Twin Towers Attack Brought Us Together. Why Are We So Far Apart?

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner, Shale Gas Activist


The 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers 18 years ago brought us together but now we’re as far apart as ever. Let’s rally around the energy security we now have.

I was sitting in the cafeteria having breakfast with others at work when shortly after 9:00 AM the show on TV was interrupted with breaking news. It was the first plane hitting one of the Twin Towers! A cafeteria with over 200 people eating breakfast or enjoying a simple coffee became silent believing they witnessed a horrific air traffic accident.  We watched as the fire and smoke filled the skies and with no one speaking a word, heads were bowed in silent prayer by many in the room. The silence was deafening!

Twin Towers

As we continued to watch the news another plane headed directly toward the Twin Towers striking the other one. Immediately, every veteran in the room knew this was war, an attack much like Pearl Harbor was taking place right on TV in NYC. People silent were now sharing their disbelief and anger almost immediately blaming Osama Bin Laden. Osama had attacked the Twin Towers before!

On this day politics didn’t matter we were all Americans. We stood together as one with the one commonality being American. We were under attack.

On this day there were many hero’s from the first responders who rushed into the dangers facing a certain death, to the New York City businesses that were providing water and shelter as thousands fled the area in horror and confusion.

But the real heroes, in my book, were the passengers on the ill fated Flight 93. Over Pennsylvania they were calling home saying goodbye to their loved ones as the brave passengers already made the decision to fight back,  knowing of the fate that awaited them no matter what, as they were informed by loved ones telling them of the towers. The last known voice recording came from a man and it was simply “Let’s roll.”

Speculation was the target was the White House, but we all know, thanks to those brave passengers on Flight 93 who gave their lives to stop it from hitting its target, that the flight crashed in a Pennsylvania field well short.

On this anniversary of 9/11 it is my hope we once again can put our differences aside and come together as a nation of one. That we dig however deep we need to reach into our souls and give thanks to the heroes of that day and the days to follow. I pray that as time passes, like Pearl Harbor, we never forget the victims, the families, and the story that this nation has once again faced and prevailed.

Editor’s Note: Vic is a patriot and it’s great to hear from him on Patriot Day. I can only add that it is incredibly sad to see how divided our nation has become since the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The passengers on Flight 93 gave their lives to prevent even greater destruction. Those attacks on America came from extremism.

Unfortunately, such extremism still exists and has torn us apart in a rather different way than those airplanes turned bombs did, but America is the land of innovation reflected in those who yelled “Let’s roll.” We are now in a completely different place in terms of energy security and, therefore, our national security as well. Thank natural gas development for that.

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9 thoughts on “Twin Towers Attack Brought Us Together. Why Are We So Far Apart?

  1. Thank all sources of energy for our security..
    One source is not the answer.

    And thank the ultimate Divine Source for all our security and well-being.

    And thanks to all who helped and gave their lives that day.

    • 3000 people from many backgrounds were killed that day not because of radical Islam albeit something happened somewhere because of them, but because of oil and gas, and how the wealthy islamic countries and Osama Bin Ladden believed AMERICAN companies should pay more.
      Thanks to Fracking Vera we no longer need to bow down to foreign countries or even go to war over oil and gas.

      • American COMPANIES? You, Vic, are using a common talking point of the antis when you blame big bad companies as opposed to individual consumers. Where were you during the mid-’70s to mid-’90s when Nixon’s speed limit was being trashed? Giving the Arabs more money than I was, perhaps?

        But thank you for apparently beginning to get it that it was about our giving of money to “those people” and not about what kind of people they are. My dad spent a lot of time with Arabs while in the Merchant Marines during WWII and found them to be very fine people.

        • In the eary 70s I was in the military. I’ve never supported big companies no matter what my politics are. I just can’t stand big endowments or trust fund babies like park Heinz and others who support proven in court liars like those who admitted in Montrose Court they were paid up to $6,000 a month to lie about gas drilling

          • Ah yes – you only support bigger companies than that, namely ones of the variety that can afford to influence that Pee-Wee-Herman-resembling federal judge in Scranton to do that Orwellian cover-up of the fact that Cabot had been proven by a jury to have done that water-ruining on the Ely PROPERTY.

  2. No, Vic, all-knowing one,
    they did not admit to being paid to lie about gas drilling..

    They admitted to being paid for telling the truth about gas drilling and it’s harms..

    Are you admitting to telling lies about the truth-tellers and whistle-blowers and being paid by the gas industry?

    You need to be subpoenaed soon so you can tell your “truth” about your backers…

    • You live in a fantasy world Vera. Craig Steven’s in his sworn deposition to the court admitted Ray Kembles water test that he held up in Albany were not as he said to thousands of people but was a prop used to lie. The brown jug of water…
      A lie..
      People have access to the court transcripts vera would you like me to post them

    • Oh Ms Scroggins, defend Mr Stevens for sure. He who held Chk App out for a larger lease payment, he who sold out to a pipeline, he who claimed a polluted water well yet rented the property to kids. Yeah, he is the defender alright, whatever lines his pockets. How much has he shared with others as you always ask?

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