Rockefellers, La Jolla Junta and Useful Idiot Cities Suffer Defeat in Court


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The La Jolla Junta conspiracy, instigated and funded by the NRDC gang (the Rockefeller family), together with two useful idiot cities, was shut out in court.

Proponents of the #ExxonKnew conspiracy theory—the driving force behind nine (and counting) multi-billion-dollar lawsuits filed by U.S. cities against the world’s leading oil companies—have had an awful month.

Last week, U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who is presiding over the suits filed by San Francisco and Oakland, accused the plaintiffs’ attorneys of misleading the court during a five-hour “tutorial” on climate change when they claimed that Royal Dutch Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and Exxon Mobil conspired to suppress climate-change science.

La Jolla Junta

U.S. District Court for Northern California

At the conclusion of the unprecedented hearing, which some had hoped would “build a foundation for future litigation,” Judge Alsup “dismissed the claim” that such a conspiracy ever occurred, effectively gutting the very foundation of the plaintiffs’ current and future lawsuits.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

On March 1, Exxon filed papers in a Texas state court that eviscerated a 2017 “study” by La Jolla conference organizer Naomi Oreskes that sought to prove through “content analysis” that Exxon misled the public about climate change in its public statements from 1977 to 2014. In their filing, Exxon described “that ‘study’ … as a biased, results-driven endeavor to provide the patina of academic legitimacy to a corrupt enterprise.”

At the heart of Exxon’s court document was a 20-page report by Kimberly Neuendorf—a world-renowned content analysis expert—which picked apart Oreskes’ paper piece by piece until there was nothing left but the activist’s obvious bias against Exxon.

The annihilation of the paper was so comprehensive that Oreskes’ co-author, Geoffrey Supran, publicly complained that Exxon used “expert-for-hire doubt mongering” to attack their paper. Unfortunately for Supran, the “expert for hire” he was referring to was Dr. Neuendorf, a preeminent scholar who literally wrote the book on content analysis.

But perhaps most damning of all, in her critique of Oreskes’ research, Neuendorf reveals that “Supran and Oreskes … have cited my methods textbook as a source of information for the methods of content analysis.” That’s right; they used Neuendorf’s methods to try to analyze Exxon’s content. They were just really bad at it.

Following are just a few tidbits from Neuendorf’s scathing critique. (Emphasis added.) If you have the time, it’s highly worth reading.

  • After a detailed review of the study, its supplementary information (“SI”), and the documents Supran and Oreskes (“S&O”) analyzed for their study, I have concluded that S&O’s content analysis does not support the study’s conclusions because of a variety of fundamental errors in their analysis. S&O’s content analysis lacks reliability, validity, objectivity, generalizability, and replicability.
  • To maintain objectivity, content analysis coding ought to be conducted by coders who are at arm’s-length with regard to the research. S&O’s selection of themselves as coders is inappropriate because they are not blind to the purpose of the research or independent of each other. In fact, they were as non-blind as one could imagine.
  • S&O employ a coding scheme that includes bias, is complex and requires specialized expertise beyond the scheme, and instructs coders to engage in activities that are unacceptable for content analysis.
  • S&O fail to disclose their rationale for selecting some of the documents in their sample, including the set of advertorials that S&O assert “misled the public.” S&O also omit essential details about their coding scheme for the content analysis. These omissions render the study non-replicable.
  • They rely on a technique known as consensus measurement, used in prior work of one of the co-authors. Unlike content analysis, which is well established, consensus measurement does not appear to be a general, scientific method, but instead, a conclusion regarding consensus about climate change opinions in search of a method.
  • In short, the content analysis is unreliable, invalid, biased, not generalizable, and not replicable. Accordingly, S&O provide no scientific support for either a discrepancy among ExxonMobil’s climate change communications, or a claim that ExxonMobil misled the public.
  • In light of these significant errors and omissions, the conclusions reached by S&O are not sound and should not be relied upon.

Editor’s Note: I wrote about the La Jolla Junta here and here, noting the role of the NRDC gang in this conspiracy to take down the oil and gas industry. And, yes, it is a conspiracy, although I’m not inclined to believe in such in most cases. In this case, however, the La Jolla conference proves it. Richard Ayers, one of the founders of the NRDC gang (along with John Adams, father of Catskill Mountainkeeper Ramsay Adams and long-time Rockefeller shill) was there to outline the RICO strategy.

La Jolla Junta

The La Jolla Junta

Behind the scenes were trial lawyer Matt Pawa and Oxford professor Myles Allen, who, it turns out, was funded by “the Energy Foundation, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund, among others.” The Energy Foundation is closely connected to Nat Simons’ dark money Sea Change Foundation and the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation is run by the Rockefellers although the disingenuous Bill McKibben has tried to hide it.

Exxon took exactly the right approach in this instance by taking the offense against these conspirators and their useful idiot shills in Oakland and San Francisco government, pointing out this remarkable admission from the latter’s own bond disclosure statement:

The City is unable to predict whether sea-level rise or other impacts of climate change or flooding from a major storm will occur, when they may occur, and if any such events occur, whether they will have a material adverse effect on the business operations or financial condition of the City and the local economy.

Now, what Exxon needs to do next is to file a civil RICO action against the conspirators. It’s long overdue. These are the individual and groups funding and coordinating fracking and pipeline opposition in this country. They do as investments in their own special interests. These include making a wilderness of the Catskill/Delaware region where they have their second homes, making fortunes for trial lawyers and making good on “clean energy ” hedge fund bets, not to mention the sweetheart land deals with a corrupt New York State government.

This is why the ExxonKnew issue matters; because it’s the same people who oppose fracking and pipelines in New York and who are behind the DRBC fracking ban, as just two examples. We are fighting a blue blood gentry class determined to steal our futures

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1 thought on “Rockefellers, La Jolla Junta and Useful Idiot Cities Suffer Defeat in Court

  1. Don’t forget the Exxon knew campaign also involved journalists. And student journalists as well right? Meanwhile in reality while this was occurring journalists were not just making gross errors in reporting, they were ignoring requests to make corrections and information handed straight to them. What’s happened with the antifracking movement is one of the scandals of our time and at this point I believe it isn’t being covered because journalists are part of the story. And that’s not because I lean toward believing conspiracy theories, though we all can be susceptible, but rather because I have contacted and heard back from too many reporters who it seems are just refusing to do their job.

    Oreskes by the way called the climate scientist Hanson a climate denier simply because he wasn’t on board with the mark Jacobson plan and supported nuclear energy. She had an opinion published saying this. No one it seems is safe from her wrath.

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