What Two-Faced Trust-Funder Tom Wolf (and Others) Said Then

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Betty Sutliff quotes Gov. Tom Wolf on natural gas development from when he wasn’t acting as a DRBC member and was actually representing Pennsylvanians.

Politicians such as Governor Tom Wolf have a habit of saying the darnedest things, especially where it comes to natural gas development but it seems to matter a lot who they’re addressing.

In this post I am choosing to let the politicians speak for themselves and readers can compare their statements then with what they’re saying now about natural gas development in the Delaware River Basin.

Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf’s two faces; an angry one for gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin and a happy face for it anywhere else in Pennsylvania

Here’s what Hillary Clinton said in a speech in June, 2014):

“We were even up against phony environmental groups, and I’m a big environmentalist, but these were funded by the Russians to stand up against any effort, ‘Oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you,’ and a lot of that money supporting that effort was coming from Russia.”

Now combine this with a May, 2016 quote from our governor that appeared in City & State New York:

“They’re a lot more restrictive,” Wolf griped at a July event, when asked about Cuomo’s policies. “It’s so restrictive in New York that we can’t even pipe our gas across its borders to New England, which really needs a clean source of energy.”

An, voilà, we end up with a Russian LNG tanker, the Gaselys, in Boston Harbor last month bringing expensive natural gas to New England.

And, then, there is this from Governor Wolf (also from City & State New York):

“New York’s policy is because they are concerned about how advanced the (drilling) techniques are in fracking to assure themselves that (they) have a good clean environment,” Wolf said. “But I don’t know how you can assure yourself of that without actually doing it and regulating it and overseeing it and making sure you’re doing things right. So that’s the big distinction as I see it. Their policy is to not do it at all; mine is to do it, and do it right.”

Hmmm! Exactly! I couldn’t agree more.

And, there is also this.

“I’m a very strong environmentalist, but I believe with the right regulations, the right oversight and right enforcement that we can do (gas drilling),” Wolf told City & State last month. “Most people, I think, want to do it, but they want to do it right. And that’s where I come down.”

Hmmm! Exactly again! Bravo!

Even Tom Wolf’s press secretary seems to have been on our side at one point:

“Governor-elect Wolf opposes a ban, and he will work hard to make sure the process is safe,” responded Jeffrey Sheridan, Press Secretary for Wolf’s transition team.

“Pennsylvania’s natural resources should help the commonwealth become an energy leader, including renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as a magnet for investment and job creation,” he continued. “Governor-elect Wolf’s priority is to ensure that Pennsylvania is an energy leader with all Pennsylvanians sharing in the prosperity.

“Governor-elect Wolf will work to strengthen the rules governing drilling, increase enforcement of the rules, hire more inspectors, and create a health registry to monitor health issues,” Sheridan concluded.

Governor Wolf, in his inaugural address, also said Pennsylvania “has to offer a level playing field making sure all businesses, all Pennsylvanians, have a chance to get ahead” and “all Pennsylvania’s families deserve the same opportunities.” He proclaimed we needed to be “willing to listen to each other . . . and learn from each other . . . and work together to give all Pennsylvanian’s a shot at a great life.”

So, let me get this right. According to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Governor Tom Wolf:

  1. There are phony environmental groups funded by Russia,
  2. New England needs a clean source of energy that could be provided by Pennsylvania instead of Russia,
  3. Unlike New York’s choice not to drill at all, it is better for Pennsylvania to regulate and oversee the extraction of natural gas to make sure it is actually done correctly,
  4. Most people want gas drilling done and want it done right, and
  5. All Pennsylvanians deserve the same opportunities.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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4 thoughts on “What Two-Faced Trust-Funder Tom Wolf (and Others) Said Then

    • I agree Vera there should be a health registry let’s say in a Institution as reputable as Pennsylvania’s Guthrie Clinic. The head of the Gunther Clinic, Dr. Theodore Theme, would also selected as one of 500 people in the country with the ability to do health study on fracking, said that in the 10 years he,has been the chief of staff or medical doctor in charge at Gunthrie Clinic, not one person has ever come into the hospital seeking any fracking or gas drilling related treatment. For any illnesses. Not one!

  1. We need to all stand together and vote Wolf out this year. If we don’t we’ll have another 4 years of his BS and lies. We need rural PA voters to stand up for our rights against the voters of the densely populated cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. We need to encourage all of our friends, relatives and neighbors to get out and vote. Every vote counts. Let’s get a high turn out again this year like we did for the Presidential election and let our voices be heard by voting him out. Let’s make Taxman Tommy another One Term Tommy. It can be done if we encourage people to get out and exercise their right to vote the Taxman out and get someone who’ll work for us and not his union bosses or George Soros.

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