Vic Furman Appeals for Help in Taking Landowner Group Public

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman is asking for help in taking a group, of which he is part, called Landowner Advocates of New York, public. Here’s the latest update on his plans.

I want to thank Tom for his support on NaturalGasNow where, on Saturday, as part of his regular “Best Picks” post, he announced my plans for taking a new activist group called.
Landowner Advocates of New York (L.ANY) public. Emails have been pouring in and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Thank You!

Let me offer my e-mail info again as I want to reach out to as many people as I can:

My E-Mail Address:

I am getting calls from town board members, farmers, landowners and even people from Sulivan County and all the way up to Elmira Heights. They all say the same thing… “it’s about time.” We have to fight back against a corrupt system. Once again, here’s what I told Tom and he published Saturday:

We will not sit back any longer and wait for a change in governors, but will become the change our government needs.

If you are a pro-drilling landowner or an Upstate citizen who doesn’t want to see your utility bills triple via the green new deal, and you want the right to exercise your property rights like the rest of America, standby for announcements coming very soon.

Spread the word and if you’re a coalition leader contact, me, Vic Furman now for information on upcoming events.

Editor’s Note: Vic Furman is one of those guys who never ever quits. As one of his friends said to me once “If we had 50 Vic Furman types, we have won long ago.” Here’s a photo of him protesting on the streets of Manhattan as evidence that was exactly correct:

Vic Furman

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4 thoughts on “Vic Furman Appeals for Help in Taking Landowner Group Public

  1. Did u say corrupt? Be careful what you wish for there’s lotsa corruption out there. Lotsa lying puppets too. I don’t think you want what you saw here. Disgusting mess.

  2. 54 acres in Windsor. Had 5yr. lease from Mason Dixon Energy, but the main Company was Williams. The town was totally for it, but Cuomo wasn’t.

  3. Can’t be too many landowners for it, since the JLCONY FB page only has seven hundred and something likes though it claims to represent over 5k landowners. And lots of those likes are from people like me, not landowners who want to expose their land to fracking.
    So, have Vic and friends figured out how a landowner can allow drilling on their own land with a guarantee that none of the air, water, land contamination and hundreds of truck trips will affect their neighbors? Pollution doesn’t stop at property lines, and there have been many lawsuits neighbor against neighbor for contamination issues. And btw, in your LANY description, you claim that landowners are prevented from leasing their land for NG extraction. That’s incorrect. Any NY landowner can lease their land for O&G extraction- it just has to be conventional extraction, not the HVHF type.
    Good luck with your lawsuit. If you win that one, I’m going to sue NYS for preventing me from using my 140 acres for a tire dump- I could make lots of money on that one.

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