The Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot A Political Promise to Rent Seekers

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The “Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot” is as pure an attempt to buy the votes of government rent seekers as ever was, even by “Boss Tweed” New York standards.

New York, both city and state, produce the most wretched professional politicians imaginable. Boss Tweed to Governor Corruptocrat to Comrade de Blasio. They routinely sell their offices to the highest bidders while hiding behind demagogic rhetoric intended to lead voters to believe they’re leading the campaign against themselves and their own kind. Viewed from outside New York, it’s all so patently obviously, yet they have gotten away with it from the beginning. The “Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot” is yet another example; an attempt to buy the votes of government rent seekers.

Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot

This what Kirsten Gillibrand’s “Moonshot” advertisement on her announcement should really look. We added the red text, of course, but you’ll understand when you read the details.

The “Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot” was announced by the Senator and President wanna-be yesterday and here are the choice excerpts (emphasis added):

Saving our planet should be this generation’s moonshot…

Climate action should be this generation’s moonshot. To save our planet, the energy, talents, and commitment of every American will be required, from our farmers and workers to our scientists and entrepreneurs. The next president has to be willing to take bold leaps to lead this effort and stand up to the climate change deniers, polluters, and oil and gas special interests. I will, because we can’t afford not to…

So today, I’m releasing my official climate change plan.As president, I will restore U.S. climate leadership with ambitious and immediate action to enact the Green New Deal, mobilize $10 trillion in public and private funding over the next decade and set us on the course to achieve net-zero carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. I’ll make climate polluters pay, transform our economy with good-paying green jobs, and protect clean air and clean water as fundamental human rights…

With time running out to address climate change, we can’t settle for half-measures. That’s why I was one of the first supporters of the Green New Deal, an ambitious framework to save our planet by investing in infrastructure, creating a green jobs economy, and protecting clean air and water.

As president, I will also work to get us to net-zero carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions — nationwide and across the economy. We must set our ambitions high and aim to achieve net-zero emissions in the next decade, and we will put enforceable standards in place to ensure our whole economy meets net-zero emissions no later than 2050…

In a decade, I’ll strive to get us to 100% clean, renewable, and zero-carbon electricity, and I’ll prioritize transforming our electric grid into a system that’s designed to better handle renewable and distributed energy.

We can tackle a huge percentage of our carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on the transportation sector, so as president, I will phase in new vehicle emission standards to require newly manufactured cars and other vehicles to be zero-emission by the end of the next decade. I’ll invest in building out electric vehicle-charging infrastructure to meet the new demand and prioritize transportation funding for high-speed rail, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure…

Polluters should be held responsible for the messes they make. So as president, I will create a Climate Change Mitigation Trust Fund, funded by an excise tax on fossil fuel production to generate $100 billion annually for climate mitigation projects. The fossil fuel industry — not taxpayers — will pay for projects to lessen the effects of sea-level rise, extreme weather, and other climate-related disasters.

And I’ll put a meaningful price on carbon — starting at $52 per metric ton — to steer companies away from fossil fuels and toward investment in clean and renewable energy. The revenue generated from this carbon tax, estimated at more than $200 billion annually, will then go directly back into our country’s transition to renewable energy

American taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing an industry built on greed that’s destroying communities’ health and the planet. So I will work with Congress to end federal subsidies, including tax subsidies, for the fossil fuel industry. And I’d implement new tax credits to speed up the deployment of clean and renewable energy and energy storage technologies

Even as we phase out fossil fuels and rein in industry greed, we can’t forget the hardworking Americans who depend on those jobs. I will harness the talent of these displaced workers to build a clean energy economy: I will establish a “green jobs recovery fund” to help affected communities build new opportunities

I’ll ensure the clean technologies of this new industrial age are manufactured by American workers, not by China or another competitor. I will establish a “New Frontiers in Clean Energy” cross-government initiative to develop the innovations that have the greatest potential for getting us to net-zero carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. I’ll require those technologies — anything from high-performance solar cells and technologies to improve energy efficiency in buildings to energy storage and clean carbon-capture technologies — to be made right here in the United States by American workers…

You can’t address climate change without a plan seeking climate justice. We must ensure that we prioritize climate investments in communities that have been historically left behind and those at the front lines of climate change and pollution. This means taking action to eliminate the sources of pollution in these communities and prioritize funding for efforts to clean up legacy contamination. It also means ensuring that frontline communities and workers have a seat at the table in developing and implementing our climate policies to ensure that they are fair and equitable.

The Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot, in other words, is about spending $10 trillion dollars of money coerced from consumers and taxpayers to pay out in government rent to hedge fund investors in green eggs and scam. The oil and gas industry won’t pay; we’ll all pay carbon taxes to “save a planet” we’ve all heard was going to die numerous times before now, as folks such Gillibrand have tried to stampede everyone into passing legislation that would put them in charge of passing our money out to their Wall Street friends. The Kirsten Gillbrand moonshot is her own moonshot attempt to let these fat-cats know she’s on their side and will deliver the bonanza of dollars if they’ll just give her some advance payment in return so as to advance her own Presidential moonshot. 

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13 thoughts on “The Kirsten Gillibrand Moonshot A Political Promise to Rent Seekers

  1. If I were in Kiki’s shoes, I would be more concerned about what information will eventually come out about her alliance with a certain “women’s empowerment group” that was a front for an abusive sex cult amongst other “stuff”. Besides, who here denies that the climate “changes”? Of course it does, it always has and always will. Her “estate” would be still under 2 miles of ice if it were not for the warming of the Northern Hemisphere some 15K to 13 K years ago. Silly woman, how can she be president if she doesn’t understand basic Earth Science? 🙂

  2. I watched a speech by Gillibrand.

    Climate Change Activisim is the #1 fund raising technique for politicians using fear mongering based on supposed “scientific consensus.”

    The problem with that is this; science is based on facts, not consensus! Nothing predicted by Al Gore, or any of the other fear mongering chicken little’s, has ever become reality. Man has not created climate change, nor will they ever be able to control climate change!

    In fact, many of the same scientists who back the fear through consensus, are claimed experts in the study of dating the earth’s transformation. They go back millions of years through geological studies and carbon dating and tell us the history of earth is one where our atmosphere was filled with gas, not oxygen. Scientists tell us the earth, at one time or another, was once covered completely in water, perhaps explaining why whale fossils are found several thousand feet above sea level. Scientists tell us oceanic volcano activity created land masses that rose over the years from water and carbon eventually led to forests.

    Science sometimes is flexed to conform to the narrative.

    Does this mean I believe or you should… that climate change is not real? Absolutely not! It means that millions of years before we existed, the climate changed. The history of climate change shows it has been continuous from long before man arrived and will continue long after whatever ending you believe in. Meanwhile fear created by chicken little’s will make Al Gore the first climate change billionaire with a beach front mansion.

    • Gas lovers and polluters? You throw those words together in the same sentence B U T, never once have you mentioned green energy and pollution in the same sentence! Why is that Vera, what truths are you afraid of. I support natural gas and I am a non polluting environmentalist as best as I can be. I don’t own a dryer because the sun is free, I use clean burning propane because charcoal is so bad. I get my own spring water and have been refilling the same plastic bottles from the Artesian well in Montrose for 7 years now. You know where all those gas wells are. I find your statements on this site condescending to those of us who support drilling. At the same time I find your hatred of natural gas as phony as you.

  3. All these Green New Deal Losers seem to overlook two important factors: First, the US has done more to reduce greenhouse gasses than any other country on the planet. And second, NOT ONE SINGLE THING we can do is going to make a difference in the face of increased carbon emissions from the likes of China and India. That’s what makes the whole Paris Climate accord such a joke.

  4. Gillibrand- what a lightweight and shameless political wh*’re. Ain’t gonna be potus….. Schumer, The Clintons, Jerrold The Hutt Nadler, Cuomo, DeBlasio, AOC (airhead of the century)…. these are bleak and embarrassing times to live in NY.

    None are engineers. All eschew reality and logic. Their “solutions” will destroy the nation in the guise of their climate religion.

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