The Absolute Rot Governor Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo Has Wrought

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Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo didn’t create all of the Southern Tier’s problems but he’s done nothing to help because gas companies willing to invest won’t pay.

An absolutely amazing story appearing Crain’s New York Business yesterday tells the ugly truth about New York’s Governor Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo; no one advances without paying the governor. Crain’s gives Cuomo a bit of cover by suggesting he was simply exploiting a loophole that he himself described as “egregious,” but they also make it more than clear the most egregious thing is what Corruptocrat is doing, which its nothing less than a pay to play scheme. It’s no wonder gas and pipeline companies haven’t gotten nowhere in the Southern Tier. They haven’t paid.

The story is about a provision in New York’s campaign finance laws that treats LLCs differently than corporations, thereby allowing larger contributions to the Corruptocrat campaign. He’s been exploiting it to make real estate investors in New York pay to play, most of these companies having LLCs they can use for this purpose.


The Graybar Building where Emarald City LLC gives Corruptocrat campaign office space as a political donation

Crain’s says they “found Cuomo received 116 contributions from LLCs in the past six months, ranging from $100 to $65,000. Most were from $5,000 to $25,000 and came from entities belonging to development and management firms.” They included the following:

  • Brookfield Office Partners LLCs – $150,000
  • RXR Realty (RexScott Opportunity LLC) – $65,000
  • RXR Co. Property Management LLC – $25,000
  • Tishman Speyer Development LLC – $25,000
  • 550 West 37 LLC – $25,000
  • Emerald City LLC – $31,000
  • EMERG212 125 LLC – $25,000
  • MSL Partners LLC – $50,000
  • The Helena Associates LLC – $20,000
  • DOLP 675 Properties LLC – $25,000
  • Triangle Equities LLC – $25,000
  • 755 Co-Op City LLC – $25,000
  • STTG Realty LLC – $50,000
  • Cablevision of Warwick LLC / NY OV LLC – $100,000
  • Comcast of Illinois/Indiana/Ohio LLC – $55,100
  • Four M Capital LLCs – $55,000
  • Access Industries Holdings LLC – $25,000
  • Navillus Group LLC – $25,000.
  • Parkside Group LLC – $25,000

Read the full story for the details on the relationship to Corruptocrat and/or specific projects, but these donations contributed by real estate players total $826,100. No wonder natural gas development in the Southern Tier didn’t get approved “at this time.” No wonder the Millennium Pipeline extension to the CPV Valley power plant didn’t get approved but the plant itself did (it contributed $80,000 through the company and its LLCs). It appears not enough gas companies didn’t pay to play. This is the rot that Governor Andrew Corruptocrsat Cuomo has wrought.

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6 thoughts on “The Absolute Rot Governor Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo Has Wrought

  1. Getting closer Tom – might want to recruit Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch to help supply you with attorneys that can subpoena the records for what appears to be obvious fraud. This is getting interesting for sure, along with the recent suit for illegally depriving mineral owners of their rights to produce, due to arbitrary and capricious politics (inverse condemnation).

  2. Excellent suggestion from Stephen T Harris..

    With the Theatre is on fire claim /the argument made by the “anecdotal alliance “on the day cuomos ban was excellent argument would be ( just for starters )

    – how many wells drilled/ Nationally/ since that day 12/2014
    – how many people, especially children, have been severely compromised in their daily activities due to HVHF

    -with the above info..
    O & G developers..
    Health care professionals & alike ..

    Should align in unison with an ” Accurate” science based peer review that educates this Governor, ( I’m just a lawyer not a scientist) our legislatures and the masses…that this Governor intentionally and unresponsibly failed to do

  3. Of course the Republicans don’t even have a candidate yet (and only 10 months to Election Day), so there is no one to contribute to and the loop hole that treat LLC’s differently also applies to Republican candidates. In competitive races many large contributors donate/pay off both sides to cover their bets.

  4. I’ve always believed that donations to Cuomo’s re-election fund was the “pay for play” game in this state. Thank you for getting some facts to support that and explaining the LLC loophole.

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