The Terracotta Army Protesting the Potomac Pipeline


K.J. Rodgers
Crownsville, Maryland  


Activist groups across Maryland are protesting the Potomac Pipeline. They’re little more than a terra cotta army of ideologues, shills and virtue signalers.

Virtue signaling “environmentalist groups,” as they self-style themselves, are a dime a dozen in Maryland. They’re seemingly everywhere, in fact, Maryland being a mostly urban state where everyone imagines they have the answers about food and energy they only consume should be produced. You can’t turn around without bumping into a trust-funder with a megaphone. Still, one would think that before setting up yet additional action groups for their personal aggrandizement, these folks might at least identify niche segments of the protest industry they could grab for themselves. But, that would require originality and there’s none of that to be found in serial protesting.

Potomac Pipline ProtestorsSerial protesters are, by definition and playbook, among the least diversified group out there. They’re overwhelmingly wealthy, spoiled, kept individuals. They’re also eager to protest the way they are, as a way to throw the rest of us off their personal scents. They’re among the least  diversified in their pet issues and their memberships. The same circle of people intermingle with each other and they move in unison like a school of Piranhas: fighting against anything and everything not renewable or in their backyard. They’re mindless and hollow, however, more like a Terracotta Army of soldiers than anything else.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), Citizen Shale, the 50 shades of River Keepers, Sierra Clubs, Food and Water Watch, Maryland Environmental Health Network are just the beginning in the list of Terra Cotta Army battalions. I follow them all on Facebook and one of my favorite past times is trolling them. I do my best not to get nasty, as their members tend to be, but rather point to facts, offer opposing thoughts, and remind them of their Russian connections where applicable — things like that.

I am very proud to say CCAN and Eastern Panhandle Protectors have both blocked me from commenting; something that NaturalGasNow doesn’t do unless you’re foulmouthed,  threatening or pretend to be somebody you’re not. If your facts are solid, then what’s the problem with entertaining dissent? It only helps your own cause if you have the proper rebuttal at hand.

Potomac Pipeline Protesters in Annapolis

Recently, these groups pulled their resources together to do a “March on the Mansion.” This so-called march (actually they bussed everyone in) was a protest of the Potomac Pipeline. I wrote about the pipeline last year, but to recap, it is a TransCanada pipeline that will cross under the Potomac River and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O Canal). The route follows along the path of a nearby pipeline already used to capacity. The Potomac Pipeline will cross Maryland for three measly miles and continue to deliver much-needed natural gas to West Virginia and its Appalachian storage hub.

A day prior to the terracotta march, the army posted a picture on their event page claiming Gov. Larry Hogan was in bed with TransCanada. It was, to be honest, somewhat funny from a meme standpoint, but I commented that the event appeared to be more about ideology than anything else and said I would “see you tomorrow” at the event. Soon after I commented, Nancy Gillman, an admin of Citizen Shale, replied, suggesting my comment was somehow a threat, believe it our not. It was laughable.

Hogan's love for the Potomac PipelineThe entire Logan/TransCanada love affair, in fact, is laughable. While he did nothing illegal, they are saying the governor violated the “spirit” of the fracking ban he signed last year. In a CCAN press release, they state:

“Since signing a ban on fracking in 2017, Governor Hogan has worked consistently to undermine the spirit — if not the letter — of the law. For months, his administration has been actively negotiating with controversial Canadian oil and gas companies to ship large amounts of fracked gas into and across Maryland. In December his Administration explicitly called this gas, produced in neighboring states using the dangerous fracking drilling method, a “valuable resource” with “environmental benefits” . The Administration also announced its ambitious plans to “kick-start a natural gas expansion…throughout Maryland.

Eastern Panhandle Protectors also posted a link to Jim Willis’ coverage of the event, saying:

“So we’re nutters. Tell that to Patricia Kesecker. Just wait…”

Does that constitute a threat? Regardless, Jim, too, should be proud. He sums up this whole thing perfectly in that linked post:

“TransCanada, via its Columbia Pipeline subsidiary, has already built and operates 12 other pipelines that go under the Potomac River–just in the State of Maryland! Have you ever heard a peep about those pipelines and an environmental holocaust they’ve created? No. Why? Because putting a pipeline under a river is no big deal. It doesn’t harm the environment.”

Potomac Pipeline ActivisimThis terra cotta army of environmental extremist groups isn’t concerned with the facts of how natural gas is a game changer for West Virginia, how the pipeline is providing a lifeline to Appalachia, nor how their 100% renewables quest is unreachable. They’re a hollow army of hollow soldiers with hollow ideas, incapable of understanding circumstances, needs or reality.

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