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Tom Wolf: “Go Ahead Green” Here and “Drop Dead Red” There

James McDonald
Wayne County, Pennsylvania, Landowner


Tom Wolf supports a DRBC fracking ban based on speculation, giving a “go ahead green” signal to SRBC landowners and a “drop dead red” to DRBC citizens.

I am a small business owner who has worked in the agricultural and silvicultural segments of the local economy for over 40 years. I reside in Preston Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

My comments are primarily about our governor Tom Wolf. Governor Wolf is, as my friend Betty Sutliff, says, a “where” wolf. He changes his mind and his vote depending on where he happens to be appealing for votes. Some people change their minds depending on which way the wind blows, but Tom Wolf changes his mind depending on which way the water flows. In the Susquehanna River Basin, he says “drill here” and in the Delaware River Basin he says “ban there.”

If natural gas development is being carried out successfully without a discernible impact on the water quality in the SRBC region and Governor Wolf knows it, why does he vote against it in the DRBC region?

It is, quite obviously, a purely political decision on his part, without scientific merit, and he is denying landowners like me our equal rights and economic opportunity.

Governor Wolf, we are not second class citizens, so stop treating us as though we are.

In Governor Wolf’s inaugural address he said Pennsylvania “has to offer a

level playing field making sure all businesses, all Pennsylvanians, have a chance to get ahead and that all Pennsylvania’s families deserve the same opportunities”.

He also said we needed to be “willing to listen to each other … and learn from each other and work together to give all Pennsylvanian’s a shot at a great life.” Such nice words, but they apparently mean nothing.

If they did mean anything then “all” would include the residents of Wayne County—my county. Just because we live in a different watershed and on the other side of the mountain, we  deserve the same rights as those in the other river basins. Gas drilling is safely going on in exceptional value watersheds that supply drinking water to Harrisburg on the other side of the mountain. So, why aren’t we allowed?

The answer is that Governor “Where Wolf,” like a chameleon, changes color depending on location. “Go ahead green” in one watershed, the Susquehanna, and “drop dead red” in the Delaware.

Tom Wolf

Governor Wolf’s position denys us our equal rights. It’s unjust, unfair and unsustainable.

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One thought on “Tom Wolf: “Go Ahead Green” Here and “Drop Dead Red” There

  1. Governor Wolf is up for re-election this year. Get out there and vote people and get him out of office !!! His tax more and spend more agenda is hurting all of us. Also the Susquehanna River basin isn’t the only place in Pa. that natural gas drilling isn’t affecting the rivers. It has been done in SWPA, where the first Marcellus Shale well was drilled, without any issues that can’t be addressed.

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