Think About Energy: The Importance of Energy Infrastructure

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Brittany Ramos
Coordinator, External Affairs
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The Think About Energy series latest stop was Misericordia University where the importance of building much needed energy infrastructure was discussed.

Borton-Lawson, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, UGI Energy Services, UGI Utilities, and Williams, in conjunction with ACT for America and the Back Mountain Chamber of Commerce, hosted a “Think About Energy” Briefing today at Misericordia University.

The briefing was the 11th in a statewide series now entering its fourth year. The latest northeast Pennsylvania session drew nearly a hundred attendees seeking information about the current state of Pennsylvania’s shale gas revolution and what to look for during the second half of 2017. The session’s themes included Pennsylvania’s continued escalating natural gas production, natural gas pricing and pipeline build out, as well as the industry’s impact on jobs and career opportunities.

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Bill desRosiers of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation moderated the discussion.

“Cabot is thrilled to continue to bring the ‘Think About Energy’ Briefing series to new communities,” said desRosiers. “As one of the state’s foremost natural gas producers, these briefings are vital for Cabot to help businesses understand the vast opportunities that coincide with Pennsylvania’s ascension to its current ranking as the country’s second highest natural gas producing state.”

The Briefing’s speakers included Abe Amorós of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA), Mike Atchie of Williams, Larry Godlasky of UGI Energy Services, Carl Marrara of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association and others.

“Building new pipelines to move Pennsylvania’s natural gas is a serious need for the region’s natural gas producers and consumers,” said Amorós. “As these new pipeline projects proceed, highly-skilled LiUNA workers will ensure they are built safely and responsibly.”

New pipeline projects advancing in Pennsylvania include the Atlantic Sunrise and PennEast, both of which were profiled at today’s Briefing.

“Atlantic Sunrise represents a private investment of nearly $3 billion to expand Pennsylvania’s energy infrastructure, spur economic growth and put thousands of Pennsylvanians to work”, said Atchie. “After three years of unprecedented regulatory and public review, it is time to build this pipeline.”

“Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey families and businesses continue to be susceptible to natural gas price spikes,” explained Godlasky. “In fact, had the PennEast Pipeline been in service during the 2013-14 winter, Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents could have saved nearly $900 million on their energy bills. Those anticipated cost savings are closer to becoming reality — last month PennEast received a positive Final Environmental Impact Statement from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). PennEast is hopeful that this summer it will receive a Certificate from FERC.”

energy infrastructure

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association’s Carl Marrara explained why manufacturers care so deeply about Pennsylvania natural gas reaching their factory floors.

“Throughout the Commonwealth’s history, Pennsylvania manufacturers have gained a competitive edge thanks to the state’s rich resources,” said Marrara. “Today, the shale gas era is in full throttle and the confidence of manufacturers is higher than ever before. To maintain that confidence, we must continue supporting safe and responsible production, building pipelines from the wellhead and within utilities’ service territory, and helping businesses understand how they can put natural gas to work.”

Marrara discussed how manufacturers, large and small, use natural gas in their operations.

“Whether you’re a large manufacturer using natural gas for drying or melting, or a small manufacturer using natural gas for heating and hot water, natural gas is reducing costs for manufacturers – allowing them to create new jobs, raise wages, and invest in equipment,” said Marrara.

Wednesday’s event also featured Chris McCue of Borton Lawson, Philip Medico of Medico Industries, and Don Brominski of UGI Utilities. McCue, Medico and Brominski further highlighted how Pennsylvania businesses are increasingly turning to natural gas for their energy needs.

Today’s “Think About Energy” Briefing is the continuation of a four-year series that brings together Pennsylvania’s natural gas producers, “midstream” companies, utilities and users to discuss the many economic and environmental opportunities afforded by Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas reserves. The series examines the latest industry developments and trends from the wellhead to homeowners’ meters.

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4 thoughts on “Think About Energy: The Importance of Energy Infrastructure

  1. the usual disregard for our rural counties and how the residents are being sacrificed for your supposed “clean gas”, which is toxic and dirty for those of us living near and next to it…
    were there any residents from the sacrifice zones / fracked areas present or invited to speak or attend…
    very one-sided presentation.
    pipelines are being resisted because they are intrusive and dangerous and encourage the further fracking of our rural neighborhoods and lands…
    let them build the gas wells and pipelines near all the CEO’s and owners of the businesses pushing this dirty gas…
    and see how much they promote it then…

    • Where are all of these “sacrificed residents” you speak of, Vera? I live in Susq. County, and everyone I speak to welcomes the activity. Where does the “dirty fuel” you burn in your car and heat your home with come from, sunbeams? Certain fractivists have sucked energy their whole lives and now in their golden years they feel the urge to save the planet and deny that energy to the next generation. Unfair.

  2. Please see my recent article discussing how USA infrastructure can be improved and rehabilitated using economical Project Management Approaches [e.g. Design Build Own Operate – DBOO – quire applicable to Natural Gas Pipelines.] Richard W. Goodwin 5/25/17

    President Trump has proposed a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Program. Such a program is necessary to rehabilitate the USA’s deteriorating bridges, roadway, electrical grid, water wastewater treatment systems etc. The issue is not the intent but (1) its cost and (2) who pays.

    NEEDED PROCEDURAL IMPROVEMENTS: Fast Track Permits; Minimize Political Involvement

    Goodwin, R.W.; Implementing Infrastructure Program – While Reducing Federal Tax Payer Financial Burden: Energy Central, April 26, 2017

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