Vera Scroggins’ Sinking Credibility

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Jim Willis
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Vera Scroggins admits it’s all about credibility but refuses to see she has none. She seeks martyrdom, but does anyone other than State Impact give a damn?

A little-known (outside of northeast Pennsylvania) anti-driller, Vera Scroggins, was fined $1,000 Thursday in Susquehanna County court. Vera’s biggest claim to fame is her potty mouth treatment of FrackNation filmmaker Phelim McAleer (watch it here). She is a repeat trespasser on Cabot Oil & Gas drilling sites and has been warned, repeatedly, to stay off their land–for her own safety and the safety of others. She may now pay price for that and wants the martyrdom but that assumes someone still cares.

Vera Scroggins

Scroggins runs so-called tours where she shows New York City celebrities and other urbanites (who don’t know the difference between a cow’s udder and a roof gutter) the gas fields of Susquehanna County, claiming drilling operations somehow harm local residents. The judge has had enough. He said at the hearing that Vera has 45 days to pay the fine for her latest violation and if she doesn’t, she’s going to jail. Vera maintains her latest violation wasn’t a violation–that the court is relying on the testimony of someone who lied under oath about seeing her trespass.

The anti-drilling PBS StateImpact Pennsylvania is always ready to take up Vera’s cause:

A Susquehanna County judge has fined anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins $1,000 for getting too close to a natural gas site earlier this year. The money will cover part of the legal fees incurred by the region’s biggest gas driller– Cabot Oil and Gas. The company has repeatedly sought to have her held in contempt of court for violating an injunction to stay off its property.

At a court hearing Thursday in Montrose, Scroggins maintained her innocence and hopes to appeal the fine.

“[Cabot] had a false witness, who was willing to perjure himself under oath, and the judge found him more credible. I am not willing to pay a fine for something I didn’t do.”

If she doesn’t pay within 45 days, she could go to jail. Judge Kenneth Seamans didn’t seem to mind that possibility.

“If there’s a fine and she doesn’t pay it, she’s going to jail.” he said. “And I’m going on vacation.”*

You can read the rest of the article describing the circumstances that Vera disputes was a trespass here.

Editor’s Note: I didn’t bother going to Vera’s latest hearing. Frankly, it’s just boring anymore. The only people there are the parties involved, a handful of fractivist hangers-on who don’t seem to have real jobs, the local reporter and, of course, State Impact, which uses taxpayer and tax-free money to lend a hand in making her a martyr for the cause. Still, I’m glad State Impact covered it, for several reasons.

First, they reveal their bias every time they write about Vera and giver her the pen to say what she wants. Their credibility ebbs with hers.

Secondly, it was nice to see Vera acknowledge the truth. “The judge found him more credible,” she said referring to the witness who saw her trespassing. Yes, credibility is what it’s all about and after previously violating the judge’s order, effectively thumbing her nose at the judge throughout all the proceedings, playing to sympathetic journalists and supporters in the audience, reneging on a settlement, lying about being prohibited from visiting the doctor and a history of orchestrated antics designed to attract attention to herself, she has none left.

Thirdly, these lines at the end of the story from Vera Scroggins’ attorney are extremely gratifying:

“In addition to probably spending six figures on lawyers to keep going after Vera, they have also disrupted my life,” he says. “This is the third time I’ve been subpoenaed to come up here. It just shows the lengths to which this gas company will go to suppress dissent.” 

These are the words of radical attorneys who will go to any length to disrupt the activities of others but subpoena them, cost them money and interrupt their lives to fight back and they cry like the spoiled babies they are. What a pitiful response revealing the true nature of the fractivist sham.

What will happen? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see Vera Scroggins’ attorneys urge her to pay and be done with it, as they’re already crying buckets over the disruption of their lives and budgets, but Vera would certainly enjoy the martyrdom of going to jail, sure to attract more attention to her, so she might well overrule them yet again as they scramble to unload this embarrassing client. (Whatever happened, by the way, to that “something’ bad” Vera threw into the material she sent to Cabot’s attorney during depositions?) It could go either way but does anyone (other than State Impact) give a damn anymore? Apparently, Judge Seamans doesn’t. He’s going on vacation after that. 

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18 thoughts on “Vera Scroggins’ Sinking Credibility

  1. BS …here Cabot witness lied and judge accepted this over witnesses produced by Vera.Plus judge disallowed statements from 2 other witnesses that were in the car ( that were produced ) when this happened .Seems bias was in play here.

      • No Tom you only know what went on in court .I followed it beyond that . 2 other witnesses that were in the car with Vera gave statements that were not allowed in the last trial.How can you stand up for the witness when you don’t know him other than that day.Why was it he could take a photo of Vera in her friends driveway and not ( which would have been normal and creditable evidence ) .Anyone would have done this first.4 witnesses to 1 of Cabot’s should have made a different judgement .Also seemed like anything brought up by Vera’s lawyers was objected to and Cabot’s was accepted.Another thing is why do you so strongly support corporate positions over those of citizens living in NG areas ,unless you have something to gain from it ?

  2. ….and all the useful idiots got to the fracking site by driving vehicles powered by ….fossil fuels … I would really like to keep Vera around….for entertainment purposes …its cheaper than cable

      • Andonce again we have useful idiot Bill using internet and computers intricately tied in with NG development and fossil fuel society unable to see his own hypocrisy, lack of credibility, or lack of credibilty Vera and her supporters.
        Bill, just because you assign a context of reality to your fantasy wishes of how the world should be does not mean that any other rational person will. Just because you tell a lie or an opinion many times over does not mean it become fact. Your lies and opinions are just that, lies and opinions. Not facts. Deal with reality Bill. In the end it is easier than maintaining your illusions and delusions.

        • First of all stuff the “Idiot ” crap or confront me in person .Second all I post about comes from my actual experience of the past 5 + years dealing with industry,DEP ,people affected, and video I took and my records .Don’t have to stretch anything .I leave it up to the industry to do that !So kiss off .

          • Bill, while I admire your persistence and, having met you in person, actually like you, this is the kind of comment that proves CDanon76’s point. You have to offer more than baseless assertions to make a compelling case. I don’t believe you’ve done that and you don’t help yourself buy telling people to “kiss off.”

          • Bill,

            It warms my heart to see that I have accomplished what I intended, proven you wrong to the point that you have nothing to reply with other than to spout immature, pointless, factless, vitriol.

            And you’re so good at it!

            I had stopped coming to these posts feeling that they were nothing more than preaching to the choir, preferring instead to post facts on anti websites. However I now come back here just to help in the effort to put your assertions down for the factually bankrupt, emotionally irrational, and contextually irrelevant statements they are.

            Thank YOU for single handedly renewing my pro-gasenergy and enthusiaism!

      • Tom I have given plenty of proof ( in the form of water,air and videos,more to the PA DEP ( useless ) county commissioners, and the company .The only way to get results is to have a good lawyer I’m afraid (from experience ) and sue See leases aren’t any good unless you can afford legal counsel to bring up your discrepancies .I have learned quite a bit in the last 5+ yrs.about leases and lawyers,companies and PA DEP .I don’t feel I have to bring any proof of my arguments here on a blog so people who already have set their opinions can disagree…Just have to live with that I guess .All info I post about comes from my meeting and seeing violations and issues caused to people who have lived close to operations .

  3. Lets see, permission from the property owner is normally all you need. A persons property is theirs to do as they enjoy or share with those that they allow. That is what ticked Cabot off, the landowners were giving her permission to go on their property. As for the judge, at least someone forced him to retire early. He has been banned from hearing cases involving certain people from Susquehanna County for violating their Constitutionally protected rights by the PA Supreme Court. He has brought dishonor to the court and himself by violating his oath of office, in violating rights specifically protected in the constitution. From two US Supreme Court decisions in 1821 and 1978 that is called treason.

    • IANAL but I would suggest that perhaps the property owners may give up certain rights on the leased lands, but that’s only a guess. If I were Cabot I would want to ensure the safety of my crew as well as reduce my liability exposure by limiting non-authorized personnel.

      As to violation of rights being a treasonable offense, I agree – Cuomo should be held accountable for unlawfully seizing of NY landowner mineral rights without compensation in violation of the US Constitution. This regulatory taking is limited in the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and extends to the states under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. (The Fifth Amendment prohibits the federal government from taking property for public use without “just compensation,” which American courts have interpreted in the usual case to mean “fair market value”.) This prohibition is deemed incorporated in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (which bars state governments from depriving people of their property without due process of law.) So – If Emperor Andy wants to take my mineral rights, fine, but I expect fair market value for the lease rights I could have signed, PLUS royalties on the gas that could have been extracted from the Marcellus, Utica, and any other potential gas-bearing formation that may be revealed by future technology.

  4. Like Lefty said, these activist show up in vehicles powered by this very industry. And even their clothing and cameras, their heated or air conditioned homes, the food they eat… All either made, produced or brought to them by way of fossil fuels. If Vera was living in a cave and living by nature alone she’d have some credibility. However, I’d still think she’s a quack for doing that. To me she’s like a vegetarian protesting at a meat market while eating a one pound cheeseburger. We all love the earth Veera, but stop being a hypocrite. Concentrate on the safety procedures trying to protect the earth and possibly make a difference to help improve on that instead of just trying to gain publicity through senseless antics. We need this industry and so do you Veera. Good day! 🙂

    • Columbus was also considered a quack too .Without him you would be living in Europe ! Citizens willing to buck the system to bring out the truth of what takes place in operations is far from being a quack .Some would say it’s being a hero !

      • Vera is no Columbus Bill. In fact she’s the quack trying to stop the exploration. If there were a Vera that succeeded in stopping Columbus then my friend, we’d still be living in Europe. Only not, because someone would’ve discovered America by now! You can’t stop progress Bill. Vera and people like you I suppose are in essence still trying to prove the world is flat. It’s round Bill, and it’s full of resources that you partake of each and every day. Enjoy whatever device you used to post your comment… It was brought to you in part by the very industry you condemn! You’re welcome!

        • Maybe not Columbus ,but a strong force in bringing notice to a process that is far from “Safe” .Exploration that has little respect for those in the way and creates multiple nuisances should be stopped .It should have never been allowed except PA is to ignorant and money hungry to just “Say No “

          • If what Vera wants is to bring notice of what she considers an unsafe process, she could do so legally and without going onto a well pad. She has no expertise to even explain what the equipment she is showing or how it functions. Therefore the obvious conclusion that can be drawn is she is trying for some sort of martyrdom, Anybody who espouses pedophilia as a way of promoting a child’s sexual awareness is not a person whose judgement can be trusted at all.

      • Who knows…what evil lurks in the hearts of NGL……
        Faster than a speeding rumor……
        More powerful than a FERC regulation………
        Able to leap to a conclusion in a single bound…..
        IT’S BANANA MAN!…………

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