Shale Jobs More Local All the Time

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Shale jobs follow a predictable pattern of shifting more and more to locals over time, a fact fractivists seem to take a long time to learn or appreciate.

Just read a great piece on more and more shale jobs going to Ohioans versus out-of-staters.  It’s a well written and researched article talking about core and ancillary shale positions, and how more and more jobs are going to locals as they train for an industry that’s new to the region.  This is literally the same path the state of Pennsylvania followed when the Marcellus Shale play took off…it’s truly time the anti-fracturing crowd drop this feeble argument of residents in the shale plays not getting the jobs.  It’s simply not true and rings hollow to those of us out here experiencing the growth firsthand.

Here is an excerpt from the article to illustrate how these shale jobs are shifting local and how well they pay (emphasis added):

It takes awhile to compile data, but for 2011 and 2012 Ohioans got about 60 percent of the jobs in core shale industries and about 55 percent of the jobs in ancillary industries. Core industries include the actual drilling of wells and construction of pipelines. Ancillary jobs cover a wider range, including truck drivers, environmental consultants and machinery repair.

The most recent quarterly report from the state, while not breaking out state of residency, shows more than 6,000 shale-related jobs added in 2013. The average wage in core jobs was $62,045, while the average for ancillary jobs was $60,516.

I’ve had the opportunity to witness both the Marcellus and Utica plays emerge and take-off by actively working in communities and fields for my job.  I’ve seen towns go from down and out to booming within a year.

Shale Jobs

Have there been growing pains?  Of course.  At times, the traffic is a pain.  Roads get beat up, but this industry fixes and betters existing roads more than the actual state in many instances.  Prices tend to rise (but here’s my tip to biz owners…offer hometown discount to folks you know) on housing, at convenience stores, and more.

However, the many local folks I deal with are more than happy with the new jobs, growth and opportunity that shale gas development brings.  They are ok with the traffic if their son or daughter is able to stay in the region with a family supporting great job.  They can deal with the roads being worked on if their brother or cousin has a brand new career and solid work hours with the local trucking company now growing in town due to shale gas companies in the region.  The locals see the ancillary companies hiring as many residents as want quality jobs.  It truly is a great thing to see firsthand.

Shale Jobs

Anti-fracturing friends, leave your desks or city dwellings and come out here to see things for yourself.  There are as many shale jobs for locals as they want.  Yes, some of the hours are long, the work tough and you must be able to pass a drug test…but the jobs are here.

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