UGI Energy Services Generously Give to Pennsylvania Schools

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UGI Energy Services has contributed to over 60 Pennsylvania schools in the form of scholarships designed to help give students access to quality education.

For the fourth year in a row, UGI Energy Services has generously contributed to over 60 schools and scholarship organizations in Pennsylvania. This year alone they have contributed $200,000 in scholarships. On top of the already $1,039,500 in contributions provided in the previous three years.

UGI Energy Services

UGI Energy Services is able to provide its funding via the state’s Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program. This program provides assistance for eligible students living in low-achieving school districts, the opportunity to attend public, private or parochial schools outside of their district.

“At UGI Energy Services, we recognize that access to quality education is an essential building block to a strong, safe and successful community,” said Joe Hartz, president of UGI Energy Services. “This is why we are proud to invest in the OSTC program and our community’s future workforce.”

UGI Energy Services released this press release following Monday’s presentation at Buxmont Acadamy and Perkiomen Schoo and this one after Tuesday’s presentation at Logos Academy Opportunity Scholarship Fund, Harrisburg Academy and The Circle School.

What the schools are saying:

“We are fortunate for UGI Energy Services’ $2,000 Opportunity Scholarship contribution,” said Beth George, Director of Advancement and Community Engagement for Meadowbrook Christian School Scholarship Organization. “This donation will provide life-changing awards to children in our community, setting them on the paths for social and economic success.”

UGI Energy Services

“We are grateful for UGI Energy Services’  $7,000 Opportunity Scholarship contribution,” said Wyoming Seminary Vice President of Advancement, John Shafer. “This gift will assist our school in providing more students with access to the exceptional learning experience at our institution.”

UGI Energy Services

“We appreciate the support from corporate partners like UGI Energy Services,” said Cindy Nave of Children’s Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania.  “Their $5,000 contribution will provide life-changing awards to children in our community, setting them on the paths for social and economic success.”

“On behalf of everyone at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School, we would like to thank UGI Energy Services for this $5,000 scholarship contribution,” said Jessica Cerchiaro, Director of Communications & Constituent Relations at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School. “This scholarship donation will assist in providing a high quality, faith and values focused education to students that may not have had access otherwise.”

UGI Energy Services

“We are so thankful for UGI Energy Services’ $5,000 scholarship donation,” said Pam Seasoltz of the Second Century Scholarship Fund.  “With this support, students will have greater access to quality education, without putting an economic burden on our families in Blair County.”

“We are so thankful for UGI Energy Services’ scholarship donation,” said Buxmont Academy Executive Director, Michael G. DeAntonio, Ph.D. “This contribution will assist in providing students greater access to exceptional learning experiences offered at private schools.”  Established in 1977, Buxmont Academy provides small classes grounded in academic rigor and community-building for students in grades 6-12.

UGI Energy Services

“We are so grateful for this Opportunity Scholarship contribution,” said Director of the Perkiomen Fund, Christe E. Konopitski. “With UGI Energy Services’ support, our financial aid and scholarship program will be even more vigorous, reaching an even greater number of promising students and providing a rich educational experience at Perkiomen School that will advance their academic and personal goals, and help them achieve their professional aspirations.”

UGI Energy Services

“Logos Academy is so grateful that partners like UGI Energy Services participate in Pennsylvania’s Opportunity Scholarshop Tax credit program. These donated funds enable Logos Academy to offer an education that imparts intelligence plus character to students who ordinarily cannot afford access to high performing independent schools. These scholarships give many students a fighting chance to succeed in a world where education is critical to success,” said Rev. Aaron J. Anderson, CEO of Logos Academy.

UGI Energy Services“We would like to thank UGI Energy Services for their support,” said Stacy Klann, director of development and alumni relations at Harrisburg Academy. “This scholarship donation will help transform the lives of Harrisburg Academy students and their families — providing access to our challenging academic curriculum taught in a smaller, connected learning environment.” Established in 1784, Harrisburg Academy is the 17th oldest non-public school in the nation and Harrisburg’s only independent school.

UGI Energy Services“We appreciate our corporate partnerships with companies like UGI Energy Services,” said Circle School Board Member Jim Rietmulder. “Our students experience life in a small-scale democracy — and this contribution will enable more students access to this powerful learning experience.” Serving children from preschool through high school, The Circle School is a self-directed democratic school. Students are active citizens in a self-governed society, participating in the school’s legislative, judicial, and administrative functions.

UGI Energy Services

Thank you, UGI Energy Services, for offering this opportunity to students who otherwise would not have the chance to go outside their existing district and attend a school of their choice.

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  1. Donations from Polluting Gas Companies will not make this energy clean and safe for us.

    Money and donations to kids and scholarships is not the answer to our energy issues and personal needs…
    keep the polluters out…

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