Texas Natural Gas Is Saving the Day for One Texan Arse After Another

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Texas made one heck of mistake investing in wind energy but Texas natural gas has come to the rescue of a lot of ERCOT arses.

Texas has done so many things right, but it got one big thing wrong went it went whole hog into wind energy. One never goes whole hog on renewables as the Germans have learned with their failed Energiewende that has exploded electric prices there. But, Texas did. Who’s at fault? George W. Bush, Rick Perry or the Energy Reliability Council of Texas, otherwise known as ERCOT? It’s hard to know, but my guess is ERCOT, the “reliability” in its name having been literally thrown to the wind, as has been the case with most grid operators who have bought into green political correctness and the billions at stake in promoting green eggs and scam. Blaming, though, is for another day as there is a crisis and one thing is saving the day; Texan natural gas.

How do we know this? Well, one chart shared with me by guest blogger Gregory Wrightstone, who got it from Alex Epstein, says it all:

Texas natural gas

There’s a lot that can be gleaned from this chart:

  • Texas is a state with one heck of a lot of sun, but it hasn’t come to the rescue. No, if I didn’t point it out, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed its minuscule contribution to the effort.
  • Coal hasn’t picked up the slack.
  • Nuclear energy hasn’t either.
  • Wind has choked like the Atlanta Falcons facing Tom Brady when the going got tough.
  • Texas natural gas has risen to the occasion like a war hero, fighting off the enemy and supplying in excess of three times more electricity than all the other sources combined yesterday.

It can all be summed up this way; if it weren’t for Texas natural gas, there would be no Texas.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Natural Gas Is Saving the Day for One Texan Arse After Another

  1. The graph shows that all sources of electric generation dropped, when the extreme cold his the state ~ 15 Feb, pointing out the weakness and failures in all those generation and distribution systems. None of them could hold up under these extreme weather conditions. Clearly there are problems across the board in the Texas electricity service reliability.

    With so many Texans without electricity during a time when it is most needed, I do not think any will say that any one of these sources met their needs. We are all angry that the all the systems have weaknesses.

    Deregulation, failure to maintain and improve generation and delivery systems and government oversight are all at fault.

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