The Powers Family: Powered by Natural Gas

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Brittany Ramos
Coordinator, External Affairs
Cabot Oil & Gas


The INGAA designed a very creative infographic called The Powers Family, which demonstrates how significant natural gas is in our everyday lives.

Cathy Landry, vice president of communications for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, provided this guest post for Well Said Cabot, which I’m pleased to share here as well. You can follow INGAA on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Did you know that natural gas plays a daily role in all our lives?

powers familyNatural gas helps heat our home, cook our food, heat our water, and generates about one-third of the nation’s electricity. It’s also used to make many of the products and goods that we need and enjoy most – like shoes, sporting equipment and pharmaceutical products. Appliances powered by natural gas are more cost effective, reliable and efficient.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States is currently the world’s largest producer of natural gas. In 2015, the natural gas industry added 1.9 million jobs across the economy, including tens of thousands in manufacturing and infrastructure. Unlike other energy sources, 85 percent of all the natural gas consumed domestically is produced here in the United States.

The Powers Family infographic is designed to highlight how natural gas improves our quality of life. The infographic examines the daily touchpoints of the Powers family as they go about their day using products and appliances made from or powered by natural gas.

powers family

(Click to make larger.)

INGAA is a Washington-based trade association that advocates for large-line, large-diameter, cross-state natural gas pipelines. In 2015, INGAA created America’s Energy Link, a social media-based communications program, to educate Americans on the benefits of natural gas and the pipelines that bring that gas to market.

Find ways to support pipelines in your area that are under construction by INGAA members at their project’s page. To receive a monthly newsletter and AEL’s social media toolkit, you can sign up here.

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