Some Clear Energy Common Sense on “Clean Energy”

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Mark Mathis produces yet another excellent video from the Clear Energy Alliance and dispenses with the “clean energy” myth at the heart of that huge scam.

The “clean energy” scam is all about money. It’s really green rent seeking from ratepayers and taxpayers. It uses global warming as an excuse to enrich corporatists sucking on the government teat. It shakes down a gentry class all too pleased to participate in the scam as protection from those who would otherwise attack their wealth. What’s a few hundred million, when you’ve got billions to spend on virtue signaling to throw the peasants off the trail to the castle?

Yes, “clean energy” as it’s presented today is a myth. A real clean energy program designed to meaningful reduce CO2 emissions as fast as possible would go all in on nuclear and natural gas. Nuclear is zero emissions and natural gas has already reduced power sector CO2 emissions here in the U.S. more than any other place on earth, thanks to the shale revolution. The fact states such as New York and New Jersey are now pushing solar and wind as clean energy tells us they’re anything but serious.

This brings us to our friend Mark Mathis and his latest video, which is excellent. He manages, in very short order, to deliver the basic facts that need to be on the table if we’re to have a serious discussion about energy:

Much of the opposition is uninterested in having a serious discussion on energy, of course. But, for those that are, this video is a good starting point. It points out how emissions are falling fast and the definition of “clean” in energy can’t be restricted to how it is burned. How the equipment is made and the land consumption involved are also important. He might have mentioned much of the huge amounts of land consumed for wind farms often involves mountaintop clearing and much of the land cleared for solar also fragments and destroys forests that are CO2 sinks.

Watch it and see what I mean!

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