The Many-Faced Phonies Opposing the Constitution Pipeline

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Tom Shepstone
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As the Constitution Pipeline nears final approvals from New York State and, one hopes, construction, the many-faced phonies in opposition try another letter.

Yesterday, writing about the Tioga County waterless fracking proposal and the nature of the opposition to it, I noted how one of the common tricks in the fractivist playbook is to operate under multiple names, when, in reality, it’s all the same tiny group of people serving as fronts for special interests. Now, these multi-faced phonies, are pulling the same stunt with a last minute letter to the New York State DEC opposing the issuance of water quality approvals for the already FERC approved Constitution Pipeline. It’s signed by roughly 60 groups but a closer look at the list reveals what a joke the whole thing is.

Let’s take a look.

Stop the Pipeline – The letter appears on the letterhead of this “group,” which is an unincorporated entity about which no information whatsoever is offered on its website as to membership or officers although it supposedly has a steering committee (unnamed) and donations go to a non-profit corporation known as the Jerome Park Conservancy, which was founded by an attorney named Anne Marie Garti to protect a community park in the Bronx. The Constitution Pipeline goes nowhere near the Bronx, of course.

Advocates for Cherry Valley, Inc. – This “group” was incorporated in 2002 but, according to Guidestar, last filed 990 returns with the IRS in 2007 (when it had $944 in income). Moreover, it doesn’t appear to even be registered with the New York Charities Bureau. Today, it is, for all practical purposes, one individual named Lynn Ellen Marsh. An interesting little tidbit about this group, though, is that an organization with that name also appears on this list of groups opposing wind power. Ms. March, it seems, is a plain old NIMBY.

Advocates for Morris – This “group” appears to be an individual named Maureen Mackie Dill. Its Facebook page, Morris Advocates, “likes” the pages of several other radical groups, including Vote Hemp,  Hemp & Cannibis For Future and, of course, I Love Hemp. She also republishes Catskill Mountainkeeper material and, if this memo in any indication, has a tight relationship with the NRDC. She’s also a member of Occupy Together Otsego.

Advocates for Springfield – This “group,” though it claims to represent 235 members, apparently has no website or discernible structure and looks to be largely the work of an individual named Harry Levine, another NIMBY who has simply shifted his opposition from windmills to fracking and pipelines.

Getting the idea? Those are just the first four names of signers. Further down the list we find the following:

Berks Gas Truth – This is the creation of a Berks County, Pennsylvania individual named Karen Feridun who lives far removed from any fracking, let alone the Constitution Pipeline.

Citizens for Water Foundation – This is a group created by Damascus Citizens organizer Joe Levine, a New York City architect, and Josh Fox, both of whom are listed further down as signers. It’s just another name for the same handful of second-home owners who want fracked gas to heat their city homes and nothing to happen any near their vacation homes.

Constitution Pipeline MacGregorOccupy The Pipeline – This is still another faux group providing an outlet for the Minister Erik McGregor, who we profiled here (picture to right). He’s refers to himself as “Supreme Ruler and Magnanimous Omnipresent Leader” of another Occupy committee or something and lives nowhere near the Constitution Pipeline, of course.

The Minister tag apparently comes from part of the Universal Life Church Monastery, where you can be ordained on-line for free.

The “Minister” participates in the “Reverend Billy And The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir,” which tells gives some insights into his worldview and lack of seriousness with respect to anything that doesn’t feed his ego. McGregor is also part of the insane New York City group called Sane Energy, another signer of the letter.

Altogether, this group of 60 signers or so are an extremely small group of like-minded extremists who are using the Constitution Pipeline to grab attention to themselves, promote opposition to fossil fuels and/or fight anything in their backyards. They haven’t the least bit of interest in intelligent conversation on energy policy and couldn’t possibly care less about having a debate. It’s all about them, as this photograph, taken by the Minister Erik McGregor of fellow Sane Energy team member, Kim Fraczek (no pun intended), so vividly illustrates:


They’re many-faced phonies and nothing more.

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19 thoughts on “The Many-Faced Phonies Opposing the Constitution Pipeline

  1. You call people phonies because they are trying to protect what they have ? No Tom just concern citizens trying to stop heavy industrial operations that stem from a Unsafe extraction process and it’s facilities which do not benefit locals and are just part of a plan to export NG …..plain fact .

    • Bill, I believe the word you use for some trying to protect what they have. Is “Paid Shill” Or Gashole, or any of the other insults you commonly use! Your hyproicy is strong as ever…
      When in fact we know you are the Paid one in this fight! You are in the Ad for Christ sake!

      • wrong I get No pay from anyone !My position comes from my experience .Oh if you want me to call you names just let me know and I will accommodate !

          • @ Fred P ….anytime you are willing to compare capacities I am willing !! I see you as just someone who has very little knowledge of actual operations and procedures when NG co’s come in and lease …you cannot prove any of my posting wrong ( mainly because it all comes from what I have seen and experienced ) …I believe you are the one who needs to grow not me !

          • You have no empirical data to support your assertions its just your opinion and it doesn’t mean a whole lot to those who think critically and use facts to support their conclusions!

            Learn or nor, your choice! LOL

          • You need to use more then your perceived experience, empirical data would be nice, if your going to convince people of your opinion!

        • You’ve constantly mislead people using informal logic. Frac’ing hasn’t caused contamination is true because it hasn’t been proven false!

          Learn or not, your choice!

  2. For some reason no journalists (like the ones below) want to look at who the signers are or the validity or credibility of the “organizations”. And that is despite that when the december 2014 surprise announcement in NY state occurred regarding “fracking” development occurred, one could read opinions in the press saying the ny decision would “elevate” the stature of these activists and their cause nationally.

    Bill can say whatever he likes but he is not speaking at all about plain facts. That is a list of groups and people,some with way way way too much influence with politicians, reporters and ordinary unsuspecting citizens.

    Kim for instance believes she is using her art to change the world. The reality is she is using it to rewrite history and what is currently happening. Too many groups and signers of that letter inserted themselves in the rockaway project proceedings and are responsible or willing participants in promoting a conspiracy theory on the proposed Port Ambrose LNG import project. That is years (3) of misinformation.

    • Bill speaks from what he has experienced from the NG industry and what they have brought to the area ( besides the temporary jobs a lot of nuisances and destruction of environments anf health of some ….!!

    • Plain fact…….. :Exporting NG is the plan Stan ! and those in the way are just collateral damage left by big industry .The money will go and the damage will always be here and the area will never be the same ….


    Mr Glick listed as a leader of a different group on the letter is apparantly also the National Campaign Coordinator for The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and a spokesperson for Beyond Extreme Energy

    To quote their website: Their line in the sand is everywhere. Literally.

    “It’s all the same tiny group of people” My experience from a distance away from you is that is about as close to what the plain truth is about this antfracking/pipeline movement as one can get. They are entitled to their passion on that issue. I wouldnt invite them to speak to you on a panel about a pipeline thrugh our area or FERC though.

  4. Tell me about frauds and phonies, I am a Councilman for the Town of Caton, Steuben County, New York. About 2 yrs ago there was a public hearing about 35 attended, there was 1 news camera and 1 person filming for a documentary. 30 people spoke in favor of fracking, 5 worried about it or were against it. When interviewed on TV Kate Hughes, Tn Supervisor claimed it was an even split for and against. At the next meeting I challenged her and reminded her there were 2 cameras in the room. That is your damn liberal for you.

    • Thanks for sharing Dan! I’m sure your story was much less “interesting” so the Liberal media decided it was a no story.

  5. Fine form indeed Tom. Thanks again for a very informative article!
    I,m all for Karen on this one! Send that gas through her comunity! It,s a shorter safer less disruptive route.
    Why run those monster pipes through those NG suporters front yards? It,s starting to look as though it is intended to destroy any kind of ng suport in NY?
    Another thing that really bafles a lot of us is,if we have so much as to export it why are we importing so much?Something seems dishonest?What,s going on?
    Same goes for the pipe route, it was suposed to be one pipe but now it,s two? Why trash those comunities to suply NG to someone elses market? So many things make no sense at all?
    A pipe grid makes sense,a pipe cluster makes a target for all kinds of disasters both from nature and our enemies.

    • Pray tell what do you think will happen when the anties get wind of the 200′ HVAC transmission lines with their 150′ ROW that are necessary for wind and solar to reach the urban areas?

      Can someone say NYRI!

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