Running Scared Has Its Price: DRBC Funding Slashed by PA

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Pennsylvania has drastically reduced its contribution to the DRBC, an overdue action that properly rewards the agency for nearly a decade of fracking delay.


I bring wonderful news. Governor Tom Wolf, on July 11, allowed HB 219, the Pennsylvania budget for 2017, to become law. It cuts DRBC funding from the Commonwealth, already well below previous levels, by half to $217,000. That’s $217,000 more than it ought to get but, nonetheless, a giant step in the right direction. This is the price of the DRBC running scared of fractivists for almost a decade; the cost of incompetence, intransigence and obsequiousness toward fractivist special interests and the wealthy families who fund them.

Here are three most beautiful lines from the budget:


The DRBC had requested $434,000, which was what it got from Pennsylvania last year and the year before (it also got $114,320 both years for special projects), according to its audits. It got $1,141,837 in 2014 and $1,105,089 in 2013. Here’s the trend and it is nothing less than remarkable:


Contributions to the SRBC were also halved, reflecting the fact the agency has more than $40 million in reserves mostly built up, no doubt, from fees charged to the natural gas industry. The DRBC has no such reserves, as a consequence of its head in the sand attitude toward gas drilling. Therefore, the cut is far more meaningful in the DRBC case, which makes it especially sweet.

Moreover, make no mistake; while these cuts can also attributed to the need to reduce spending, the DRBC was targeted by legislators from the northern part of the basin (e.g. newly elected Rep. Jonathan Fritz). They’ve had it with DRBC complicity in a con game depriving landowners of the same economic opportunities as those in the SRBC region. They’re not taking it anymore. No more BS, no more double-talk, no more running scared of radical fractivists, no more kowtowing to the Haas and Heinz families at the expense of locals.


UPDATE: After posting the above, It occurred to me to investigate further what “Special Projects” Pennsylvania was funding the last two years. I went to the DRBC Fiscal Year 2016 audit and found this on page 58:


Notice the DRBC still lists funding from William Penn Foundation, the principal funder of the chief opponent of natural gas drilling in the basin, that being the Delaware Riverkeper. It’s only a tiny amount—leftover money still in the account. However, also notice “NG software tool, planning” and “NG monitoring,”—two activities presumably related to natural gas drilling—were still ongoing as of June 30, 2016. We know the former was originally a William Penn Foundation initiative intended to provide an excuse for not enacting regulations in 2011. The Haas trust (funder of the latter) presumably refers to one of the trusts set up by the same Haas family that is the William Penn Foundation and finances the Delaware Riverkeeper that seeks to prevent all gas drilling everywhere and has sued the DRBC over this issue.

The outrageously corrupt and incestuous relationship between the William Penn Foundation, the Delaware Riverkeeper and the DRBC, in other words continues unabated as Pennsylvania’s representative on the DRBC under both Democrat and Republican governors, Kelly Heffner, sits there and allows it to happen without even, apparently, raising an objection. We’re also now well into the administration of Steve Tambini as DRBC Executive Director, for whom I had modest hopes things might change a bit. Yet, the collusion continues. Enough!

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7 thoughts on “Running Scared Has Its Price: DRBC Funding Slashed by PA

  1. What does the DRBC do besides watch singing and ranting at their meetings by Maya Van Rossum, Josh Fox’s mother and some other asburd peope?

    Oh there is an interesting article on this paradise coal plant and it mentions natural gas almost as if it were a good thing. That’s odd since most environmental organizations now oppose natural gas thanks to oeople and orgs like Josh Fox, Professor Howarth, Food and Water Watch, and the usual suspects from the antifracking pipeline resistance movement.

    By the way are people aware that Naomi Oreskes who called Jim Hanson a new climate denier because he wasn’t on board with the antifracking movement champion’s study and had the gall to say nuclear was necessary is related to Michael Oreskes who works in the news business?

    Now I wouldn’t say that it is because Michael Oreskes is at NPR that NPR did this absurd story on FERC and pipelines yesterday because State Impact PA as we know has been at their antifracking movement promotion for some time. But it is interesting isn’t it?

    Remember when president obama’s top science advisor called the keep it in the ground movement unrealistic and noami oreskes the SCIENCE historian babbled about how no one ever got anywhere by being realistic or some movementy crap like that? Say what???

    How much money does this organization have? It is giving away money in the form of grants. Its a new organization too created out of the antifracking movement with one of their activist professor’s Mark Jacobson.

    Another antifracking professor activist is now on the board of Food and Water Watch, which is also an antifracking organization just like the solutions project. Shouldn’t reporters know this stuff? (forget about the public right? as reporters could care less about the public right?)

  2. Sadly, reporters report. They are not journalists, they do no do any research, they simply put their microphones and cameras in front of the loudest mouths, who are also often the most ill-informed. I say that rather than un-informed because thy have been well-indoctrinated with fractivist propaganda and have been inculcated with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.


    And in other non drbc and non natural gas news but news that is about a pipeline the antifracking pipeline resistance movement was involved in the army corps of engineers anticipates both that their additional study on the daktoa pipeline will take some months and that they expect to be able to substantiate their prior decision. Interesting eh? One wonders how this news might be being spun right this second? Well at least the company has offered again to help with the costs that north dakota has from this charade right? I don’t see any environmentalists or mark ruffalo or robert Kennedy jr making the same generous offer do I?

    Well what an interesting year it was with that pipeline alone eh? Certainly would be interesting to look at the complete failures that occurred with it in the field of reporting wouldn’t it? Not that anyone really needs to know what’s going on in the world in real time or anything right?


    Ooh. Another pipeline story. That one is by Hannah over at e and e. I feel like she may have been the reporter who put of judge boasborgs decision last year? Remember that decision which basically stated the Sioux tribe wasn’t telling the truth? And still reporters wrote nonsense? Amazing stuff right?

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