurs to me that the issues are really no longer Republican and Democrat in New York State, but rather downstate versus upstate. If you revisit my guest blog you will see how much downstate depends on upstate for landfills, wind, solar, nuclear, water, wilderness, wildlife, parks, hunting, and surprisingly, university and college education. For instance why should upstate dems and repubs vote for any NYC issues unless upstate is freed from NYC dumping in our landfills, NYC wind turbines, NYC Industrial Solar Facilities, and restrictions on oil and gas development?
    Now we have an absolutely insane bail statute and a draconian landlord tenant statute that applies statewide. If NYC wants to descend into cultural and legal decay, I have no desire to interfere, but when they force that same destructive, decadent, childish ideology upon upstate, then it is time to vote for upstate first.
    If all upstate legislators voted for upstate issues, then we would not be where we are today – losing population in a struggling economy.
    Lastly, we upstaters need to take the fight to NYC’s neighborhoods. Anybody been reading about the horrible conditions in the New York City Housing Authority? What if upstaters went down to NYC and met with the tenant associations and said that we would support legislation granting each and every tenant the right to sue the City of New York for damages. And what if we petitioned Donald Trump require that the first floor of every one of NYSCHA’s apartment buildings have cheap retail space for stores, shops, delis and bodegas for the tenants to rent and operate? Let the tenants actually have small businesses in their own buildings. Letting our urban cousins take some initiative on their own for their own welfare. Wouldn’t that be a kick if the residents suddenly had the ability to protect themselves. What about giving those store owners the right to have a firearm to protect themselves against the gangs? Let’s take sides with the everyday people of New York City and let them have a shot at real small business capitalism?
    Good Luck and God Speed, Vic.

    Chris Denton

  5. Chris
    I am not addressing just Republicans when I give speeches in legion and schools, I am addressing all who are willing to attend and have been drawing crowds between 1 and 3 hundred people.

    I address in most of my talks the subject of state division and my opinion why it won’t happen. In Long Island there is 1400 square miles and 7.5 million people. NYC just over 302 square miles with a population of 8.6 million people for a rough total of 16.1 million people living on 1700 squre miles downstate. The pop. Of NYS IS 19 million people. That means in the 55,000 square miles of Upstate NY only has 2.9 million. What that means is taxes collected in NY of 85.5 billion, with a total of shared in Upstate annually of over 6 billion billion dollars with much of that coming from NYC. The fact is roughly 70 percent of all upstate city budgets come from Long Island and NYC tax payers which is why local politicians fight division from the city yet, New York state consistently has the highest rates for income, sales, property, and estate taxes. The 2019 tax rates are … Counties in upstate New York have some of the highest property taxes in U.S. Under state law …

    Chris what we need now more then ever and Landowners seem to have given up on, is unity and republicans elected to office. On all levels of GOVERMENT from Town Boards to Governor. What we need today is for everyone who agrees get motivated by signing and creating their own petitions to tell Cuomo Not to make fracking illegal because it limits growth and energy choices in the future.

    We need to stand up to those who would remove our 2nd amendment rights, force their choices of energy on us using our tax dollars to deface and destroy upstate NY with highly subsidized wind and solar farms, 66 billion of our tax dollars are to be used by Cuomo to subsidize wind and solar for the sole purpose of advancing his name in the politics of green.There are so many reasons to out democrats from the state Blue Light Laws -Green Light Laws – Red Flag Laws etc… but the one that trips my trigger… the Sanctuary of Illigals in NY. Last year we spent 5.1 billion dollars on sanctified illegals at a cost of 837 dollars of collected taxes from legal citizens a year. The return on our investment was 730 million dollars collected from taxes from the illegals. And OTS only going to get worse.

    All of the above is why I am inspired to run and if you are a Republican voter in the 122nd district of NY on and after Febuary 25th, I need your help collecting Signitures to get me on the ballot. I only need 500 but I am shooting for a thousand. Please contact me at if you can help

    Thank you

    • Vera
      Ken Girardin, a policy analyst at the Empire Center for Public Policy, a spinoff of the Manhattan Institute, calculates the offshore wind buildout will cost more than $48 billion upfront and $1 billion in annual operating cost. At least 56 square miles of solar panels would be needed to hit the 2025 goal of 6,000 megawatts of solar capacity, Girardin said.

      This does not include the cost of transmission nor project the higher rates on the utilities bill each NYer will see. I read the total 66 billion in a report on Cuomos aggressive green energy plan for NY but I don’t remember where or how the total was sum up. But the number 66 billion stuck in my head. Other factors were refitting businesses and homes to green.

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