Vera Scroggins Disses Poor to Smear Cabot Oil & Gas

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Fractivist attention-seeker Vera Scroggins descended to a nasty new low in tactics this week with an attack Cabot Oil & Gas for its charity toward the poor.

Cabot Oil & Gas is one of the premier drillers in the Marcellus Shale. They drill in a single Pennsylvania county–Susquehanna County. They consistently have 15 of the top 20 producing shale wells in PA. By our back-of-the-envelope estimation, Cabot, all by itself, drilling in one county, delivers something like 3% of all the natural gas produced in the entire country! It is an amazing story. What’s even more amazing is the big heart the company has. But Vera Scroggins apparently hates that part.

Woven into the Cabot DNA is giving back to the communities where they drill. It would take several posts to recount all of Cabot’s largess. We’ll mention just two cases. In 2012 Cabot donated $2 million and helped raise another $2.2 million (for a total of $4.2 million) to help build a new physicians clinic/hospital in Montrose, PA. In 2014, Cabot donated $2.5 million to a local college, to help build its School of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

Vera Scroggins

Believe us, there are many more instances of Cabot donations in cash and volunteerism from its employees. Great company.

Here’s one of the latest: At the end of last year, Cabot funded a new program in Susquehanna County called “Fill a Glass with Hope.” The program is a partnership formed among Feeding Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association, American Dairy Association North East, the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program, agriculture partners, and business leaders to provide fresh milk to Pennsylvania families in need through Feeding Pennsylvania’s network of food banks.

Cabot’s funding assists the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank with the purchase and delivery of enough fresh milk to support dozens of families in Susquehanna County. It is a heartwarming story. So imagine our surprise in reading a letter to the editor of the Scranton Times-Tribune from someone who doesn’t like Cabot donating milk to poor families.

Vera Scroggins

Of course the someone objecting to Cabot’s involvement is blinded by hatred of shale drilling in Susquehanna County. Vera Scroggins is well-known around Susquehanna County but little known outside of the area. She uses some rather twisted logic to claim there should be no poor families in Susquehanna County, based on previous promises of unlimited riches by Cabot (claims never made by Cabot). So Vera doesn’t think Cabot should donate money to provide milk for poor families because….because Vera has a deep-seated dislike of the company.

Let’s take a look at the milk program being funded by Cabot:

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation proudly participated in this program with a gift of $2,500 with our funding facilitated the logistics needed to bring this wonderful program to Susquehanna County. The milk is purchased through dairies at a reduced price. The H & J Weinberg Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Food Bank collects the milk and delivers it to Susquehanna County Children’s Produce Markets hosted at Blue Ridge, Choconut Elementary, and Elk Lake school districts for families with children. From November to February, approximately 220 families were served each month. More than a thousand half gallon containers of milk have been distributed to date.

Gene Brady, Executive Director of the H & J Weinberg Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Food Bank overseas the program, and explained why this program is so essential for the community. “Milk is one of the food items most-requested by families, and yet it is rarely donated. As such, hungry families in our local communities are missing out on the essential nutrients milk provides. Thanks to Cabot, the Food Bank now offers fresh milk alongside fresh produce and other healthy food items at the Children’s Produce Markets, hosted by local schools.”

As they do so well, Cabot is saying “Here’s our contribution, now why don’t some others step up to the plate and help too?” They did it very effectively with their project that ended up raising $4.4 million for the Montrose hospital ($2 million of it from Cabot). Couldn’t Cabot just fund the whole milk program themselves? Frankly, no, they couldn’t. Nor should they. Cabot has and will continue to donate money–a lot of money. But they also donate something money can’t buy: leadership. They blaze a path and bring others along with them, ensuring the program expands many times more than it could otherwise.

Here is Vera Scroggins’ letter to the editor, from Monday, objecting to Cabot’s involvement in donating money for milk:

Let them drink milk

Editor: Cabot Oil and Gas offers milk to the needy in Susquehanna County.

We have seven food banks. Why do we still have need in a county that was promised all kinds of wealth by the landmen over 10 years ago and with all the gas drilling and fracking? We have more than 500 gas sites and pads and 1,300 gas wells pumping away and still have many needy and poor people in our county.

Now, Cabot offers milk, of all things. Where is the wealth? Why are there still needy people and children needing milk and food? And the percentage of needy getting government assistance has not gone down, to speak of, in all the years of gas drilling.

Cabot also needs to focus on giving water to dozens of families who lost their water to drilling contamination near their homes since 2008 in Dimock, Lenox, Springville and other locations. Cabot still delivers water to some families in Dimock and Lenox and provides filtration systems to deal with contamination issues that have been verified by the state.

It sounds like words of Marie Antoinette of France, when she supposedly said of the peasants, “Let them eat cake.” Now, Cabot says, “Let them have milk.” We prefer clean water, thanks.

The Weinberg Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Food Bank collects the milk and delivers it to Susquehanna County children’s produce markets at the Blue Ridge and Elk Lake school districts and Choconut Valley Elementary School for families with children. From November to February, approximately 220 families were served each month.

Cabot admits the need for food aid is still great in the county and is seeking financial contributions.

Vera Scroggins

Craig Stevens and Vera Scroggins at last Cabot Picnic


We have a hard time attempting to follow Vera’s logic. Apparently, she thinks Cabot is somehow being stingy. Rather than be thankful for Cabot’s donation and leadership in prompting others to contribute, Vera stands by and pitches verbal stones at the effort to feed the poor.

Hey, Vera, what have you done lately for the poor that live around you?

You may recall Vera swore at, and repeatedly insulted, Phelim McAleer (creator of the FrackNation documentary) a few years ago when Phelim visited Susquehanna County (watch this video).

She also stalked Cabot well sites, endangering herself and others with repeated illegal trespassing–and was eventually slapped with a permanent injunction to keep her away from Cabot’s drill sites.

However, this one “takes the cake.” Cabot shouldn’t be donating money to fund milk for poor people. Nice going, Vera.

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33 thoughts on “Vera Scroggins Disses Poor to Smear Cabot Oil & Gas

  1. well, after accusing me of denigrating Cabot, you proceeded to denigrate me..
    which this site has been doing for years now and has never said a good thing about me.
    I am well known beyond Susquehanna County, particularly in New York and appreciated by many.
    thank you for printing my whole letter to the Editor , at least.
    I notice you did not mention my main point of our residents needing water more than milk. Water is more vital than milk. We have residents who lost their water from gas drilling by Cabot and other gas companies and this is verified by our DEP.
    Give Water first before giving milk.
    I’ve been doing volunteer work since my adulthood and now and giving to the poor and others my time, money and food but I don’t advertise it for the world to see like Cabot does…
    Cabot gave 2 million to the hospital but it cost 48 million to build ….other individuals gave a million or more and did not advertise it…
    All my work in exposing the dangers of Cabot and gas drilling in my county and community is volunteer and it’s been since 2008…..
    sorry, if my words and work offend you…
    but I would rather speak out than be silent when I see injustice and harm and I’ve spoken out since my teens…..

    • Vera you have built your argument against Cabot on a blatant lie. The only thing more shameful than you and your letter is the editorial staff who knowingly published your lies. Cabot never poisoned anyone’s well. The only poison in Susquehanna county is the pack of lies you tell. You are a liar, you have brought public shame to yourself and discredited your false cause. How did you ever hope to advance the cause of justice by telling a lie? Who raised you to lie?

      Here’s a little proof of the lie for all to watch -again and again

      • well, James , you will have to contend with the DEP which has faulted Cabot in the contamination of about two dozen water wells in Dimock and several water wells in Lenox in my county….DEP has verified it and Cabot had to pay fines and give people water for years..
        Please get your facts straight and don’t rely on a foreign journalist who does not live in Dimock or Pa. for your facts.
        Phelim is lying…to promote his agenda.
        see our Pa. DEP Consent Order faulting Cabot, which they signed for contaminating all the water wells mentioned in Dimock:
        this is the list of the Pa. DEP Determination Letters, determining that Cabot and other GAs Companies have contaminated water wells in my county and other counties in Pa…you can look on the list for the Lenox, Pa. cases:
        Two cases have gone to court and Cabot was ordered to pay damages to three families recently the past year in my county…
        besides the damages they had to pay to the other Dimock families in about 2012…

      • LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Vera exposed………….AGAIN! Nothing but lies and deceit. Must be the Park Foundation and Josh Fox are still paying her well.

  2. “Give Water (sic) first before giving milk.’

    You deign by counsel how others should direct their charity. Upon what basis do you claim to know better for another what they should or should not do?

    I am no Cabot fanboy, yet your incoherent and often self-interested manner undermines any legitimate complaints. You drown them out. No one will hear them because of the woman who mimics chicken little, the modern day little boy who cries wolf, where everything is elevated to pre-eminence, to defeat that which is eminent in your eyes. You dump sand in your own path, only to create the conditions for fellow travelers coming behind to move with greater difficulty. To hell with them…your well-meaning is more important. A suspicious person might reason that this is intentional on Cabot’s part if we follow your line of thought, to hire someone like you to diminish complaints that follow yours.

    Allegorical euphemism aside, if people have water, they might like some milk. To conflate any particular issues you might have with fracking generally, and Cabot specifically, with Just charity is both self-defeating, and selfishly cruel. There may be people without water, and there may be people without milk. It’s perfectly fine that people pursue their own needs, but not all people needing milk and all people needing water must be met one before the other. Not everyone’s needs are the same, nor to the same degree.

    If I might suggest, there are well-defined processes and procedures for making right what is wrong through Law. Where Cabot errs, you might be better served to leverage those mechanisms. Where Cabot does Good works, leave them to it, or better yet, join them.

  3. Two weeks ago i was going to write a blog about Veras phone call live on WNBF-RADIO 1290, SUBJECT HEROIN..
    However like inga said Vera strives on attention and frankly Tom, I decided not to give it to her until I read this blog.

    Vera called into the Binghamton NY radio station during a commentary on the growing heroin epidemiic in our country. Her opinon was this, “Legalize all Drugs” her reasoning was pretty pathetic! Vera stated that by legalizing drugs we could reduce our prison population by 90 percent, she used parts of Europe as an reference. Vera went on to say that this would reduce cost as prisons would shut down due to a lack of convicted druggers.

    Talk like this does not surprize me from the whacked out leftist nuts. But where is the thinking coming from? Vera, who argued drilling effects the health of susquehana residents, now finds use of heroin, meth, and other illegal drugs should be legalized to reduce prison populations? Her reasoning was reduce prison population and teardown prisons?

    Well Vera I am of the opinion that if you had thought about this you would have realized if we adhered to your idealisim,
    We would have to replace each one of those prisons with at least 3 hospitals to care for just those who suffered kidney and liver desease, one welfare center because people addicted to heroin and meth need to sell their EBT benifits to pay for a fix, and one orphanage for the children left homeless because their parents faced no consequences for their choice to shoot heroin and meth. Vera you are a special kind of ignorant! I really didnt want to attack you with an insult but your starvation for attention has demanded it.

    • thanks, for all your name-calling Vic…going back to your usual way of interacting…
      I just read these stats that we had 300,000 in jails in 1985 before the Drug War and now have 2 million in jails…
      It’s big business and jails are full of drug addicts…
      Hospitals and treatment centers would be preferred to compassionately deal with drug users and not fill the jails to brand so many for life with prison sentences and criminal records…
      Many of these drug users are our children across the country;
      With the drug war, drug use has not gone down but sky-rocketed.
      Get to the reasons for it and not punish people and separate them from their families and children….
      I used Portugal as an example of 14 years of dealing with drug addicts without jailing them or criminalizing them…decriminalization…..
      their drug use went down and not up .
      US now has the most incarcerated people alongside Russia…

      • No Vera I have not decended back to name calling. I think my experiance within my own family gives me the right od an educated opinion on jailing druggers. I am sitting here now looking at the ashes of my sister, addicted to oxy she died in 2015 after many interventions and relapses. On May 7th 2016 my oldest brother died while driving his motorcycle high on drugs. On june 1st 2016 my youngest brother Chuck, father of 4, got behind the wheel of a car after shooting a cocaine and heroine mixture into his arm hit a car with 6 people in it ended up in ICU, where he died a few days later, June 7th, a month after my older brother. Chuck had been in and out of state funded rehabs at least 7 times and the last rehab was in Cortland NY where the house director was arrested for selling cocaine to the patients. Since June of 2016 I have attended funerals for my niece and nephew for drug overdoses. My older sisters daughter just died last month on an overdoss. You see Vera I think my family has been hit very hard with the drugs going on and everyone of my familiy members might be alive if they got a year in county jail to get clean if anything but they were codfled by the system you support. NOW THEY ARE DEAD. People caught smuggling drugs into the USA should be executed not jailed, people caught selling drugs should be executed not jailed, people caught using or buying drugs should be locked down with intense theropy and after released if caught avsecond time 10 years prison. So Vera I interacted with you and called you ignorant not to hurt your feelings, but because to me a hero is not a reformed drug user, but one who never chooses to take drugs without a medical need. I would rather be bringing my family a care package in prison, then leaving flowers on their graves

        • sorry , Vic, to hear of all the deaths and drug addictions in your family….horrible to go through and very painful…
          I have drug addicts in my family and friends and have experienced the pain…One has died, my brother, from drug addictions to painkillers…
          I also know many who have been in and out of jail and rehabs and still use drugs and I don’t know anyone who has been cured of the drug addiction …I just talked to a drug counselor in Binghamton, NY and asked about their cure/success rate and he said about 10 to 15 %….
          that is very disappointing…after all these decades of research and trying all kinds of modalities and that is the best they can do…
          Drug Addiction is an addiction like most addictions ; I know plenty who are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, food, shopping, gambling, rage , prescription drugs, sugar, etc…
          It’s pervasive throughout our society….
          With all the money and heartache of the Drug War, decades later , we have an epidemic of drug use and jailed users….

          • Legalizimg drugs would turn our cities to the zombie apocolypse. Weaken our nation, destroy our moral fiber. Our system sucks but a wall, 7500 more border patrols agents and deportation of illegals is a right step in cutting off the supply. One thats never neen done before

    • One good thing a person could say about Vera…
      “She is not my neighbor”
      By the way…Dr Theo Them, chief medical officer at Robert Packer Medical Center in PA, has written a responce to the claim of of medical illness claims as found in the infamos “List of the Harmed” penned by anti-gas activist in NY. & PA. In he he writes to NYS Health Commissioner, that in his severitude as the head of medical in PAs most drilled county, that not one case of drilling related illness involving residents or drillers, had ever came to this most prestigious medical center since drilling started. You can here him say this himself on JLCNY.ORG during a radio broadcast archieved on the site, with GOOD NEWS TABLE TALK.

    • sorry vic, sometimes better to keep your mouth shut. Vera is a wack job, agree. legalize not all that crazy. What are you talking about hospitals, selling ebt, etc i would be legal, like booze or methadone, you heard of the methadone program. how about legal weed. people are not falling dead in the street. and vera is still a whack job

      • The alcohol is a drug argument does not compare to the highly addictive properties of opiates so respectfully I disagree. I am not a drinker by choice allthough I have. Opiates are very addictive and beyound recreational, once they have hold of you less then 5 percent of addicts recover without relapse. I once asked my brother why after getting clean did he go back to using and his answer; Vic, the drug awakens me out of a sound sleep urging me back to that feeling of euphoria, it is stronger then ever once you stop and someday it will kill me.

  4. As if handing out 500 gallons of milk to poor people could possibly absolve Cabot of its environmental responsibilities. Shame!

    Don’t waste your breath replying to propaganda Vera, anyone with half a brain can tell you’re on the right side. But do use your breath letting me know if there’s a donation portal I could use to support you in your stand with justice. Nothing but love.

  5. I agree with Vera. When you donate to the ” poor” do not advertise it. Makes one look cheap. Water is more important then milk. And landmen even look respectable in a suite, and no doubt promised Richards to all just to get the deal signed and opposition broken. Bravo Vera keep up the great work
    Transparency is required.

  6. Vera, you and are your words are not appreciated in New York. We have enough crazies like you who are preventing economical growth in our area. My 15 minute trip over the border into sus, county PA is just depressing to see what we could have here in the southern tier. Keep your words on your side of the state line.

  7. Well it has been apparent for a long time Vera is far outside any reasonable person’s definition of mainstream thinking. Fracknation certainly shined a light on you and then there was Sun News’ Ezra Levant’s interview about your Pedo sympathies. The scientific studies have been out there on potential issues on Fracking and even Anti-Fracking groups can’t buy a Water Contamination story in Ohio. You Vera if you were indeed doing your Scare Tactic in England you would be in some legal jeopardy with the government for intentionally spreading falsehoods.

  8. Vera is irrelevant. Her life is a disaster! Any mental health professional would deem her actions as attention seeking behavior.

  9. Just a thought to Cabot? Maybe milk by the gallon would be much more effective ? It might also work to encourage a bring your own container for a bulk distribution setup?
    Vic , sorry to hear of your family losses to drugs .
    I would bet most all of us have lost a family member to drugs, I hope some one some where can figure out a way to help all those caught up in this addiction hell that is destroying our families !
    I personally feel that legalizing pot might help a little by taking that market away from criminal dealers.
    Maybe by doing so would keep perspective pot users away from the exposure to hard drugs also offered by most illegal dealers? It could be taxed and regulated like alcohol and Tabaco, It has got to the point where most towns large and small have their own little industry going like clockwork, Complete with lookouts!
    Whatever you do don’t meet the cops at your local market to file a complaint, chances are good some one there will report back to the dealers. Remember, druggies count on those dealers for their dope and will do just about anything to protect their source!
    All NY or None

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