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ShaleNavigator Team Lead at Geospatial Corp

The web offers some terrific shale energy education resources that will equip natural gas supporters with the information they need to tell their story.

As an energy mapping expert, my goals are to deliver high quality, accurate information to people and businesses who use ShaleNavigator. Most of those people are using the information to learn more about what is happening in specific areas their company is operating. I believe our program offers a great resource and encourage you to check it out, but there are several others that are also readily accessible to natural gas supporters.

Here’s how ShaleNavigator works, for those of you who might be interested:

I’ve also heard, in the course of business, from so many people about their difficulty in explaining to friends and family how the shale energy revolution is positively affecting their lives, though they experience it every day. There are plenty of energy educational resources available to help.

To help answer this question, I’ve researched and found some terrific shale energy educational resources on the web. I’ve used them myself and would encourage people to share with friends and “foes” alike (maybe there’s hope for turning some of those foes, after all).

Here are some links to what I believe are information-packed web-based energy education sites that help us understand how energy, and specifically shale energy, benefits our everyday lives. I particularly like the ExxonMobil resource for the quiz format. It’s easy to use and does a great job with relating how energy affects our everyday lives. Some of the answers are not what you think, and it’s built for any non-technical person to use. Amongst the information offered, for example, is this excellent page on hydraulic fracturing and another demonstrating how little has to be disturbed to recover energy resources with modern drilling technology.

Shale Energy Education

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) resource is great for comprehensiveness – they cover all energy sources, well beyond oil and gas. The EIA is responsible for tracking data so their site is always updated, and contains lots or graphs, charts, and interactive maps. Take, for example, this page demonstrating just how much of our natural gas today is produced from shale (39% as of 2012).

Shale Energy Education

Then, there are web-based libraries of shale energy education materials., for example, offers an excellent page listing sources of information on hydraulic fracturing as well as a compilation of fact sheets on natural gas and shale development. provides a library, an excellent “Just the Facts” page and a multi-media page with access to great videos, as does

Shale Energy Education

Check them all out and follow the links to still other shale energy education resources such as the American Petroleum Institute, the American Natural Gas Association and numerous others. There is no dearth of information. There is a mountain of it, in fact, so get studying. Enjoy!

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