Schneiderman Caught Up in Collusion and Coverup Caper

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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a NRDC lap dog, is caught up in an episode of collusion and coverup that should be prosecuted.

Is this the smoking gun that proves collusion and corruption between Democrat New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and radical Big Green groups such as NRDC? In March, AG Schneiderman and a handful of other Democrat Attorneys General, along with huckster Al Gore, gathered in New York City to discuss a coordinated legal attack against oil and gas companies. MDN has been shouting since last year that Schneiderman, a corrupt politician occupying the state’s highest legal office, has begun a witch hunt targeting companies like ExxonMobil, a company Schneiderman has slated for trial and execution.


Shelly Silver and Eric Schneiderman (before Shelly went down for corruption)

It’s obscene and beyond words. Schneiderman wants to prosecute legitimate corporations for not publicly saying “I believe in man-made global warming.” Even more obscene is the back-room dealing with Big Green radicals, which takes us to that New York City meeting of a couple of weeks ago. At that meeting was Matt Pawa, a Massachusetts lawyer and radical “green” who launches lawsuit after lawsuit on climate change issues and the like. Schneiderman’s office asked Pawa to keep his participation in the March meeting in the city a secret. We have it in an email:


Can anyone say cover up? Collusion? Fraud? Corruption? Here’s the Washington Examiner take on it:

A recently revealed email exchange shows that the New York Attorney General’s Office tried to keep secret the role an activist lawyer played in helping to start a multi-state effort to prosecute energy companies for deceiving investors on the risks of climate change.

The email was part of a series of internal messages regarding the effort that were released by the Vermont Attorney General’s Office following a public records request by a nonprofit group.

The emails show that Matt Pawa, a Massachusetts lawyer who is often involved in climate change litigation, privately briefed several state attorneys general and their staff on such litigation during a March 29 meeting at New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office. The briefing apparently came just hours before the attorneys general from 15 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands announced their effort at a press conference.

The following day, Pawa emailed Lemuel Srolovic, chief of New York Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau, to tell him that a Wall Street Journal reporter had called him requesting an interview. Pawa asked, “What should I say if she asks if I attended?”

Srolovic responded: “My ask (sic) is if you speak to the reporter, to not confirm that you attended or otherwise discuss the event.”

It is not clear why Srolovic did not want Pawa’s involvement disclosed. The New York Attorney General’s Office did not respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner. Pawa’s office did not respond to a request, either…

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office, one of the 15 involved in the climate change effort, provided that exchange and other emails to the Energy and Environmental Legal Institute, a Washington free market nonprofit group, earlier this month.

“These emails show Schneiderman’s office suggested their outside-activist green allies deceive the press; meanwhile, AGs in his coalition have subpoenaed at least one policy group’s correspondence with the media. We call on these AGs to immediately halt their investigation and lay out for the public the full extent of this collusion, producing all records or information provided them in briefings or other work with the outside activists, including those they are trying to keep secret through a Common Interest Agreement,” said David Schnare, the institute’s general counsel….

Pawa’s private law firm has been actively involved in pursuing such litigation. His website states, “We are most well known for our role in launching global warming litigation. We filed the first tort case against greenhouse gas polluters in 2004 in collaboration with eight state attorneys general and have been leaders in the field of global warming litigation ever since.”

The emails obtained by Schnare’s group show the various attorneys general coordinating their effort, including setting up the March 29 meeting and press conference. In addition to Pawa, the attorneys general and their staffs heard a private presentation from Peter Frumhoff, director of science and policy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. The presentation was on the “imperative of taking action now,” according to an agenda included in the emails…


The question we have is this: Why is this not front page news for the New York Times/Washington Post/LA Times/etc.? There is a high level pattern of collusion to smear oil and gas companies, and an effort to cover up the collusion. Where’s Woodward & Bernstein? Is there a single, honest journalist left in this country? We fear not.

Editors Note: Let me respectfully suggest it’s even worse than Jim imagines. Srolovic is a name well known to regular readers of this blog. He was associated with disgraced Speaker Shelly Silver’s Weitz & Luxenberg trial law firm, a solicitor of fracking lawsuits and, upon joining Schneiderman in the AG office, a coordinator with the NRDC. We documented this in a post explaining Srolovic’s role in conspiring with fractivist groups to delay action on fracking in New York long enough for those groups to make their case against it. Schneiderman’s ex-wife was also closely associated with Silver and Weitz & Luxenberg gave him $200,000 in campaign donations.

Another e-mail uncovered (see below) shows it wasn’t just trial lawyer Matt Pawa who was involved in this conspiracy of attorneys general, but also Sharon Eubanks, the two of the them playing a critical role as part of the La Jolla Junta we wrote about last week. Everything happening now is an outgrowth of a NRDC coordinated strategy that began in 2012 at that infamous conference. It’s Racketeering 101. Where is Preet when we need him; when criminals are running AG offices and trial lawyers have taken over the halls of justice?


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    Here is something that is lost in the back and forth. Exxon mobile does “believe” as you say though I think this may be the wrong word in man made climate change.

    So to the point of the focus of this blog here is what they say about natural gas as it relates to the issue of climate change :

  2. Nice picture of Shelly Silver and Eric Schneiderman. They look like two deer in the headlights. Justice needs to be served from Cuomo on down, and as soon as possible.

  3. This guy seems desperate to get his name into the papers…..huge ego; huge need to be known; huge desire for a more “important” elected position.

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