UDRBC Formed to Fight for Upper Delaware Citizens

UDRBCUDRBCNed Lang and Betty Sutliff
Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens


A new landowner group, UDRBC, has been formed to fight back against the DRBC and anyone else threatening the rights of Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens.

With the DRBC continuing to encroach upon property owner rights in the Delaware River Watershed, the need for a coalition spanning multiple counties and multiple states has never been greater. Members of the Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens (UDRBC) believe this; for the people who actually live and work here, life in the basin is about more than a river. It is also not just landowners looking to lease their land for natural gas exploration who are impacted by the continued efforts of the DRBC to overregulate this region.

Farmers, loggers, bluestone quarry owners, and construction workers are all feeling their rights being violated. Even small lot property owners who want to develop or build without a municipal sewer are going to be adversely affected by the DRBC power grab of landowner rights. Thus, the mission statement of the newly organized group is far reaching:

Revering our heritage, we, the Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens, in an effort to provide current and future generations the ability to live and work in this region, are focused on maintaining individual property rights while promoting responsible stewardship and economic development of all resources in the Upper Delaware Basin.

To learn more about UDRBC, go to udrbc.org. There you will find a link to a counter-resolution demanding the DRBC absolve itself from any oversight unless it entails the actual water that flows in the Delaware River as stated in their Compact. Regulating any land use is outside their Compact.

We urge you, your friends, and your family members to all sign the counter-resolution to the DRBC. Please consider becoming a member of UDRBC and stand with us in this fight for our rights. And, while you’re at it, also sign our Change.org petition directed right at the  members of the DRBC, passing along the link after you’ve done so, that others may do the same. Here’s why:

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10 thoughts on “UDRBC Formed to Fight for Upper Delaware Citizens

  1. Congratulations and good luck. It seems very necessary that actual citizens be heard from these days instead of ngos and non profits, the Sierra club and on it goes. The environmental orgs do not own the environment as a topic. The people do.

      • Well I hope you find a way to have your voice heard. I don’t own a farm but as a citizen I believe my voice should matter and environmental groups cannot represent me. I have witnessed them lying and done too much research now to believe they belong seen in the public arena as representing the “public interest”, which is something they claim.

  2. If they raise any kind of money, they should start advertising on the media in the Harrisburg area. Let people know that our governor cares more about New Yorkers than he does about his own state.

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