Vera Scroggins; Above the Law, Or Just In Contempt of It?

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Vera Scroggins, like so many fractivists, imagines she’s above the law and can act with impunity toward others, but Cabot Oil & Gas is taking her to task.

Vera Scroggins loves the limelight and lives for it, imagining herself as some sort of heroine for defying the rights of others. Her foul-mouthed antics belie the granny activist schtick she markets to the media and she wears her deliberate defiance of authority as a badge of honor among the gallery of rogues with whom she associates. She “plays the martyr” well to a point but, unlike a lot of industry folks who prefer attempting to wish her away, Cabot Oil & Gas has been directly challenging her and showing the world who she really is.

The last time Cabot took Vera to court she exposed herself at court as a very conniving sarcastic individual, which is never a smart thing to do with judges, and she got a $1,000 trespass fine as a result, along with a stern judicial lecture. Now, she’s defied the court itself and Cabot is asking for a bigger penalty. Good!

Vera Scroggins

Vera Scroggins and Ray Kemble (foreground) on earlier trespass adventure

Yes, Vera Scroggins is at it again, in what appears too be an astounding display of arrogance and foolhardiness, combined with alleged contempt of court. Cabot Oil & Gas has filed a Motion for Civil Contempt with the Susquehanna County Court of Common Pleas. The last two paragraphs of the motion summarize:

37. In light of the extensive history of this case, which includes prior findings of contempt and the imposition of a $1,000 fine, Ms. Scroggins’ defiance of this Court’s May 1, 2015 Order demonstrates that Ms. Scroggins believes she is above the law and is not required to obey the commands of this Court.

38. Cabot respectfully requests that this Court enter an Order of Civil Contempt against Ms. Scroggins requiring her to pay a fine in the amount of $5,000, as well as Cabot’s costs and attorney fees incurred in enforcing this Court’s Order, and other relief that this Court deems appropriate.

The motion is only nine pages in length and well worth reading for those who followed Vera’s antics over the years. Appended are another 113 pages of exhibits demonstrating just how explicit the previous court instructions to Vera were and how blatantly she has ignored them in her “above the law” pursuit of others’ attention to herself. The paragraphs detailing her most recent adventure make for some interesting reading:

13. On November 28, 2017, Cabot was conducting hydraulic fracturing operations on its Foltz # 2 well location, off Zicks Hill Road, in Susquehanna County.

14. In connection with the hydraulic fracturing process, as a safety measure, Cabot hired GasSearch Drilling Services Corporation (“GDS”) to provide assistance with the coordination of water truck traffic in and around the area of the Foltz# 2 well location.

15. On November 28, 2017, the employee of GDS responsible for the coordination of water truck traffic received complaints of a reddish-colored car interfering with water truck traffic on Zicks Hill Road, near Cabot’s Foltz# 2 well location.

16. The GDS employee received reports that individuals in the red car were impeding traffic and that they appeared to be videotaping or taking photos of the water trucks.

17. The GDS employee observed the red car slowly driving north on Zicks Hill Road, past Cabot’s Foltz # 2 well pad access road, which was clearly identified as a Cabot access road.

18. Within minutes after passing Cabot’s Foltz #2 well pad, the red car returned, proceeding south on Zicks Hill Road, toward Cabot’s Foltz #2 well location.

19. Cabot’s Foltz #2 well pad and access road are clearly marked, and contain “No Trespassing” signage…

22. Despite the signage at the entrance to the Foltz # 2 well location, clearly identifying the Cabot access road, Ms. Scroggins made a right turn off Zicks Hill Road onto Cabot’s access road for the Foltz # 2 well pad.

23. Ms. Scroggins drove up the Foltz # 2 access road to the Foltz # 2 well pad, made a U-turn and proceeded back down the access road toward Zicks Hill Road.

24. Ms. Scroggins then made another extremely dangerous U-turn on Zicks Hill Road at the entrance to Cabot’s access road, and proceeded back up the access road toward the Foltz# 2 well location.

25. The GDS employee then followed Ms. Scroggins up the Foltz# 2 access road.

26. Seeing the truck behind her, Ms. Scroggins pulled to the side on the access road and waved the GDS employee to pass her.

27. Instead, the GDS employee pulled up next to Ms. Scroggins and asked her what her name was. She refused to provide it.

28. Although she refused to provide her name, the GDS employee recognized Ms. Scroggins and knew her identity.

29. While alongside the car Ms. Scroggins was driving, the GDS employee observed a female passenger videotaping. Upon information and belief, the female passenger was Jan Louise Lemas, a former real estate agent, who uses the fictitious name “Hope Forpeace” for social media purposes.

30. Ms. Lemas is aware of and has knowledge of the restrictions and orders against Ms. Scroggins for trespassing on Cabot leased property and interfering with Cabot’s operations.

31. The GDS employee pulled back behind the car Ms. Scroggins was driving to call the Pennsylvania State Police.

32. Ms. Scroggins then did another U-turn in the middle of the access road and proceeded back toward Zicks Hill Road.

Readers of this blog know Vera Scroggins and “Hope Forpeace” have been permitted to comment frequently on posts. I find their comments useful in bringing out what fractivists are really all about and dispensing with their arguments. It’s also nice to know we’re occupying their minds and taking up their time. I will continue to allow them to comment for that reason.

Commenting under fake names, though, is not ok. “Hope Forpeace” assured me long ago that was her real name, and despite serious doubts, I simply took her word, supposing she must have legally changed it. It turns out that was apparently not true.

My own research now suggests she is, in fact, exactly who Cabot’s attorney says she is; Jan Louise Lemas of Santa Cruz, California and environs. She filed as Jan Lemas, in fact, to register her AK Productions video enterprise as a fictitious name; the same enterprise she claimed to serve as “Producer” under the name “Hope Forpeace” in this testimony before the EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory Panel.

Such is the world of fractivism—fiction piled upon more fiction. Enough of that. Jan, if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to continue to comment here, but only if you drop the fiction and use your real name.

Vera ScrogginsBut, what it is with these people? How is it that a Californian with no apparent income is able to travel all over the country under a fictitious name to lend a hand to the likes of junkyard plaintiff (now defendant) Ray Kemble (who thinks shooting up water bottles and mouthing off rapid-fire obscenities is good PR) and career malcontent Vera Scroggins? And, what is the point of Vera deliberately violating an explicit court order, as its appears is the case here, rather than engaging in any of a hundred other ways to get your opinion out?

The answer is obvious, of course. A quick look at the work of Jan’s AK Productions, reveals how totally incapable they are at making a point. The best they can do is third-grade stuff and, so, they depend upon attracting the attention of others to make the case for them.

It’s about creating a scene and drawing attention so as to manipulate a corrupt and lazy media in the pocket of special interests into writing stories about poor Vera and Ray, up against a bully gas company. It’s about creating an excuse for StateImpactPA, et al to write another granny activist or local character fighting the man story. The real bullies, though, are the Vera Scroggins, the Ray Kemble’s and, especially, the greedy trial lawyers and elitist special interests foundations (Heinz Endowments, William Penn Foundation, etc.) who pull the strings behind the curtain.

This next hearing on Vera should be great entertainment. Can’t wait to see the StateImpactPA folks there and see how they try to spin this one.

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26 thoughts on “Vera Scroggins; Above the Law, Or Just In Contempt of It?

  1. there is no need for spin of any kind.

    I mistook a sign and thought it was a town, dirt road
    and mistakenly went up it and then stopped and pulled over
    and then a white pickup pulled up and
    told me it was a lease road.
    I told him I did not know and really did not know
    and immediately left.

    I have no interest or intention in violating my injunction.
    I am too busy making my points in other, more valid, ways
    and do not want to break any laws or go to court or
    have to pay any fines.

    But, you and others can spin it into your fantastical realms and imput your motives and intentions as you usually do.

  2. Well Hope Forpeace once told me that is her real name as well. She also lied about me immediately after I called her video company’s phone number to tell her I didn’t appreciate activists lying about me online or something to that effect. Didnt she testify as Hope ForPeace at the epa as well?

    Clearly part of the fractivist and other pipeline resistance mindset is the belief that one is above the law. And also the judicial system perhaps exists as a stage for what amounts to bogus defense arguments like the “necessity defense” which yet another activist is using for this coordinated break in and shutdown of multiple pipelines from Canada last year. The waste of everyone’s time and money doesn’t matter either.

    It’s still hard to believe that fractivists have the ear of so many reporters and politicians isn’t it because the evidence is so overwhelming that they are not credible and are misguided?

    • It’s easy to be sanctimonious about obeying the law when you own the law. You might think you own the whole world but you really don’t. People will keep speaking out about your corporate fantasies of omnipotence and your deep-pocketed war on anyone who gets in your way. You should be ashamed of yourself shilling for big oil. And please stop with the juvenile snark. Are you twelve years old?

      • You do know that by using modern technology and not living under conditions that existed prior to the Industrial Revolution you’re giving into the so called “enemy” you’re at “war” with and your comment has no real standing. If you have a better idea for an energy source that has NO negative impacts upon human health and the environment then let’s all hear it and share it with citizens of Spaceship Earth, dude. 🙂

      • You should probably know what you are speaking about and to whom you are speaking before you open your mouth Dan. It might help you sound more intelligent. Hope ForPeace is a nasty, not credible fractivist who would likely lie about anything in a heartbeat. She’s done that to me and about me personally. And her videos, disqus account and Twitter are findable so it’s not super difficult to discover what she’s all about. Not the truth that’s for sure.

        Since fractivists like to defend their personal friends my guess is you know hope. Do you?

  3. Thanks for this, and for providing the ID of “Hope”. Wonder how she got from Santa Cruz to Susquehanna County? And what might the funding sources of her “AK Productions” be? A quick Google search suggest that there a number of different “AK Productions”.

  4. I am still waiting for Vera et al to forego their modern appliances and conviences and at the very least live like the folks “Little House on the Prairie”. Otherwise what she says or does is valued lower than manure.

  5. It’s about time Cabot stood up for itself in this matter. I have worked on a Cabot site before and her distraction is going to cause some one to get hurt or even killed. I say lock her up!

  6. Vera got mentioned in this article. Maybe she should be investigated for this. It’s scary stuff !!!

    Tuesday, 24 September 2013
    The Slippery Slope to Pedophilia

    Logically Defending Illicit Lust

    “Anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins has advocated that parents initiate young children into sex, writing, “Who better to do it, than the parents first?”

  7. Thanks to your postings Scoggins and her ilk have been exposed daily. I do not know how you have the patience to even read or allow postings of this loser’s brain farts. I grew up in a small town and normally when a egofantasy loner who made a lot of noise for stupid ignorant claptrap b’s, we simply ignored the offending Cretin, because, unlike most of the globe, Americans have a right to speak even the odious lies they can mouth. However around the oil patch her slimy tactics can get people killed. If you ban her from posting, no one would care and that is your right. I usually ignore what she says anyway.

  8. Agreed that Cabot should go after Vera for all of her trespassing. She is a menace and I would hate to see anyone be hurt because of her antics and claims that she didn’t know it wasn’t a lease road but thought she was on a town road. Really? The roads in our county are clearly marked and I’m pretty sure she can read. I understand that Cabot is leasing the land from the landowner but can’t the landowner go after her as well for trespassing? I mean the landowners is still the
    landowner. Or does Cabot take the place of the landowner in this situation?

  9. If I was a company that didn’t know how to frac correctly and was going around ruining Susquehanna Countians’ well water, I’d be on the cutting edge too of dredging up the personal information of those trying to expose it.

      • Your buddy Mr. McAleer has my answer to that on video, taken on a street corner in Scranton. If it had fit into his and your narrative, he would have unleashed that video to y’all. Be happy with the popcorn money that you saved as a result of him running away with his tail between his legs.


    Hope doesn’t just have a couple of blogs, she has interesting videos on youtube as well. Plus she tweets and has recently taking up writing “articles” for alternet. Obviously one of her interests is the film frack nation and the makers of the film. She clearly testified before the epa. Did she do so under a fictitious name?

      • Well that is something else isn’t it? Using an assumed name when testifying before a federal agency? If that’s true it is not surprising. Like I said this group sane energy project claimed to have 5000 members in filings with the federal energy regulatory commission although there is no evidence this is so. I have seen completely fictitious groups with nothing more than a Facebook page and even the NYC council had no interest in hearing that reps from organizations were willfully providing false testimony under oath at a hearing! Say what now?

  11. Vera
    In the world of self Identifying I have decided who I am, what being type I identify as. To ascend unto my karmatic journey of self realization of cryptic proportions, I must walk in your footsteps through frozen and muddied earth. What Cabot well do you recommend I travel where I may find multitudes of jestpassed? At the end of my Sutra experience I shall find hope for peace with the wisdom of all who have in the depths of thine integerty

  12. You can’t charm the devil princess whose friends protect her and her strange beliefs. You can only meet them head-on with facts, truth, and patience as there world crumbles beneath the weight of the BS. Anyone who knows Vera is knowledgeable about her failures and shortcomings as a tour guide. I can only say I am happy following a lot of postings in the news that Trump my president, your president, and Vera’s president, will be fixing New York Drilling moratorium in due time

  13. I work for Cabot, and have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. I’ve been driving for GDS for a few years because it gives me the chance to be home with my family instead of away for weeks at a time. Even before starting my path with Cabot, I had heard of Vera Scroggins… (Always thought her name was something out of “Lord of the Rings”) But, I had no idea of how much of a pain she really was. In 4 years, I can recall 12 times she had been impeding traffic, taking pictures/videos, and cursing at us while we drove by laughing. I read her statement above, as I was there the night she drove into the Foltz, and she is blatantly lying. Oh the stories I could tell. Only if 99% of these “fracktivists” had any knowledge on the subject. I find it all quite humorous, and I’m glad I found this so I could have the chance to post. Hopefully she will post again. I’d love to have a semi-educated conversation with her.

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