Two-Faced Bill McKibben’s Amazing Affinity for Extremists

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Bill McKibben is not the man he seems. He’s a Rockefeller shill who puts on a religious pose while demonstrating a rather astounding affinity for extremism.

Over and over again, Bill McKibben, keeps aligning himself with the most extreme people. I wrote about this tendency here and here. Now, another example has been brought to my attention by one of our regular readers and commenters, Karen Orlando, who recently sent me this January story about Bill McKibben’s embrace of Rising Tide (see stories here and here about them), which is a profoundly radical group. It is yet another demonstration of who Bill McKibben really is and it’s not pretty.

Bill McKibben

The story Karen sent along is from a group called the “Global Justice Ecology Project” and to read it is to not know whether to laugh out loud or cry (emphasis added):

Global Justice Ecology Project, an international non-profit organization based in Buffalo, NY, joins climate activist and author Bill McKibben to co-present a prestigious activism award in Burlington, VT on Jan. 19, the eve of the inauguration of, and protests against, Donald Trump.

The Burlington, VT Peace and Justice Center’s Ed Everts Award for Peace and Social Justice will be awarded to the climate justice action group Rising Tide Vermont by Global Justice Ecology Project’s co-Directors Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle, along with McKibben.

Rising Tide Vermont was selected to receive the award for to their work against dangerous pipelines in Vermont. Global Justice Ecology Project trained many activists over the years, some of which went on to found Rising Tide Vermont

Long-time forest protection and Indigenous rights activists, Petermann and Langelle were based in Vermont for 21 years before relocating to Buffalo in 2012…

GJEP recently became involved with the Buffalo Stands with Standing Rock group and is working in opposition to the Northern Access Pipeline. The pipeline would send fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania through Western New York, eventually connecting with the TransCanada Pipeline system after crossing the Niagara River.

GJEP is a founder and the international coordinator of the Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees, the goal of which is preventing the planting and use of genetically engineered trees globally…

Global Justice Ecology Project moved its international office from Hinesburg, VT to Buffalo in 2012. A portion of the GJEP space has been dedicated to the ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art, which was opened in 2014 and directed by Langelle.

I had no idea genetically engineered trees were such a threat and it’s nice to know we have artists out there willing to do something about it. Interesting, also, is the fact this group claims to have trained Rising Tide Vermont extremists. Rising Tide Vermont’s agenda may be found here, and includes the following:

We are part of a movement which opposes the expansion of industrial infrastructure in the Northeast US and Eastern Canada, and exposes corporate and state-sponsored false solutions to the climate crisis.
Rising Tide Vermont is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and domination- such as sexism, racism and colonialism- within society, as well as within our organizing and movement-building.

Get the picture? This is yet another extremist sect aimed at some sort of revolution, not unlike the CELDF, and Bill McKibben is right there with them. Rising Tide, of course, is funded by the Tides Foundation and similar money laundering groups who collect funds from the likes of Warren Buffet’s family. They utilize radicals such Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle as to advance their own special interests, making a deal with the devils who claim to be their enemies. Indeed, here’s how “The Anarchist Library” describes them:

Anne and Orin both came from extensive activist backgrounds and believe in non-conventional means of working for environmental justice. Namely, both Anne and Orin are anarchists by political affiliation and emphasize working for justice outside the constructs of our hierarchal social system. Anne and Orin see the links between social and environmental injustice and seek to expose to the underlying aspects of these problems rather than lobbying for “band-aid” solutions… GJEP utilizes civil disobedience and face-to-face contact to gain support and awareness for their campaigns. This organization actively pressures corporations and constituents of international environmental summits to take action rather than lobbying politicians to make change for them.

Wink and nod, wink and nod; this the code language of extremists telling supporters to get violent, if necessary. I don’t know who these people are in terms of their personal backgrounds but careers in extremism require sugar-daddy funding, just like the financing Bill McKibben gets from the Rockefeller family. He’s a phony and they’re phonies, funded by special interests using them to get their way. This is the opposition to the Northern Access Pipeline and other critical pieces of infrastructure needed in the Northeast. It’s extremist at the core and Bill McKibben loves it because he, too, is an extremist at heart.

Bill McKibben

Why isn’t the real Bill McKibben better known? Well, here’s a possible answer from the world of Twitter:

Bill McKibben

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5 thoughts on “Two-Faced Bill McKibben’s Amazing Affinity for Extremists

  1. It’s free speech as long as you say what I want you to say. As far as what you think –
    – the Thought Police are on the way!

  2. To look further at how imbecilic McKibben really is just Google for a YouTube Epstein vs McKibben at Rutgers debate. It was classic and Epstein got McKibben to admit he prefers to bring America back to pre-industrial economy. This guy is a pathetic pied pipe that knows how to suck up to the millennial just like a good Soros Alinsky stooge.


    Sophia wilansky who was arrested with karenna Gore and Tim dechristopher in a natural gas pipeline ditch was arrested in Vernon it seems as part of a rising tide group. Both these arrests happened prior to her appearance in North Dakota where somehow part of her arm was blown off in a standoff with law enforcement over the dakota pipeline.

    The quote about journalists covering important stories with a pillow is priceless! Never in a million years would I have believed journalists would bury the truth but they are. That is itself a huge problem separate from the antifracking pipeline resistance movement which is a problem. As is Bill mckibben and too many environmental groups today.

    • The Wilansky woman was attempting to blow up the disabled truck that was blocking that small bridge.
      The truck was damaged in the early days of the protest in some misguided display of drama.
      That non functional bridge both removed any flow of people and supplies into the demonstrators’ space, and it was also a highly effective containment barrier.

      The homemade bomb, fashioned from small propane containers, prematurely detonated injuring her arm.

      In consistent Alinsky fashion, early reports of police using “concussion grenades” are widely disseminated by the lying, complicit media.

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