The Millennial War: Green and Red vs. Civil Society

Fuel for Freedom - Aaron PriceAaron Price
Director of Gas Odyssey and Silent No More

Aaron Price reflects on Russian history applied to the Green New Deal, with a poem about a future Millennial War where Green ideology destroys civil society.

Editor’s Note: Our friend Aaron Price, creator of Gas Odyssey, from Windsor, New York, has written another poem focusing at the underlying desires behind so much of what poses as the “Green New Deal,” which is more red than green. As someone who views Alexander Solzshenitsyn as having been one of the great chroniclers and prophets of our time, I found much to like about Aaron’s poem. He knows his Russian History; how the Red Russians co-opted a revolution started by the White Russians. He also knows the danger Green ideologues such as Roger Allam, Ruby Montoya and AOC, represent to civil society. Read it and think about what he’s saying.

        The Millennial War

“How did the American Civil War,
  (The Millennial War),
No, not the War Between the States
  I speak of the Civil War
  Our generation had to face.”

No later historian will understand
  Its causes.
Because, unlike in the past,
  A people, not history,
  Was made.
Out of the American Civil War,
  The Millennial War,
A whole new tribe of people came.

A tribe with no Race,
  A tribe united by Green,
A tribe of the Left,
  And what is best,
Just like in Russia,
  Red won,
And White fled.”

From the future:
“I was a member of the
  Losing tribe.”

“The younger ones,
  Poorly educated by design,
Fought and enslaved us
  Because they did not know
What was at Stake.
  The Millennials,
To try and save the world,
  Tried to destroy us,
That was their mistake.

For them, for the Green
  And the Red,
Nothing was meant to change.
They were fueled by greed
  And ambition.
We were the ones who 

  Must be punished.
For giving them a land of plenty,
  A land of abundance.

Red/Green understood
  What it meant
To take a landowner hostage.
That became a part of the
  War’s Creed:
To take the land from its owners,
  To take away their rights,
To make them pay for the
  Sin against Green of saying,
This is mine.”

“Green, with the fist of
  Green Terror,
Dictated the future
  To landowners and taxpayers,
And mercilessly corrected
  Hundreds of years of error.”

“Nothing can belong to anyone,
  According to the Green Creed,
If it is wrongly used,
  There can be no choice
If the planet is harmed
  By what you would choose.”

“How was the next American
  Civil War fought?
Each day I, and others like me,
  Dealt with it:
The riots, the strikes.
The light of day concealed
  What was done out of sight,

And then a Day arrived
  When Red and Green no longer
  Had to hide.
Woe the day when the Army
  Switched sides,
And a People’s Army
  Came to rise.”

“I watched as boundaries
  Came down.
Networks of people formed
  To inform and betray,
Each side’s criminals
  Using similar methods
To loot and to prey.”

“Still, the gas and the oil
  And the coal flowed.
Urban centers had heat,
  Warmth against the cold.
The rationing in cities wasn’t tight,
  There were ways around it,
A black market was created,
  But I lived where
They rationed everything in sight.”

“The rural areas, like
  Where I was from,
  Were hardest hit.
Some areas for Green
  Were ‘cleaned’;
Greens called it the Clearing.
  I remember hearing tales of
The Disappearing.”

“The counterrevolution was
  Bold and long;
It lasted for decades
  After White lost.
It ended with things
  People in America
Thought they’d never see:
Camps for the Greenward
  And Leftward,
Oaths of loyalty
  By loyalty enforced.”

“How I wish I could tell you of
  The reclaiming of the Flag!”

“To look ahead to America’s future,
  Look back
To the Russian Civil War
  And Russia’s past.”

    By Aaron Price

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14 thoughts on “The Millennial War: Green and Red vs. Civil Society

    • Vera: “If” what you say is true, blame the Rockefeller family and their grandfather, John D. for doing this. His descendants are at the forefront of the effort to kill fossil fuels and are at the forefront of buying up as much cheap land here in NY as they can in the process – If drilling for nat gas is so terrible and devastating, why do you still live in the most heavily drilled county in all of PA – Susquehanna as you have since they started drilling in 2007? Why? Inquiring minds want to know. Your conjuring up of fairy tales is amusing nonetheless.

  1. Vera: green energy isn’t safe (look at a picture of a lithium mine, for instance. Hey, tell us how to cleanly dispose of old solar panels), is not affordable (check the price of electricity generated by off-shore turbines), and is not green. The alternative energy sources you prefer just have moved their pollution someplace else.

    Natural gas replacing coal: cleaner air, cleaner water, more jobs, cheaper energy.

    • Yuppies who want to “dispose” of their “old” 21st-century, “greener”-than-that-of-our-friends-the-fracmen, stuff that they want to get rid of because it’s not of the latest planned-obsolescence version that the Elon Musks of the world want to keep on selling updated rounds of to suckers, can do so VERY CLEANLY by giving such “junk” to guys like me for pennies on the dollar thank you. I was able to recently buy a very good Prius for only $800. by this process.

    • Speaking of off shore wind “farms”, why does Cuomo allow these as there is great disruption of the sea bed installing these useless, intermittent toys while at the same time his marionette, NRDC lawyer and Cuomo lackey, DEC Commissioner Bassil Seggos, will not allow the NESE pipeline, due to “seabed disruption.” The lying and obfuscation is rampant.

  2. Unfortunately when I read Mr. Price’s work, I was reminded of a bit of a Tom Lehr song, The Folk Song Army. More decades ago than I care to count, Tom Lehr would sing satirical songs on TW3 (That Was The Week That Was). Though it was a poke at the protest movement of the ’60’s, I think it applies to Mr. Price also. Here is the bit I remembered:

    If you feel dissatisfaction,
    Strum your frustrations away.
    Some people may prefer action,
    But give me a folk song any old day. …

    … Remember the war against Franco?
    That’s the kind where each of us belongs.
    Though he may have won all the battles,
    We had all the good songs.

    The whole song is here:

    Now that Mr. Price has had his dystopian future fever dream, maybe we can get back to doing something for natural gas now.

  3. Mr. Frank…where I live in the northern part of the county hardly any fracking going on ..
    Fracking stopped in my township in 2012 and not enough profitable gas was found..

    That’s why I stay and I want to be a witness to the world for what is happening in other parts of our county.

    • Vera,

      Your assertion that “not enough profitable gas was found” is utter nonsense. Your county currently produces about 4% of all natural gas in the US.

      Perhaps “hardly any fracking going on” in your neighborhood since all the local drilling is done and the industry has shifted to production. State Impact PA currently shows 1,079 active wells in Susquehanna County.

      Let’s fact check the “hardly any fracking going on” by reviewing public information on the DEP web site. Turns out 125 new gas well permits were issued between 1 Jan 2019 and 30 Sep 2019 in Susquehanna County.

      That’s about one new permit every 2 days for 9 months.

      Boroughs and Townships – –

      Apolacon: 2
      Auburn: 26
      Bridgewater: 27
      Brooklyn: 15
      Forest Lake: 5
      Franklin: 1
      Gibson: 3
      Harford: 5
      Jackson: 11
      Lathrop: 3
      Lenox: 6
      Little Meadows: 9
      New Milford: 5
      Rush: 6
      Springville: 1

  4. Notice my township has no new permits.
    Silver Lake Township
    Also Liberty Township next to me also has
    low production and no, new drilling for years now.

    I know you never like my responses.
    You don’t live here and have first hand info.
    Come and talk to my neighbors and they
    will tell you how little checks they get.
    like 50 dollars on 11 acres near me and no new activity for years.

    The production is low in areas of our county and also
    in the farther eastern part of the county.

    So, my area is quiet and the other areas like Montrose,
    New Milford, Auburn, Lenox, Rush, Jackson, Harford, Brooklyn, Bridgewater, Little Meadows, have the most activity and permits.

    All of the county is not the same for gas levels and profitability.

    You need to learn more about our county.

    • Vera,

      PA DEP lists 76 permits issued in Silver Lake township:
      5 – 2011
      48 – 2012
      12 – 2013
      10 – 2014
      1 – 2016

      State Impact PA lists 26 active wells in Silver Lake township, 16 operated by WPX Energy and 10 operated by Carrizo.

      Silver Lake has a total surface area of 32.7 square miles, and 26 active wells, so that’s one well per 1.25 square miles more or less. No need to drill more. That’s one of the great advantages of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

      There have been no violations observed by the DEP since August 2012, and those violations were resolved by October 2012. You sure do have it rough there in Silver Lake.

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