Side By Side Comparison: The Twin Tiers Are Drastically Different

Stephen Heins
Energy Consultant
“The Word Merchant”


Stephen Heins shows how the twin tiers can be so different. PA’s natural gas development has spurred the economy, while NY is stagnant due to a fracking ban.

The following side by side comparisons between New York’s Southern Tier and Pennsylvania Northern Tier demonstrates that unconventional oil/hydraulic fracturing has become the center of a budding US economic renaissance, because it has several separate economic benefits: natural gas, tight oil and feed-stone, all of which cut the cost of production for all goods and services made in the US.

Twin Tiers

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While New England and New York are mired in an energy recession, three contiguous states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia) have used hydraulic fracturing to significant economic effect. Anyway, the following regional comparison comes as a leading indicator for Northern Tier of Pennsylvania’s participation in shale revolution, which West Virginia and Ohio have also begun.

With state support, Ohio and WV expect substantial job growth in construction, new pipelines, petrochemical facilities, and likely natural gas power plants. These new jobs will be a prime example of economic development to much of the US, except for those states (like New York and the States of New England) who have yet to join the “Shale Gale.”

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3 thoughts on “Side By Side Comparison: The Twin Tiers Are Drastically Different

  1. I just moved a stepdaughter out of Buffalo, NY to a new suburb of booming Columbus, OH. What a difference! Opportunity got her out of NY, like I had been telling her she needed to do!

  2. All we need to do is divide NY into two states. Have the new State of South New York consist of the southeastern 14 counties (Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Duchess, Rockland, Putnam, Westchester, Bronx, Queens, Kings, New York, Richmond, Nassau and Suffolk) and other 48 form North New York. They have their problems, and we have ours but the two shall not meet. Everybody wins.

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