Upstate Forests Being Sacrificed on An Altar of Solar Fiction

Victor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist



Vic Furman documents the loss of Upstate forests as New York State bulls ahead with green energy schemes based on pure solar fiction.

Right down the bottom of my road is an 80+ acre property that used to be Murphy’s Campground and Diner.  There were woods and fields and a place to park your camper for the weekend or season. It had a babbling brook and a restaurant where campers could get a hot breakfast. There was also a great hall for dancing, weddings and parties of most sorts. It’s all over now and the land is being converted into a solar facility that is destroying numerous acres of our Upstate forests; sacrificing them on an altar of solar fiction.

Upstate Forests

Clear-cutting big swaths of Upstate forests for heavily subsidized and uneconomic solar facilities

Like many other businesses in Upstate New York, though, the owner confessed to me over 20 years ago that campers couldn’t afford the cost increases he was forced to impose due to ever rising taxes and ever-growing New York State fees and regulations. He went out of business and the property sold in 2008 to a speculator on natural gas development. It has been 12 years and now a land investor has made good on his investment by leasing to a solar company who is busy denuding our Upstate forests. Who can blame him after New York absconded with all our mineral rights via its moratorium?

upstate forests

It starts with a road…

It starts with cutting a road, but let me word this as if it were Sandra Steingraber narrating as I adopt her voice:

Mother Nature, unsuspecting, lay peacefully amongst her children, ever so young. From 10 to 80 years old they stood tall, each one worshiped the mother by removing up to 40 lbs of carbon from the air. The deer roamed freely eating the acorn harvest from under the oaks and the walnuts and hickory, too. Sweet were the apples providing nourishment to beast and man alike.

Upstate Forests

Piled high as the forest becomes solar field, 60 yards long and 20 feet high

Taller trees found by the once peaceful brook, now filled with broken hydraulic hoses, empty cans, broken branches and other debris. Man has entered this Upstate forest home to birds and beast. With machines bigger than dump trucks, tires as tall as two men, the saws cut through the flesh of old growth trees as they fell by the dozen. You can hear them scream as the trees crashed to the ground, now dead, not as they were found; Upstate forests sacrificed on an altar of solar fiction and making all so very sad; sad to the knowing, the educated, the beast and the bird —the Earth forever scarred by in the name of solar dreams that turned out to be nightmares.

As the deforestation moves forward and with each day, trucks coming in and out, carrying the remains of 80 acres of trees, they can not keep up with the chain saws, funded by subsidies and taxes we pay to abort these children of mother nature. All this in the name of “clean energy,” the lie the left spins as green romance, promising to save the planet they themselves are destroying.

Upstate forests

Where once deer fed, turkey gobbled, and the American Eagle nested, there is now only barren land to populated by hundreds of metallic solar panels no one knows what to do with once they stop producing electricity. Some 80-100 years of nature destroyed for 15-20 years of uneconomical solar energy that requires ever higher electricity prices, all to make a tribute to Governor Cuomo.

Our Upstate forests are falling for this and I can hear the sound, can’t you? Visit the project site, where this rape of wooded life and its inhabitants is taking place, and you’ll search in vain for posted permits or any documentation of approvals, approvals or anything else. There are no NO TRESPASSING signs and no DANGER KEEP OUT signs. I thought of New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and his concern for his non-existent kids. I thought of how Cuomo said he wouldn’t want a kid falling down a 4 inch pipe. As I left to write this I looked back at the piled logs 20 feet high and thought…. KIDS.

That’s the truth of what’s happening; New York State is picking winners and losers and choosing poorly, very poorly. Taxpayers are being cheated, ratepayers are being robbed and our Upstate forests are being obliterated.

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4 thoughts on “Upstate Forests Being Sacrificed on An Altar of Solar Fiction

  1. Tell your buddy the oddly-named “Constitution” Pipeline company to REPLANT the trees that it cut down and then left to rot while TRESPASSING upon the Holleran/Zeffer PROPERTY for its never-approved pipeline, before you join the greenybabie archleftists who don’t want a WILLING landowner such as the one in your neck of the woods of which you speak to do what he wants with his PROPERTY including apparently NOT letting the cut timber go to waste.

  2. And the NIMBY people who several years ago screamed about the footrpint of a well, are now perfectly fine with the footprint for a solar farm that is about 1000x as large. SMDH

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