Susquehanna County Illustrates Tom Wolf’s Mismanagement of the WuFlu

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Susquehanna County languishes in the soft tyranny of Tom Wolf’s lockdown scheme because it has been a poor victim of Tom Wolf’s nursing home debacle.

Susquehanna County has witnessed its neighbors go “green” under Tom Wolf’s sad program for managing the WuFlu, while it languishes in the never, never world of being “yellow.” The superficial reason for this is that Susquehanna County experienced a “spike” in cases recently, but the tiniest bit of investigation reveals the “spike” is probably not one and the rreal problem can be traced to the absolutely awful policy of Wolf and his sidekick, Dr. Levine to shove WuFlu patients into nursing homes as they aped the policies of Cuomo and Zucker in New York; policies that proved to be horrendously bad.

I am an anti-fan of Tom Wolf, who has proven to be an incompetent governor in every respect, but I was momentarily mislead by his DOH statistics on Susquehanna County until I dug further. When I looked at the daily number of WuFlu cases for Susquehanna County I found the following:

Susquehanna County

Well, that’s a “Whoa” moment for sure and, for a millisecond or so I was sympathetic with the Wolf/Levine team. But, then I did a quick internet search and found this story in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin PressConnects, written by , who somehow fathomed that journalism is more than regurgitating political propaganda and apparently followed up to inquire (emphasis added):

As most of northeast Pennsylvania is anticipating or has already entered the Green Phase of its coronavirus-related reopening, Susquehanna County no longer has reached the thresholds on all metrics to be able to move forward.

Since June 4, the county, which rests south of the Pennsylvania border from Broome County in New York, has experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases, and the increase changed the reopening status of the county.

Maggi Mumma, the deputy press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, said the spike can be attributed, at least in part, to a “data dump from a large commercial lab” on Saturday. 

Cases of the virus jumped from 123 on Thursday to 154 on Monday. As of Wednesday, the number still held at 154 cases. Sixteen deaths related to the disease have been confirmed in the county.

While hospital bed use, contact tracing and a positivity rate of less than 10% in the past two weeks remain met by the county, the metric of decreasing or stable cases is no longer met.

There are actually 17 deaths now and the number for Thursday, June 10 has been bumped up to 155, but let’s not quibble. The significant thing is that there was a “data dump” of as many as 30 cases in four days that are, in all likelihood, older cases. And, if we look at the table carefully, there are five days with apparent data dumps. They total 53 cases, are probably all older cases or something equally unusual, and if we discount them, Susquehanna County’s 14-day case rate per 100,000 persons drops to 22.3, well within the state criteria.

But, there’s something else. We learn from here, that, as of June 10, when Susquehanna County had 155 cases total, that 100 of them were long-term care residents and another 25 were employees of the three facilities reporting in the county. We also know every single one of Susquehanna County’s 17 WuFlu deaths have taken place in long-term care facilities. This also means Susquehanna has had but 30 other cases. Compare this to adjoining Wayne County, which has had only one long-term care facility reporting but one case and that was an employee. Wayne County, therefore, as of June 10, had 122 other deaths, more than four times as many as Susquehanna.

Let their be no doubt, then, that Susquehanna County’s WuFlu problem stems from incidents in nursing and personal care homes. Its incidents outside those homes are minimal by any standard and the county should be “green.” It isn’t because Wolf and Levine refuse to separately consider long-term care data from other in their ratios you decide when to take their knees of the necks of counties. Bucks County has been pointing this out for a long-time, along with the unfairness of it. Wolf and Levine have the data but have been massaging it and lumping it together for ratio purposes because that serves to hide how insignificant the problem is outside long-term care facilities and how seriously they bungled management of the problem in those homes.

They did so by shoving WuFlu patients into those homes, following Cuomo’s lead and now they need to minimize the tragedy of it all. They’re not only manipulating the data to slow release WuFlu data regarding long-term care facility cases and deaths. They’ve started, three months too late, to extensively test within these homes and they bringing forward, data dump by data dump, the poison fruits of their flawed policies. This is what is happening in Susquehanna County, I expect, and the good people of that county shouldn’t penalized like this. It’s truly outrageous.

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6 thoughts on “Susquehanna County Illustrates Tom Wolf’s Mismanagement of the WuFlu

  1. I continue to be amazed at how the general public seems to simply accept these ongoing, purposefully destructive edicts that their ‘overlords’ inflict upon them.
    The few people in Pennsylvania with whom I interact get upset that any of these outrageous policies are even questioned.

    There appears to be some profound, toxic psychological components – roughly akin to Stockholm Syndrome – that inhibits folks from standing up and vigorously engaging in the necessary actions to promote the welfare of their families.

  2. Ah yes – Press & Sun Bulletin worthless and fake EXCEPT when you find something good for you in it. Does this mean that your buddy Mr. LaTourette, who also thinks that it’s worthless and therefore boasted in your blog a while back about not bothering to pay for his past subscription, will be paying it after all?

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