Vera Scroggins: The Josh Fox Connection

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Vera Scroggins is raising money for legal fees through Josh Fox’s mother and the Sustainable Markets Foundation without revealing her latest legal troubles.

Jim Willis revealed the latest legal brouhaha surrounding Vera Scroggins in an article posted here a few days ago. Now, it turns out Vera is raising money for her legal defense without telling potential donors of her latest troubles, using an organization tied to Josh Fox’s mother and the Jay Halfon’s (really the Rockefeller family’s)  Sustainable Markets Foundation to do so. It shows just how few people are behind the fractivist movement and where the money to perpetuate the cause comes from.

Our friend and guest blogger, Vic Furman, brought to our attention a fund-raising website for Vera Scroggins, which includes a video released just a few days ago featuring her:

Published on May 15, 2015, the video is an exercise in self-worship that tells the viewer exactly who Vera Scroggins is; a troubled attention-seeking individual with visions of grandeur who is milking the system for all its worth. Nowhere in the video does she talk about the fact she already has essentially free legal representation in the matter for which she seeks funding; representation provided to her by special interest organizations aligned with her cause. Nowhere, either, does she reveal her latest legal troubles, which involve a case of alleged illegal videoing of an attorney she hoped to get the the local District Attorney to prosecute. It is a criminal, not a civil matter.

The website, moreover, not only fails to tell the whole story, but also tells us how small the fractivist circle really is. It requests money for Vera Scroggins’ legal defense and indicates supporters can send money to “The Mothers Project.” This is a phony group set up by Angela Monti Fox, the mother of Josh Fox, who is currently in a desperate effort to retain his relevancy as the Gasland fiasco has faded. When you go to the donation page for The Mothers Project, this is what you see:

Vera Scroggins

So, the money one sends to The Mothers Project goes to Josh Fox’s mother on Vera’s  behalf, the former using the Sustainable Markets Foundation for tax exemption purposes. The Sustainable Markets Foundation is a Rockefeller entity run by Jay Halfon, the extremely connected guy behind so many fractivist initiatives. We have, in fact, identified him as the Fractivist or Rockefeller Rasputin. The Sustainable Markets Foundation is also, for example, behind Gas Free Seneca, which Fox has recently gone out of his way to support by recently getting arrested in another of his own futile attention-grabbing escapades.

The Sustainable Markets Foundation not only helps funds Vera Scroggins and Gas Free Seneca by lending its tax-exempt status among other things, but also by directly funding Tony Ingraffea’s Physicians, Scientists and Engineers ($177,275 in FY 2013), the Frack Action Fund ($240,880) and numerous other fractivist entitities. Halfon, of course, is also on the boards of (another Rockefeller entity), Earthworks and the Park Foundation, to mention just a few of his fractivist connections. His tax-free tentacles may even reach down to Vera Scroggins as it turns out (if someone goes The Mothers Project website to donate electronically), demonstrating just how incredibly small the fractivist circle really is.

Amazing, isn’t it? A handful of fractivist “useful idiots” financed by a handful of gigantic special interest funders – that’s the fractivist movement in a nutshell.


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4 thoughts on “Vera Scroggins: The Josh Fox Connection

  1. Last I checked it was legal for people to give donations to causes .Vera’s cause involves many more than just her .I so glad she has finally agreed to go along with this .I can smell the fear ! Well just to bad .

  2. Of course you can give money to your cause and participate in civil disobedience and contempt. It is also perfectly legal to point of the interlocking connections of the various parts of the Park Foundation’s network and that Scroggins’ illegal actions have consequences. Her legal defense costs would be a rounding error on the Park Foundation’s millions, yet the charade of public support must be maintained; do let us know how much was raised by the “Mother’s Project”. Will the next attempt be the “Apple Pie Project”?

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