Trump Going to Houston to Announce Pipeline Executive Order!

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President Donald Trump is going to Houston on Wednesday and will announce the pipeline executive order he’s issuing. It’s more than pipelines; it’s justice!

UPDATE: The executive order and my explanation of why it’s very good may be found here!

We are two days away from an in-your-face Executive Order President Trump is issuing to deliver some justice to states such as New York where demagogic governors such as Andrew Cuomo have been gaming the water quality certification process. It’s not just about pipelines but, make no mistake, it was not for nothing that Trump has picked the International Union of Operating Engineers International Training and Education Center in Crosby, Texas to make his announcement. It’s all about the working man and his interests contrasted with those of the juvenile AOCs of the world.

Here’s the great news from OK Energy Today:

Houston is to get a visit Wednesday from President Donald Trump where he plans to announce executive orders aimed at speeding up pipeline projects and expanding oil and natural gas production.

Details of the orders have not been revealed but one senior officials has been quoted as saying the orders will streamline permitting and help energy companies to “avoid unnecessary red tape.”

“American families and businesses in states with energy restrictions will be able to access affordable and reliable domestic energy resources,” the official said.

The president is scheduled to appear at the International Union of Operating Engineers International Training and Education Center in Crosby, a union-run training facility spread over 265 acres. There he is expected to speak about how he plans to aid the United States’ booming domestic oil and gas production and further shift away from foreign imports.

There will be a fight, of course, but this is what’s called taking the fight to the opposition, the NRDC gang, the Delaware Riverkeeper and all the rest. Let them do defense!

Check out what the training center is all about, by the way:

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15 thoughts on “Trump Going to Houston to Announce Pipeline Executive Order!

  1. Great news. If only the Canadian government would follow suit.Unfortunately our current federal government is one full of ignorant virtue signalers and ideologues.

  2. My only advice to Donald would be to incorporate other vital parts of infrastructure like sewer and water and that Agencies like FERC, EPA, the Army Corps are not stuck in “stovepipe-land” that would help reduce red tape overall.

  3. Mr. President you r a true blessing to our family’s we appreciate u tremendously!!!! I’m a pipelinners wife and because of u I was able to quit my job and travel with my husband. I wish I could come meet u n person and hug your neck… I was TRUMP n 2016 and I’m TRUMP 2020… GOD BLESS AND KEEP U AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Mr President for all your hard and many hours you work in supporting/protecting America. Thank you to First Lady Melania, beautiful and loving person. Prayers for you and your Family.

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